Why Do Birds Keep Pooping on My Car? – 5 Reasons

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why do birds keep pooping on my car

We all know the frustrations when you just cleaned your car only for it to be pooped on by a bird. It can really get on your nerves, and there’s no doubt about that.

If this happens to you frequently, you’ve probably asked yourself, “why do birds keep pooping on my car?”

The reason can vary. But to answer your question, when a bird poops on your car, either the parking spot of your car is just below their designated tree, or they are attracted to your vehicle.

That’s basically the gist of it all, but to get more in-depth information about why birds poop in clean cars, continue reading.


Reasons Why Birds Poop on Cars


1. Your parking spot

If your car is parked where a flock of birds settle, there’s a large possibility that they poop on your car because they can’t control it. Since the spot is their territory, your car becomes the victim.

Birds don’t have a lot of control over their bowel movement, but they do tend to poop on the same spot where they’re usually perched.

Unlike dogs and cats, you can’t really train them to not poop on your car, but what you can do is simply decrease all the chances.

2. Reflection

It does get frustrating when birds poop on clean cars. It gets a lot of people thinking whether these creatures are actually doing it on purpose.

When a bird sees a clean car, just like any of us, it also gets to see its reflection.

So if you ever asked yourself “why this bird keeps pooping on my car mirrors,” well, maybe the avian’s image on the glass makes them think a rival bird is around.

3. Marking their territory

Often, animals have a way of marking their territory, whether it’s rubbing their scent glands or urinating on a certain spot.

When it comes to birds, they like to mark their territory by dropping their waste. This is another reason why your car may always be the target. The avian sees your vehicle as its possession.

4. Your car’s color

Your car’s color can be a reason for some birds’ attraction. If birds also like to poop on your porch, maybe the color attracts them very much.

So what color car do birds poop on most? Studies show that red is the most attractive. However, other bright hues such as blue, green, white, black, and silver are also appealing to birds.

Below are the percentages of different vehicles defaced by avians, according to a study by Halfords.

  • Red – Birds are attracted to this hue simply because it represents ripe fruits. 18% of cars found with bird poop were red cars.
  • Blue – Blue is the color of the sea or the ocean, which makes birds think that they’re dropping their poop below the sea. Blue comes in as the second most pooped car, at 14%.
  • Black – According to some netizens on Reddit, birds poop on black cars because of their reflectiveness. Pooped black cars account for 11%.
  • White – Clear and polished white cars scare birds for the same reason that black vehicles are defecated on. 7% of pooped cars were found to be white.
  • Silver – If you have a silver vehicle, there’s no need to fret as birds poop on white cars more. Only 3% of pooped cars were silver.
  • Green – Birds poop on green cars since they are similar to the color of trees. That said, green is the least attractive hue to birds, making up only 1% of vehicles with feces.

So before you ask ‘are birds attracted to my car?’ just check out the paint of your automobile.

5. Spiritual meaning

Those who believe in superstitions may wonder what does it mean for a bird to poop on their vehicle. Some people believe this act is a sign they should slow down in life.

There is another spiritual meaning coming from Russia. This belief says that a bird’s poop on your car may be a sign of good luck.

It is said to be the start of good fortune and that riches are headed your way. So if ever you’re annoyed and dealing with the same robins poop on my car dilemma, maybe this myth can help you feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can bird droppings damage your car paint?

Yes. The feces of a bird has an acidic nature (3.5 to 4.5 in pH), which can be bad for your car’s exterior paint. While the damage is not major, it still affects the car’s appearance.

The longer the vehicle is dirtied by poop, the greater the damage to the car paint. When the feces have hardened, they get even harder to remove.

If you don’t want to tarnish your car’s surface, make sure to clean the droppings minutes after you see them.

In trying to remove dried feces, you should ensure that they are in a wet state by splashing some water using a hose.

Which color cars do birds prefer to defecate upon?

As said earlier, the top colors birds prefer to defecate on are bright tones that are attractive to their sight. Red, blue, and black are the three hues that attract birds the most.

However, if you’re in a spot where avians usually hang around, regardless of the appearance of your car, there’s still a high probability that these creatures will poop on your vehicle.

How do I stop birds from pooping on my car?

Now that you know why birds poop on your car, the next step to relieve you of your stress is to simply stop these birds.

Here are some ways you can prevent avians from using your vehicle as their potty place.

  • Park far from where birds usually perch. Avoid light posts, telephone wires, and trees where birds are present.
  • Cover your side mirrors with a sock, a plastic bag, or whatever you prefer.
  • Spray some bird repellent on your vehicle to deter avians from coming near it.
  • Unleash your pets where your car is parked. This is best if your vehicle is in your garage. Pets like dogs and cats usually scare birds away, preventing them from defecating on your automobile.

Continue reading this article to learn more 4 steps to get bird poop off the car easily.


Birds can indeed get on your nerves when they poop on your property. No matter what we’re dealing with, whether it’s a pigeon or a hummingbird poop on car, the bottom line is they both ruin the look of our vehicles.

To prevent this, what we really need to target is the root cause of it all. On a shorter note, it all boils down to where you’re parked, the color of your car, and birds’ unstoppable nature.

If you have other friends that question “why do birds keep pooping on my car?”, share this article to help them say goodbye to this annoying problem.

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