What Car Washes Does Shaq Own?

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what car washes does shaq own

Car washes are included in the list of businesses that retired NBA player turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur, aka Shaq, has that are very successful. This article will delve into what car washes does Shaq own.

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Car Washes Owned by Shaq


How many car washes does Shaq own is an impressive number of 150! They all deliver quality car wash services but may also have varying additional services for convenience to suit customers’ car cleaning needs and budgets, including:

  • Full-service Car Washes
  • Self-service Car Washes
  • Express Car Washes
  • Mobile Car Washes

But the great qualities they all have in common are:

  • Soft-touch brush – Contaminant removal with soft touch brushes made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).
  • Water recycling system – It filters used water through filtration systems such as sand filters, microfiltration, and reverse osmosis to make them usable again for car washing. This reduces water consumption by 80%, which makes the car washing process eco-friendly.
  • High-pressure water jets – This equipment is used to spray contaminants off the car exterior effectively.
  • Automated payment

Car Wash Locations

Shaq’s car wash business is spread in many locations across the US, particularly in Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. Know more about them below.

1. Shaquille’s Car Wash, Florida

Shaquille’s Car Wash has a well-established presence in Florida, where it has several branches. It’s actually the state’s first-ever express wash.

Their Florida branches cater to various car wash needs, whether it be basic to full service and even add-ons such as exterior hand waxing and car detailing, with their wide-ranging car wash services.

The prices for the services differ among branches. However, the availability of services also depends on the branches.

2. Shaquille’s Car Wash, Nevada

Summerlin, Henderson, and Centennial Hills are the areas in Nevada where Shaquille’s Car Wash has branches.

Summerlin provides the soft-brush car wash, where customers have options ranging from the basic package to the more complex Deluxe Wash package, which also includes additional services such as hand drying, tire shine application, and air gun interior cleaning.

In addition, they also offer touchless car washing for those who prefer car washing with no brushes.

In Henderson, they also provide free vacuums that customers can use to clean their car’s interior. The relatively newer branch in Centennial Hills offered generous promotions such as the car wash discount and rewards for signing up for the loyalty program, which gained them positive feedback.

3. Shaquille’s Car Wash, Georgia

There are also three areas in Georgia with Shaquille’s Car Wash branches, namely Alpharetta, Atlanta, and Augusta.

They offer a variety of packages to suit customers’ varying needs and budgets, from the simple but general basic car wash package to the more in-depth full detailing. Additional amenities such as air compressors and vacuums are also available in Georgia branches.

4. Shaquille’s Car Wash, Texas

In Texas, there are several Shaquille’s Car Wash branches located in major cities such as Houston and Dallas. Many of them also offer oil changing and detailing. They also cater to trucks with pick-up and hand-wash services.

5. Shaquille’s Car Wash, Arizona

Shaquille’s Car Wash also has a few branches in Arizona. One of the first Shaquille’s Car Wash branches is actually in Tempe, which is located in convenient proximity to Arizona State University. It became highly patronized by the students for being an affordable quality car wash.

Following a couple of years later is a branch in Phoenix. Arizona branches uphold the same standard and quality of Shaquille’s Car Wash services as the other branches in other states.

They also offer various packages, whether for basic washing only or with additional detailing.


Shaq isn’t only successful in basketball but also the business world. What car washes does Shaq own is only a portion of the many successful businesses he owns. The success of Shaquille’s Car Washes came to be because of the quality of services provided, which is as equally great as his basketball skills.

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