What is a Waterless Car Wash & Why Do I Need to Know It

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what is a waterless car wash

A waterless car wash, also known as a dry car wash, is a method that cleans your car without water. It is an emerging trend in the industry that is taking the world by storm.

The term “waterless” means that it does not use any water in the process of cleaning. An eco-friendly option for people who are concerned about wasting water! What’s more, it can produce the same result as the traditional car wash more quickly and easily.

Curious? Read more and find out what is a waterless car wash and what makes it great.

How Does a Waterless Car Wash Work?


Waterless detailing has been gaining popularity for a while now, but it’s time to start taking it seriously.

Car cleaning without water may sound impossible, but this method is possible if you use a few materials- a waterless car cleaner product and microfiber towels.

If you have watched the “Wax On and Wax Off” scene on the Karate Kid, car cleaning without water is quite similar to that training, but instead of using wax, we use high lubricity sprays to wash the car’s bodywork.

Simply spray onto the surface and wipe it down. Spray, wipe, and repeat.

Sounds easy, right? To effectively make the most of water free car washing, we have listed down the best steps to take so you don’t have to.

Step 1: Park your car in a nice, clean area and grab all the materials that you will be needing.

  • Your preferred Dry Car wash product

Read the waterless car wash ingredients and guidelines beforehand so you have an idea about the product that you are using.

You can choose from ready-to-use sprays or opt for concentrated products. Besides that, you can also use dual polymer waterless car wash products that provide a multi-purpose effect of cleaning, polishing, and protecting the surface.

  • One or two Microfiber towels

Make sure to use a clean microfiber towel so as to avoid scratching the body surface and to be able to pick up all the nasty gunks in your car.

Step 2: Split your car into sections. This will help you work on one section at a time for a fair and equal cleansing.

Step 3: Spray one side of your car’s bodywork with an ample amount of dry car wash product.

Work on the top part first before working on the bottom. Let it sit for a few minutes to emulsify and trap any dirt or unwanted particles on your car’s surface. Do not let it sit for too long that it ends up drying!

When sprayed on the surface, waterless car wash products are formulated to trap and bond with the dirt in order to loosen their hold on the car. Giving it a chance to sit and emulsify makes it two times more effective in removing the dirt.

Step 4: Spray some of the dry car wash product onto one section of your towel and use that to wipe on your first section.

You do not have to apply pressure, doing it lightly is enough to grab the particles.

Do one straight streak at a time starting from the top to the bottom. By working from top to bottom, it will show the best result and prevent dirt from getting into the cleaned area.

Step 5: Ensure that you are changing which section you are using when wiping down the product. If the side of the towel you are using is dirty, switch to a clean side to avoid reintroducing unwanted particles.

  • Important Tip: If you are using a convertible, in order to not damage any leather, just spray some of the waterless cleaner formula into your microfiber and gently swipe off any dust and debris from the corner surface.

Afterward, turn over your towel and buff off any excess to reveal a shiny coat of protective sealant.

Step 6: Spray and wipe every section until completely dry. Once you have gone through every nook and corner of your car’s exterior, you are done!

Prepare to be amazed as you check out the stunning results of the quick and easy waterless car wash. Thanks to the special composition of the spray, the result produces a waterless car wash and wax finish in one.

Should I Try Waterless Car Wash?

Waterless car washes are a great way to maintain your vehicle’s exterior without water. It is a great alternative for people who wants to conserve time, water, and effort in cleaning their cars.

If you are busy, you don’t have to get wet getting your car squeaky clean—no need to also line up and pay for an expensive carwashing service every time. DIY waterless car wash is a more efficient and effective alternative to the traditional car washing process that you can try anytime you want.

When Should You Use a Waterless Car Wash?


Once you can see visible dirt marks on your car, you can already clean your vehicle with a waterless car wash. Choose a time if the day where it is not too hot to avoid the spray-on product from evaporating quickly.

You can even stuff some supplies on the back of your car, so you can clean your car anywhere! Instant waterless mobile car wash at your service.

Can You Use a Waterless Car Wash on a Dirty Car?

If you are looking for a quick and simple car wash to remove some dirt from your car’s exterior, using a waterless car wash is the fastest and most effective way to do it.

Although, if your car has a thick layer of dirt or mud, it may be better to apply some water in those heavily dirtied areas first to avoid using too much cleaner just to loosen the dirt.

Disadvantages of Waterless Car Wash


For people with tight schedules who live in a place with scarce water or expensive water bills, the solution that one could think of is to use a dry car wash.

But let us be honest here, although it sounds too good to be true, there are some disadvantages to this method:

1. A high cost.

Waterless car wash products can be quite more expensive than traditional car wash products.

Still, you can make the most of them if you know how to split them every time you use the service and go to a reliable store with coupons and discounts for a lower price.

2. Mud, dirt, and grime.

If your car is very dirty, a waterless car wash may find it hard to loosen up the unwanted particles, and it might result in wasting precious product. You can still remove it, but it is better to remove most of the heavy dirt with water before spot cleaning for a clean-smooth finish.

3. Potentially damage paint

Waterless car wash products can damage your paint if and only if it is not used properly.

You have to consider certain factors, such as the amount of dirt in your car, the towel you are using, and the pressure when wiping off the dirt.


If you are still wondering what is a waterless car wash, it is the future of car washing. It is eco-friendly, easy to do, and can help you clean your car swiftly. If done properly, you can even have your car looking like a brand new and sleek ride.

The best part about waterless car washing is that it doesn’t take up any space in your garage or driveway because all you need is one product.

So why opt in for the traditional method when you can do it the easy way and wash car without water?

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