How to Wash Nuna Pipa Car Seat? – Washing Instructions

how to wash nuna pipa car seat

Any parent with a little child in the car wants to acquire an excellent car seat, such as Nuna Pipa, to safeguard him.

However, dust, spilled liquids, and food can accumulate on the vehicle seat over time. The chair will gradually lose its initial beauty and become stinky, unattractive, and inappropriate for youngsters to sit on.

So it’s crucial to clean Nuna Pipa car seat to avoid all of these problems. Learning how to wash Nuna Pipa car seat can help you maintain them in good condition and make your infant comfortable. Let’s get started!

Ways to Wash Nuna Pipa Car Seat


Depending on the material, there are many washing procedures for keeping your baby’s car seat clean. With just a few simple items and skillful hands, you can make your car seat clean from dust and stains quickly.

What to prepare for washing Nuna Pipa car seat:

  • Soft cloth/sponge
  • Cold water
  • Mild detergent
  • Nuna Pipa car seat manual

A kid car seat may have numerous little pieces or be assembled in a different sequence. Make sure you record the process to assemble it later.

Step 1: Remove Nuna Pipa Car Seat Out Of The Vehicle

There are 2 parts of the Nuna Pipa Car Seat: the base and the carrier. You need to remove it before proceeding with your Nuna Pipa car seat cleaning task.

Carrier: To release the carrier from the base, just simply pull on the release button on the base and get it out easily.

Base: To fully remove the base, follow these steps:

  • Unfasten the seat belt and take it off the lock on the base.
  • Press 2 buttons of the latches simultaneously.
  • Then, slightly push in the base and pull it out from the anchor bar of your vehicle.

Step 2: Disassemble Nuna Pipa Car Seat

Before disassembling, make sure that the bar is rotated all the way back so you can get access to every part of your seat.

Take off the canopy:

  1. Press the quick-release button on both sides to remove the plastic bar of the canopy from the seat.
  2. Pull the velcro pieces on the back to fully detach the canopy.
  3. Pull the elastic strap to take the plastic bar out of the canopy.
  4. Then, unzip the canopy and pull out the extended part.

Take off the main cushion:

  1. Unbuckle the shoulder straps and take off any fabric padding
  2. Pull the cushion up from the bottom, working around the plate.
  3. Carefully detach the hook and pull the cushion out of any plastic plates on both sides.
  4. Flip the seat over and release the buckle holding the shoulder straps together. Remember that this buckle is underneath the two bars securing the seat to the base.
  5. Flip the seat back and pull the shoulder straps out of the cushion.
  6. Take the cushion out and you have everything done!

Step 3: Clean the Nuna Pipa Car Seat’s Buckle And Hardware


For hardware parts:

  1. Wipe the plastic, vinyl, and metal parts with a damp sponge or soft cloth
  2. Air dry completely

For the buckle:

  1. Rinse using warm water
  2. Use a soft cloth to wipe any accessed water
  3. Let it air dry

Step 4: Wash the Nuna Pipa Car Seat’s Fabric


If you choose to wash the fabric by hand, wash them with cold water and mild detergent only.

  1. Make sure to soak the fabric for 15 – 30 minutes, depending on how stubborn the stains on the car are.
  2. Use a soft brush to rub the stubborn marks (if any) slightly. Then, use your hand to wash the fabric carefully.
  3. Rinse it with water and let the piece air-dry completely.

Machine wash

If you don’t have much time to clean by hand, you should know how to make the Nuna Pipa infant insert washable in the machine like any other piece of clothing. Here’s how to machine wash it:

  1. Turn on the washing machine and choose the gentle cycle. Look for a gentle wash on your washing machine to avoid stretching or damaging the fabric parts of the seat.
  2.  Put the fabric parts in the machine and add the desired amount of soap or mild detergent. You can use any soap or mild detergent as long as they are not harmful to the fabric or leave a sticky residue.
  3. Let the machine do its thing.
  4. Once the washing is done, let the fabric parts air dry thoroughly.
  5. After complete washing, leave the fabric parts in a suitable place to dry. Care should be taken not to leave them in direct sunlight for too long to avoid lasting damage.

Step 5: Put every part of the seat back together and reinstall it into your car.


Once you’ve finished cleaning and drying all the parts, assembling them is complete and you have a clean seat ready to reassemble into your vehicle.

Can You Machine Wash the Nuna PIPA Car Seat?

To avoid leaving scratches and dents on the pieces, clean the hardware and buckles by hand. However, for car seat fabric, you can wash it in the washing machine on a soft cycle with a mild detergent. Just remember two important washing instructions: avoid heat and bleach, and you’ll be good.


With all the ways and helpful information about how to wash Nuna Pipa car seat that this post shares, we believe you will keep your Nuna Pipa car seat for your baby clean, smelling good, and lasting for a long time.

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