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tommy's express car wash prices

If you’re looking for an affordable car wash, Tommy’s Express is an excellent option. But despite being cheap, they deliver great results with innovative, efficient car wash systems and their own specially formulated, effective cleaning solutions.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash prices can range from $6 to $21 for a one-time wash and $19.99 to $34.99 per month for membership. Customers can also be fortunate to get a discount they sometimes offer in their official car wash app.

Pricing Options for Car Wash at Tommy’s Express


Tommy’s Express Car Wash offers four car wash packages. The variety of packages provides customers options for different services at different price points to suit their needs and budget.

They can be availed either for a one-time car wash, for which customers can pay per wash, or unlimited membership car washes, which can be paid per month.

Customers can avail of their car washes in three ways: paying to the cashier, via credit card, or using the Tommy’s Express Car Wash app.

The use of the Tommy app helps make getting a car wash quicker because the payment process is automated, and you wouldn’t have to wait long in line.

Once at the tunnel, the license plate recognition system would recognize your license plate, and the car wash would be activated.

The option of paying for one-time car washes would be ideal for those who only have their car washed once or twice a month.

These packages and their included services and prices are provided below. But the prices vary among different Tommy’s Express Car Wash locations, so you can check the exact prices of a Tommy’s Express Car Wash near you in the app.

One-Time Car Wash Package Price
Quality $6 to $8
Super $9 to $13
Ultimate $12 to $16
Works $15 to $21

1. Quality


Tommy’s Car Wash cost can start at as low as $6 to $8 with the Quality car wash package. This basic package provides an exterior wash and dry and leaves cars gleaming in cleanliness.

2. Super


In the Super car wash package, in addition to the basic exterior wash and dry, customers can also have the advantage of the application of the Tommy Guard.

This formula is a specialty treatment of Tommy’s Express Car Wash that blocks UV light, protects paintwork, as well as beads and repels water for better visibility.

Another service included is the underbody flush, which is a low-pressure spray of only water and no detergent for gently rinsing a car’s undercarriage to clean off dirt, debris, salt, and chemicals. It also helps in preventing the formation of rust.

With the additional services, this package can cost around $9 to $13.

3. Ultimate


Like the Super car wash package, the Ultimate car wash package also provides the basic exterior wash and dry, Tommy Guard, and underbody flush. But it has two more additional services.

One of which is an application of another one of their special formulas, a multi-colored, poly-bond wax, called the Rainbow Coat. It provides protection from the sun’s adverse effects, water, rain, and salt. It can also make the finish of a car gloss brilliantly.

The package also provides a thorough cleaning of the rims and wheels with the three-step wheel cleaning. In this service, soap, friction, and high pressure is applied to the rims and wheels to give them a clean shine. Customers can enjoy this extensive car cleaning and care package for the price of $12 to $16.

4. Works


The Works car wash package is packed with several services. It includes all of the services in the previously mentioned packages. Besides the basic exterior wash and dry, Tommy Guard, underbody flush, Rainbow Coat, and three-step wheel cleaning, the Works package also provides three additional services.

  • One is the application of the Red Hot Cleanser at the start of the car washing process. It is a red LED-illuminated solution that breaks down the contaminants to help ensure thorough contaminant removal, especially for very dirty cars.
  • Another is the ceramic body wax that not only adds a long-lasting shine to a car but also fixes its microscopic irregularities by filling them in to make a more refined brilliance and help repel water.

It also shields the car exterior from contaminants, which makes car washing easier, as the pollutants wouldn’t stick on the surface. This also protects from UV rays, acid rain, salt, and even microabrasions.

  • Lastly, customers get the tire gloss application at the end of the car wash tunnel. This service makes the tires shine and protects them from UV rays to prevent fading, cracking, and hardening.

This would be the best option for those who want a complete clean with ultimate protection.

For a jam-packed package that delivers cleanliness and more, it is reasonably priced at $15 to $21.

Membership Pricing and Benefits


Signing up for membership in the TommyClub for an unlimited car wash package paid per month would be advantageous for those who require more frequent car washing, as it would help save money.

This can be done in the app. Below are the monthly membership prices for each car wash package:

Membership Package Price
Quality $19.99
Super $24.99
Ultimate $29.99
Works $34.99

In addition to the money-saving unlimited car washes, members can also enjoy other benefits:

  • You can also have free unlimited use of their vacuum cleaners and floor mat washers.
  • You can take advantage of car wash deals that are exclusively for TommyClub members. Tommy’s Express Car Wash sometimes offers a gift card or coupon, which you can use by going to the “Redeem Gift Card or Coupon Code” in the menu of the app and applying it to your car wash plan.
  • When you’re a new guest and download the Tommy’s Express Car Wash app, you can get a free Works car wash package for one month.

Comparing Car Wash Prices: Tommy’s Express vs. Competitors

Tommy’s Express Car Wash is the place to go for quality but cheap car wash services. In fact, they offer the most affordable car wash prices, with their one-time basic car wash package at only $6, while other cheap car wash establishments usually have a starting price of $8 or more.

You can see the comparison of Tommy’s Express Car Wash’s basic car wash package price to that of other car washes below.

Car Wash Establishment One-Time Basic Car Wash Package Price
Tommy’s Express $6
Chevron Encinitas $8.99
Circle K $16.99
Classic $16.99
Cobblestone $8
Costco $7.99
Flagship Carwash $14
Go Car Wash $8
Moo Moo $8
Sheetz Car Wash $9
WOW Wash $7


Considering the affordability of Tommy’s Express Car Wash prices that covers quality and comprehensive services, Tommy’s Express is a great choice for car owners seeking a cheap and effective car wash. Thanks to them, you don’t have to spend too much to have a clean, well-taken car.

And it’s also very convenient that they provide a quick and highly advanced means of getting a car wash along with different options to choose what is best for your car and budget, whether a one-time wash, unlimited washes, a basic service, or a more complex service.

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