How to Steam Clean Car Seats in 8 Simple and Easy Steps

how to steam clean car seats

The car seats also need cleaning. Yet, doing it manually takes your time and may stress you out.

Simplify your life by venturing into alternatives. Let this article take you to an easier and faster way, steam cleaning. This does not only give you a cleaner outcome but also thorough satisfaction.

You do not need to pay any more for a professional detailing car service just to have your car cleaned. So, how to do it? Read more on this section as we bring you to the step-by-step guide on how to steam clean car seats.

Things to Prepare


  • Steam cleaner (ready for upholstery attachment)
  • Vacuum cleaner (with bristle brush)
  • Microfiber towel
  • Water (to be filled in the steam cleaner tank)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Face mask
  • Non-porous hand gloves
  • Body cover all

How to Do It in Eight Simple and Easy Steps


Cleaning car seats can be done in no time. You can use a shampoo or steam clean car interior. Here is the guide to steam cleaning car seats:

Step 1: Clear your car interior from any other dirt or trash.

Before starting with anything, clean your car first from dust and dirt. Use the vacuum cleaner to make sure that tiny particles embedded within seat edges and car upholstery are removed.

Other stuff inside it, especially the car floor mats, should be sent out of the car so that steam cleaning seats becomes smooth and hassle-free.

If stains are present, remove them first. Steam cleaning the stained areas may remain the mark they left on the car seat. You may use a stain remover if necessary.

Step 2: Wear your protective equipment (PPE).

In steam cleaning, one way to stay away from the hazards of your device and other dirt. So, wearing the proper cleaning set is always a must.

Though steam cleaning only requires water, it is always best to ensure that you put yourself to safety first before conducting the cleaning.

A steam cleaner can also heat up. If your body comes in contact with it, it may lead you to burns.

Step 3: Identify the kind of material your car seat has.


The kind of material your car seat has will matter in steam cleaning. The pressure applied in a car upholstery cleaner may vary depending on the material you are cleaning.

Nylon, polyester, vinyl, and leather materials do not have the same properties. One may quickly dry, or others may be generally heat-resistant, so knowing the car seat material is important.

Note that there are different car seat materials, and they conform to using a car seat steamer if properly administered.

Others may ask, “Can you steam clean leather car seats?” Though most car seats are made of leather, other materials can also be steam-friendly.

But, steam clean leather seats are the easiest ones to handle. However, it is not advisable to do it more often because it might cause damage to the material. You can check out how to properly clean leather car seats here and other material car seat, such as suede, black cloth car seats.

Step 4: Set up the things you will need.


The things you need to use in car seat steam cleaning should be ready near you and compatible with the car seat material.

Locating them somewhere if they are not placed within your reach may take you longer cleaning time.

Step 5: Get ready with your steam cleaner.

Before using the car seat steam cleaner, you still have to set it up. In case you do not know how to use it, a tool’s guide or user manual should be followed in preparing your steam cleaner for car seats to avoid damage to the unit.

A steam cleaner is quite similar to a vacuum cleaner. It has an attachment for upholstery.

Using water, fill your tank up to its maximum capacity. Avoid overfilling it. Make sure that the opening and closing of the tank should be properly done to also avoid spillage.

A high pressure steam cleaner for cars is always suitable to use to achieve satisfaction.

Step 6: Start steam cleaning.


In steam cleaning, always start with the topmost portion of the car seats. It will help you minimize your work.

Starting from the bottom will only prolong the cleaning and require repetition all over again.

If there are metal parts, avoid them. They may rust out. Zippers and the like may stain, too. Remember, the produced steam is still water, so what comes out from it may still affect the material it hits.

Just like in erasing writings on the board, move the cleaning straightly from the top going to the bottom of the car seats.

Apply pressure to the microfiber towel upon wiping the moisture left by steam cleaning.

You can repeat the procedure all over until you finally come up with a satisfactory result.

You can include cleaning the car floor mats, or the car windows since a steam cleaner can perfectly remove dust and dirt.

Step 7: Dry the car interior.


After doing steam cleaning repeatedly, open the car windows and doors so that drying will not take a longer time.

If the weather is favorable enough and you have a car park area, you can use the sunlight as your best friend. Drying should take only at least three to five hours.

Step 8: Assess the outcome.

The result may put you in awe or leave you repeating the job. You can always go back if you feel not satisfied with it.

Do not feel disappointed if there is a need for you to redo it. There are always finishing touches.

You can compare the car’s appearance before and after you do the steam cleaning.

Enjoy the steam-cleaned car after the entire cleaning. It feels nice to ride on or drive all the way if the car interior is thoroughly clean.

Reasons Why Steam Clean Car Seats

Car owners may sometimes find usual car cleaning not reliable enough to guarantee a dirt-free vehicle. They prefer to steam clean car interiors to attain satisfactory results.

But, why do they steam clean car seats instead of settling into the normal car cleaning of wiping and vacuuming? Here are several reasons:

  • Steam cleaning goes through the details of every angle of your car seats, taking off the dirt penetrating deep into them.
  • Steam cleaning saves the day. Not only the money you intend for a professional car detailing but as well the time in cleaning is saved.
  • Steam cleaning does not harm anything. It only uses water, turned into steam, and that’s it!
  • Steam cleaning is safe to use. Whatever car seat material one has, it is material-friendly.


Making the car interior look good, especially the car seats, is always what car owners wish to achieve. So, to attain this, car owners explore different ways to clean their car interiors.

One of which is steam cleaning. It gives car owners more reasons to choose steam cleaning because of its advantages. If using the steam cleaner stresses you, a user guide or manual can be a glance away and will make your work easier.

Make this article your guide as you think of how to steam clean car seats in the next cleaning session with your car.

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