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shell car wash prices

Is your sedan or hatchback dirty but you don’t want to wash it yourself? Looking up “Shell car wash near me” is a good idea, as you can get your vehicle cleaned there for a low cost.

Normally, Shell car wash prices are around $8 to $12 depending on the package, while unlimited monthly memberships are around $29 to $45.

How Much Is a Car Wash at Shell?

A Shell station car wash, depending on the package, costs around $8 to $12. The business also offers unlimited monthly membership plans, which give access to unlimited car washes for around $29 to $45, depending on the package as well. Below are Shell’s car wash packages along with each of their services and prices.

1. Bronze

Services included:

  • Foam bath – The car is first given a pre-wash with a cleansing foam to loosen contaminants off the surface.
  • Soft cloth wash – A soft cloth is used to wipe the contaminants off the car.
  • Rinse – Water is sprayed on the car, leaving its surfaces clean.
  • Blow-dry – Finally, the car goes through a blow dryer that forces out hot air to thoroughly dry it.
  • Single wash price: $8
  • Unlimited monthly wash price: $29

2. Silver

Services included:

  • Same services in the Bronze package
  • Underbody flush – The car’s underside is washed to clean off dirt, mud, road salt, etc., which helps prevent rusting and corrosion on this vehicle section.
  • Wheel wash – The wheels get cleaned with the use of a rotating brush.
  • Clear coat protectant – This provides protection to the clear coat and paintwork from elements such as UV rays, moisture, and oxidation.
  • Single wash price: $10
  • Unlimited monthly wash price: $35

3. Gold

Services included:

  • Same services in the Silver package
  • Total body protectant – When applied, this will help protect the car’s surfaces, enhance its shine, and make its surfaces repellent to water.
  • Triple foam conditioner – This is a wax-based formula applied on cars to add a layer of protection and induce water repellency.
  • Single wash price: $12
  • Unlimited monthly wash price: $40

Why Sign Up for Membership for an Unlimited Monthly Plan?


Signing up for a Shell unlimited car wash would be good for many reasons. They are listed below:

1. No Need to Keep Buying Car Wash Tickets

You’ll only have to make a one-time payment, and you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited car washes every month, which takes away the hassle. Just inform the staff of your membership, and you’ll be served according to your unlimited monthly plan. In case, you want to cancel zips car wash membership, please check out this guide for more details.

2. Allows You to Save Money

Constantly buying tickets would keep adding up to your expenses. An unlimited monthly plan would cost less compared to buying a ticket for a single car wash every time.

3. Platinum Package Only for Members

If you want your car to always be clean and shiny from the paintwork down to the tires, signing up for a Platinum package is worth considering. It is not available in single wash services, so you have to sign up for the Platinum package. It costs $45.

Are There Ways to Reduce Shell Car Wash Cost?


There are a couple of ways you can cut costs on your Shell car wash. But the availability would depend on the Shell branch. Below are some examples:

1. Signing Up for the Shell Branch Newsletter

One Shell branch, for example, the Town and Country Shell at Far Hills Avenue, Kettering, OH, provides updates on special discounts, deals, and promotions through their email newsletters. By signing up for their newsletter, you’d always be updated on all special offers.

2. Using Kroger Points

At the Town and Country Shell branch, the points you earn when shopping at Kroger can also be applied. So if you’re a frequent customer of Kroger, you can cut your shell car wash cost at Town and Country Shell.

3. Using Coupons

Shell also sometimes offers a discount through a car wash coupon. These are usually provided on their website’s designated page for promotions and are also usually announced through an email subscription. So if you’re hoping to get a coupon, you can try these avenues.

4. Purchasing Gas From the Shell Gas Station

According to feedback found on a review website, Yelp, some Shell gas stations offer discounts on car washes if you purchase a particular amount of gas from them.

The next time you need both a gas refill and a car wash, you can check online for any Shell gas station that gives that discount. Alternatively, you can ask the staff at your local Shell gas station if that discount applies in their branch.

5. Purchasing Ultimate Car Wash Passes in Bulk

In British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, some Shell branches allow money-saving bulk purchases of their most expensive Ultimate Car Wash package.

This package consists of all car wash services, comes complete with presoak, high-pressure rinse & dry, underbody wash and tri-color conditioning, wheel cleaning and shield, and bug-away or winter wash treatment.

By purchasing Ultimate car wash passes in bulk, you can pamper your car as much as you want while saving money.

There are two options for the Ultimate bulk car wash pass purchases, which are the Ultimate Flex Pass and the Ultimate 30 Day Pass.

Through the Ultimate Flex Pass, you can get 5, 10, or 20 car washes valid for 1 year for a much lower Shell car wash pass price.

Meanwhile, through the Ultimate 30 Day Pass, you can get 1 Ultimate car wash per day in a span of 30 days starting from the day of your first car wash.

6. Using Shell Car Wash App

Available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, the Shell Car Wash App allows many opportunities for saving on the Ultimate package, which is explained below:

  • Collect five single Ultimate washes and get one for free – When you’ve already availed of five Ultimate car washes, you can get another one for free.

But you have to record the receipts of each of your Ultimate car wash purchases in the app.

  • Free bonus washes upon loading car wash passes – Recording your first Ultimate Flex or 30 Day Pass in the Shell app will give you another Ultimate car wash for free.

You also get another free Ultimate car wash every time you reload a car wash pass. But it would only be applicable within seven days after your cleaning.


Shell car wash prices are desirably affordable. On top of that, it’s also very favorable that Shell gives opportunities for saving on car cleaning costs. With these advantages, having your vehicle washed at Shell would be a great option for keeping it clean without much hassle.

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