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Sams club car wash prices

Touchless car wash is one of the services provided by the retail warehouse club, Sam’s Club, in selected locations. It’s the car wash type using high-pressure water and strong chemicals instead of brushes to remove contaminants for less risk of scratches.

If you have a membership there, you can conveniently shop and get an affordable car wash in one stop.

Sam’s Club Car wash prices range from $6 to $20. Moreover, you can also get discounts, exclusive offers, and benefits.

How Much is Sam’s Club Car Wash?


A car wash by Sam’s Club generally involves exterior washing and drying. But they also provide full-service car washing.

More detailed packages may include tire shine application, undercarriage washing, and various protective coatings applications.

Sam’s Club implements an advanced, eco-friendly car wash technology that saves water and uses environmentally safe cleaning agents.

Originally, they offered the touchless car wash, but they soon also provided another less scratch-prone option of the soft-touch car wash using soft cloth strips.

Moreover, other Sam’s Club Car Wash outlets also provide interior cleaning and fragrance.

  • Their service is quite affordable for a convenient, high-quality car wash, starting at a low price of $6 for their Basic Wash. It provides the basic car wash needs and takes only five minutes.
  • Their most detailed car wash package, the Ultimate Wash, which would normally take a couple more minutes, costs around $20.

But as a member, you can also take advantage of discounts, coupons, and even get a free car wash at Sam’s Club to lessen your car wash expenses. You can see the money-saving tips at Sam’s Club Car Wash in the latter part of this article.

Sam’s Club Car Wash Package Details and Prices


Sam’s Club Car Wash offers four packages, which generally range from $6 to $20. This price listing can give you an idea of approximately how much you would have to pay for their car wash service.

But the prices may also vary among the different locations. So for more accurate pricing, it’s best to check at the Sam’s Club Car Wash in your area.

1. Basic Wash ($6)

The lowest-priced package at Sam’s Club Car Wash, the Basic Wash provides basic washing for a starting price of only $6. With this, a customer can get:

  • High-pressure water
  • Soap application
  • Additional cleaning agents application
  • Rinsing
  • Drying

2. Deluxe Wash ($10)

Delivering additional car cleaning features, the Deluxe Wash costs around $10. It includes the Basic Wash features with the addition of the:

  • Tire shine
  • Undercarraige wash
  • Wax

3. Premium Wash ($15)

Another one of Sam’s Club Car Wash’s more detailed car wash options, the Premium Wash is typically around $15. It provides the same features as the Deluxe Wash plus a special vehicle exterior protectant.

4. Ultimate Wash ($20)

As Sam’s Club Car Wash’s most feature-packed package, the Ultimate Wash typically costs $20. It consists of all the car wash features along with an extra application of wax for additional protection.

List of Car Wash Prices at Sam’s Club

Package Service Price (One Wash)
Inside/outside wash
  • Washing exterior, window and rubber mats
  • Vacuuminginterior
  • Dusting dash and vinyl parts
  • Touch-up
Super wash


  • Inside/outside wash
  • Shine, seaslant, rust inhibitor, tire shine
  • Washing undercar
Ultimate Ceramic Shine
  • Inside/outside wash
  • Wax, wax crystal, sealant, rust inhibitor, tire shine
  • Washing undercar
  • Wheel brite
Express wash
  • Express washing
  • Air dry
Express Shine
  • Express wash
  • Instant shine
Express super Wash
  • Express wash
  • Wax shine and sealant
  • Wheel brite
  • Tire shine

Tips to Save Money at Sam’s Club Car Wash

Earlier, it was mentioned that you can save money at Sam’s Club Car Wash and even get a free car wash. So you might be wondering, “Is Sam’s Club Car Wash free?”

It can be one of the ways to save money at Sam’s Club Car Wash, given that you also buy their gas. In addition, there are also a couple of other ways you can save money with them. They are all explained below.

But these ways of saving money may also vary among different locations and may change in time. So, for more accurate and updated information on their discounts and offers, you can find out at the Sam’s Club Car Wash in your area.

1. Buying Gas at Sam’s Club Fuel Station


When you buy a certain amount of gas at their fuel station, you can get a free car wash.

2. Checking Sam’s Club’s Official Website and App

They would usually announce on their official website and app when they are offering a promotion, discount, or coupon code. You can find out when these are available by visiting their site or going on their app.

3. Signing Up for Sam’s Club Plus


Sam’s Club Plus is a membership upgrade that gives members additional benefits. These benefits may also include car wash discounts.

4. Signing Up for Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program


Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program is a program for buying cars with discounts and additional benefits as well as selling cars. Signing up for this Sam’s Club car service may also give opportunities for car wash discounts.

5. Signing Up for Sam’s Club Email List

Sam’s Club also sends out emails about promotions to members in their email list. By signing up for their email list, you can be updated on their promotions.


Sam’s Club makes it convenient for members by providing them with an easily accessible and quick way to have their cars washed in proximity to the club warehouse at affordable Sam’s Club Car Wash Prices.

It’s also excellent that they clean cars with touchless and soft touch methods that help lessen scratches in an eco-friendly way. For as low as $6 to $20, members can enjoy a high-quality, damage-free, eco-friendly car wash.

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