How to Remove Sunscreen From Car Interior? – 5 Ways

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how to remove sunscreen from car interior

Sunscreens are on trend nowadays, everywhere–even in car interiors! Although it goes well with your skin, it’s not much of an acquaintance with your cabin.

Keep reading for the best ways to solve the challenging query of how to remove sunscreen from car interior. Fabric, nylon, vinyl, leather, faux leather, you name it! You can protect your skin and your interiors all together with this guide. You and your car might be smiling after trying these incredible hacks.

Ways to Remove Sunscreen From Car Interior

Method 1: Eliminate sunscreen stains using alcohol


What to prepare:

  • Rubbing alcohol/alcohol wipes
  • Clean water
  • A sponge/clean cloth

Any type of alcohol, whether it be in a spray bottle, wipes, or alcohol-based cleaning products, is useful in removing stains. It can be really effective in getting sunscreen off your car interior.

Do not forget to keep a microfiber towel or clean tissue close to you as you apply this method.

1. You can start by testing your alcohol on the material to avoid discoloration or damage.

2. Then clean the sunscreen off your car interior by spraying or pouring an ample amount of alcohol onto the stain. Gently rub or blot it with a clean towel, brush for fabrics, and/or gentle sponge for leathers.

If you use the alcohol wipes, diligently swipe them in a circular or back-forth motion to liberate the product from the material.

3. Brush off the remnants of the alcohol wipes with a wetted towel or regular wipes.

Method 2: Sunscreen stain removal with baking soda or cornstarch


Baking soda isn’t only used to bake fresh cookies, but also to remove sunscreen stains, particularly fresh ones! And what could be a better substitute to baking soda but cornstarch?

What to prepare:

  • Baking soda or cornstarch
  • Some towels or tissue
  • A brush for sweeping the powder

Steps to use Baking soda/ cornstarch

1. On the newly sunscreen-stained fabric, dab a clean tissue or towel onto the area.

2. Then pour enough baking soda or cornstarch to cover the spot, and leave it to soak for at least fifteen (15) minutes.

3. Use the brush to scrub the dark stains.

4. Then, check if the baking powder or cornstarch has absorbed the product (if it turns yellow), then sweep the powders off.

5. Check if there are stains left. If there are still some dark spots, you can apply the cornstarch again and leave it overnight. Afterward, remove the stains with a damp cloth.

Method 3: Remove mineral sunscreen with vinegar


Vinegar is one of the must-have items in a household. From your Lexus car leather to your microwave, it could clean anything!

What to prepare:

  • Vinegar
  • A soft brush
  • Water
  • A soft towel

Steps to use vinegar

1. Just like the procedure when using alcohol, apply a decent amount of vinegar onto the stain.

2. Let it soak for three to five minutes, then lightly scrub it off with scrubs.

3. You can check the result by wiping it off clean and deciding whether to repeat the process to get the sunscreen off your leather seats.

4. Don’t forget to rinse the vinegar with water and let it dry. The vinegar scent could be fierce as durian when left unwashed.

Method 4: Remove sunscreen with soap and water


One of the easiest and most accessible of all is using soap and water. This mixture can be used on any interior surface of your car.

What to prepare:

  • Warm water
  • Mild soap
  • A sponge or toothbrush for scrubbing
  • A towel or tissue for removing excess stains and/or mixture

Steps to use Soap and Water

1. Blot off the excess product before applying the soapy water. Do not rub; just dab the cloth or tissue on the surface.

2. Mix mild soap to temperate water, and pour an adequate mixture into the affected area.

3. Brush it off with a sponge or toothbrush.

4. Then pat it dry after removing all residues on all surfaces.

Remember not to utilize this method on huge or deep stains, and be patient in polishing that interior!

Method 5: Remove zinc oxide sunscreen with degreaser


A well-known cleaner for car interiors is a degreaser, which is ideal for removing zinc oxide sunscreen. Furthermore, it could polish from the car dashboard to your car seats.

What to prepare:

  • A mild degreaser particularly intended for car interiors.
  • Some sponges for scrubbing
  • A clean towel or tissue

Steps to use the degreaser

1. Put enough degreaser on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then begin the gentle scrubbing to remove that mineral sunscreen.

2. You can apply the cleaning agent on a sponge or towel on a leather seat, then rub the stain off.

3. Don’t forget to wipe or rinse the degreaser off after the cleaning process to determine whether to repeat the process or not.


There are many tips and hacks on how to remove sunscreen from car interiors, but I have chosen the most convenient and effective ways for you! Above all, the most significant tool in cleaning off sunscreen stains on your cabin is patience!

Always remember to not panic whenever you get sunscreen on your car interiors and remember these tips to avoid damaging your cabin, as well your day!

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