How to Remove Stickers From Your Car Window without Scratching

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how to remove stickers from your car window

Is it time for you to replace a particular car sticker, such as your vehicle registration sticker, or do you simply need to remove a worn, unsightly sticker? It would be important to know how to remove stickers from your car window to avoid causing damage.

This blog post will show you the proper steps and techniques for removing a sticker without ruining it. These techniques would work whether you’re eliminating paper or vinyl stickers from glass door.

Steps to Remove Stickers From Your Car Window

1. Clean the Areas With Stickers With a Glass Cleaner


When you need to get a decal off a car window, it’s essential to clean the areas beforehand. Otherwise, the dust and debris can scratch the window in the process of sticker removal.

It would be best to use an ammonia-free glass cleaner, such as those from Windex, Uline, or Sprayway, to avoid drying out the rubber around the window.

  • Spray the glass cleaner on the areas with stickers.
  • Wipe the areas clean with a microfiber towel.

2. Soak the Stickers With the Glass Cleaner


Once the windshield is clean, the sticker needs to be softened with glass cleaner so it can be easily removed.

  • Spray the glass cleaner on the sticker until the latter is saturated.
  • Leave the glass cleaner on the stickers for a few minutes to let it soak them until they’re softened.

3. Scrape off the Stickers With a Razor Blade


A clean and rust-free razor blade would be the most efficient option for scraping off the sticker. That said, a plastic scraper, plastic card, or spatula will also suffice as alternatives, especially given how they’re less likely to scratch your car.

  • To remove decal or sticker using the blade without damage to the glass, carefully and gently glide the blade beneath the stickers at a 45-degree an To make sure the process goes smoothly without damaging paint, scrape slowly.
  • While scraping, use your other hand to gently peel the sticker as you go.

If working on stickers on the inside rear car window or tinted glass, be extra cautious to avoid scratching the heating element or the tint, respectively.

4. Soak the Sticker Residues With an Adhesive Remover


After you get stickers off car windows, there would likely be some residues left behind. They must be removed immediately, as they can attract dust, dirt, debris, and other particles.

  • Spray an adhesive remover, such as Goo Gone, Duck Adhesive Remover, and Rapid Remover, on the residues. Alternatively, you may use WD-40.
  • Let the adhesive remover soak for a few minutes.

5. Scrape off the Sticker Residues With a Razor Blade


Remove the sticker residues the same way as removing the stickers in step 3.

6. Clean the Areas You Worked On


Finally, clean the areas you worked on with the glass cleaner and microfiber towel once again for a spotless result.

How to Take Sticker off a Car Window Without Damaging the Sticker

1. With Rubbing Alcohol


  1. Slightly peel only a small portion of the sticker with your fingernails.
  2. Spray a generous amount of 70% rubbing alcohol on the sticker.
  3. Gently rub the sticker with some cotton balls or paper towels.
  4. To remove the sticker from car window and reuse it afterward, repeatedly spray and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Then use a plastic scraper or card to carefully and gently remove it.
  5. If the sticker isn’t budging, try peeling from the other side.

2. With Vinegar


  1. Slightly peel a bit of the sticker from one side using your fingernails.
  2. Spray some vinegar on the sticker, and let it soak the sticker for a few minutes.
  3. Using a microfiber towel, wipe over the sticker.
  4. Intermittently spray the sticker and gently peel it.

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Will Rubbing Alcohol Damage My Car Window?

No, your car window will not be damaged if you use rubbing alcohol on it. It’s safe to use on car windows, as it’s even often included in the ingredients of commercial windshield cleaners.

However, you should use 70% rubbing alcohol regardless, as one with a higher concentration may damage your car’s paint.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Stickers From Tinted Car Windows?

It would depend on whether the tints are placed on the interior or exterior side of the windows. Usually, tints are installed on the windows’ interior side, especially if they’re factory installed.

If the tints are on the interior side, any of the above mentioned methods will work fine. But if they’re on the exterior, it would be advisable to do the following steps to avoid damaging the tints:

  • Soak the stickers with soapy water.
  • Remove the stickers with a plastic scraper. Avoid using a razor blade or metal scraper to not cause damage.

Protecting Your Car Windows From Damage During Sticker Removal

Most may find using a razor blade the quickest and easiest way to remove stickers from a car window, but this has the risk of scratching or cutting the glass. There are safer alternatives you can use, such as a plastic scraper, plastic card, or spatula.

Preventing Stickers From Sticking to Car Windows

To prevent stickers from adhering to car windows, you can try out the two tips below:

  1. Coat the sticker’s sticky side with a thin layer of talcum powder to help reduce its adhesive properties.
  2. Laminate the sticker, cover it with cling wrap film, or adhere the sticker to a transparency sheet. Then stick it on the windshield with cello tape.
  3. Opt for static clinger stickers, which adhere to the car by electricity and don’t leave any residue behind.
  4. Apply a silicone spray onto the window. This will create a barrier to keep the sticker from adhering too strongly to the window.


By following the aforementioned steps on how to remove stickers from your car window, you’ll be able to successfully get them out of the glass without causing any damage. Make sure to use the appropriate tools and to do it carefully and gently, especially if you need to reuse the sticker, and you’ll have no problems.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Let us know if you still have any questions left; we’d be happy to answer for our readers.

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