How to Remove Pet Hair From Car? (Easy Steps in No Time)

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how to remove pet hair from car

Sure, your furry friend makes for a fun companion on trips, but it’s not so fun when you need to get rid of dog hair in car afterward. No matter how much you hate sweeping and wiping, a furry ride won’t be very pleasant for you and your other passengers.

And to help you achieve the clean, fur-free car that you once had, this article will show you how to remove pet hair from car. It will cover steps for:

  • Cleaning off freshly fallen pet hair
  • Cleaning off accumulated pet hair
    • Tackling loose pet hair
    • Getting rid of ingrained pet hair

Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Car

1. Removing Newly Fallen Fur with Lint Roller Method


A lint roller can keep dog hair out of car by allowing for quick fur cleaning on the go. It’s advisable to have it in your car to clean off freshly fallen fur immediately, so you could spare yourself the hassle of having to deal with ingrained, stubborn fur in your car interior in the future.

When you are commuting with your dog and notice that their hair has fallen onto your seat, just take the lint roller and roll it over the surfaces to remove fur from car.

You may also use a pet hair roller instead. It’s a specialized brush with a fur collection chamber that can effectively and easily remove dog hair from car upholstery and flooring.

Like the lint roller, you’ll have to roll it over the furry surfaces, but it can also work well in removing ingrained, stubborn fur. An additional advantage to this tool is that you can easily remove the accumulated fur from the chamber after you get dog hair out of car.

2. Cleaning off Accumulated Pet Hair

Step 1: Tackle the Loose Pet Hair

What to Prepare

  • Cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner

The initial tasks for removing dog hair from car are:

  • Do some wiping on the hard surfaces.
  • Vacuum the plastic parts, car seats, floor mats, and flooring.

These tasks are necessary, so you can get rid of the loose pet hair along with other contaminants present on the interior surfaces.

That way, you can work on the stubborn dog hair stuck in car seat that requires more attention and effort.

Step 2: Get Rid of Ingrained Pet Hair

1. Fabric Softener Method


What to Prepare

    • Fabric softener
    • Water
    • Spray bottle
    • Paper towel, brush, pumice stone, or any other fur removal tool
    • Vacuum cleaner

A fabric softener can work wonders in dog hair car removal, as it has hair loosening and lifting abilities. Plus, an additional convenience to using a fabric softener is the pleasant smell it can also leave in your car.

    • Mix up a diluted fabric softener solution in a spray bottle using one part of fabric softener and seven parts of water.
    • Spray the solution on the furry areas.
    • Sweep away the fur in one direction using a paper towel, brush, pumice stone, or whatever. Pile the hair up in one side.
    • Finish off the pile of fur with a vacuum.

2. Rubber Gloves, Water, and Vacuum Cleaner Method


What to Prepare:

    • Rubber gloves
    • Water
    • Spray bottle
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Electric fans (optional)

Rubber gloves may be very simple and cheap, but they work effectively in removing pet hair from car. And because of their convenience, using rubber gloves has become a very popular hack for removing dog hair.

Since they’re made of rubber, they’re capable of providing static electricity once rubbed on interior surfaces, which would result in the fur’s adherence to the gloves, making them easy to sweep away.

Moreover, for more convenience and ease, the rubber gloves would be reinforced with water and a vacuum cleaner in this method.

    • Wear the rubber gloves and make them wet.
    • Spray some water on the areas with fur.
    • Rub over the furry areas with the gloves. Move in one direction to set the fur on one side and not scatter it.
    • The accumulated fur on one side can be vacuumed out later.
    • When the gloves accumulate fur, dip them in water.
    • Once done, leave the car doors open for a while to allow the car interior to air dry or you may also use electric fans to help speed up the drying.

3. Pet Hair Remover Brush, Water, and Vacuum Cleaner Method


What to Prepare:

    • Pet hair remover brush
    • Water (if you’re using a rubber brush)
    • Spray bottle (if you’re using a rubber brush)
    • Electric fans (optional – if you’re using a rubber brush)
    • Vacuum cleaner

Another specialized tool you can count on for effectively and easily getting dog hair out of car is a pet hair remover brush. Pet hair remover brushes usually either come in rubber or micro-bristle form.

The rubber type works with electrostatic properties that attract fur and usually has rubber bristles or a flat rubber surface for sweeping with ease, while the micro-bristle type easily traps in fur with its ends.

    • If you’re using the rubber type, it’d help to spray water over car areas. But make sure to allow interior surfaces to dry after cleaning, either by opening the car doors or using electric fans.
    • Go over the pet hair in car with the pet hair remover brush, moving in one direction to collect the fur in a pile.
    • Get dog fur out of car with a vacuum.

4. Wire Brush and Vacuum Method


What to Prepare

    • Wire brush
    • Vacuum cleaner

The wire brush and vacuum method is an effective way to get pet hair out of car carpet and seats. However, you must be careful with it because of the wire brush’s stiffness. This is usually done as a last resort to get rid of fur that had not been removed by previously attempted methods.

    • You must be cautious when using a wire brush to prevent causing damage to your car interior, especially on thin upholstery. Before using it, test the brush on a small, inconspicuous area first to see if it’s gentle enough.
    • Thoroughly but gently scrub out the fur on car seats and carpets.
    • Vacuum out the loosened fur.
    • Repeat the scrubbing with the wire brush and vacuum clean as necessary.

5. Or Go for a Professional Pet Hair Removal Service


In a severe case of dog hair that is too much to handle, you can rely on a professional detailer to clean dog hair from car.

You can search on Google, “professional car detailer near me”, check each business’s website or contact them to ask if they do pet hair removal, and if they do, bring your car over to them.

Auto shops have the professional equipment and know-how for tackling fur on all car interior surfaces. Pet hair removal cost would usually be around $5-$75, depending on how much hair would have to be removed and how big the space to work on is, like if it’s the entire car or a cargo area.



What Is the Best Pet Hair Remover for Cars?

The best pet hair car detailer would have the following characteristics:

  • Effective in car detailing pet hair off the interior
  • Makes cleaning dog hair from car easy
  • Portable
  • Is capable of getting fur in nooks and crannies
  • Doesn’t harm the car interior
  • Suitable with various interior surfaces, so it can be used on the carpet, floor mats, upholstery, and plastic.
  • Especially one that’s specifically for pet hair removal from car

A good example is the Chemical Guys rubber pet hair remover brush with a built-in squeegee. It’s made of rubber with electrostatic properties, so it can effectively and easily remove fur from the carpet, floor mats, upholstery, and plastic parts in the car interior without causing damage.

How Do I Get Dog Hair Out of My Car at Home?

If you don’t want to spend money to remove dog hair in car, you can always clean the fur off your vehicle by yourself at home with some trusty pet hair removal tool or tools. There are many products you can choose from, such as lint rollers and vacuum cleaners.


Fur falling on car interiors is just something that comes along with traveling with your furry friend. How to remove pet hair from car may take some time and effort, but with the right tool or tools, the task can be made easy.

But in severe cases of pet hair, it would be best to bring your car to a professional detailer.

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