Quick Quack Car Wash Prices: An Overview & Its Great Deals

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quick quack car wash prices

Quick Quack Car Wash prices range from $7.99 to $29.99, depending on the kind of wash we require and our membership subscription. This is based on the latest updated price list that Quick Quack released as of April 2022.

We can go on a monthly plan or just a single wash. Therefore, for many car owners, including me, it is rather convenient to subscribe to Quick Quack’s service at an affordable price.



How Much Is Quick Quack Car Wash


Quick Quack prices, starting from $7.99 to $29.99, can be at reasonable rates compared to most car washing services that can cost from $60 to $175 for full-service and interior washing.

Indeed, we should go through Quick Quack Car Wash membership prices to see if we can make use of their subscription and free car wash coupons to further save the bill.

A free car wash coupon can be available apart from those with promo codes and the best deals.


  • Promo codes are discounted at any rate of either 10-50% off.
  • The Unlimited Protect Pass can be used within 30 days, depending on whatever is offered at a certain season.

Quick Quack also uses gift cards for its customers.

  • It can be used for a 30-day pass, single wash, or merchandise at any location. But remember, this cannot be an alternative payment to monthly recurring charges if you subscribe to its unlimited membership.

In paying for its service without going unlimited with monthly plans, you can pay through different digital methods. Thus, this is not applicable for automatic payments as members.

It also provides unlimited car wash prices and a Quick Quack multiple car discount.

  • Multi-car discount pricing applies to four additional cars from the household with just $15.00 per vehicle a month.
  • Its membership subscription is categorized into three groups —- Good, Better, and Best Cleaning.

Signing up for an unlimited membership can be done by going to any location. Or, you can save time by accessing My QQ and easily sign up by registering an account.

Here are the car wash packages that it offers to its clients according to category:

  • Good Cleaning

A good cleaning package of Quacky Duck car wash serves the basic wash. The usual car cleaning falls here. It cleans the car with the power of the water hose off with a touch of soap. This method is suitable for avoiding scratching the car.

If you prefer a single wash, it costs $7.99, while going unlimited will only give you $14.99.

  • Better Cleaning

This better cleaning package incorporates the wash and dry service from the good cleaning.

It also includes an additional car cleaning routine like rain repellent, wheel brightener and tire shine, undercarriage rust inhibitor, and triple foam polish for a shining, shimmering car exterior.

If you enroll in an unlimited wash under this, a price value of $22.99 equates to the service you will enjoy. A better single wash costs you $14.99.

  • Best Cleaning


Quick Quack labels this as the “Lucky Duck”. This best cleaning package encompasses all better cleaning services, plus another car service, the three-step paint sealant process: duck bath, shine you can feel (ultra shine), and wax to seal.

This additional service ensures protection from oxidation and rusting. It helps shield the coating of the car paint.

The best, single wash offers you $19.99. However, you can save if you go unlimited, amounting to $29.99 only.

This option is often utilized as the Quick Quack family plan.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does Quick Quack offer great deals?

Quick Quack loves you on your birthday. It offers a free car wash coupon as a birthday gift.

If you subscribe to its newsletters via e-mail, you will receive updates on its special promotions and other best deals.

When rain jokes on you after having your car washed, there is an offer for another free car wash within 48 hours. That’s why many love the brand’s good deals and customer service.

2. What is Unlimited Membership in Quick Quack?

Unlimited membership offers cleaning your car as many times as you wish it to be cleaned. Your choice of a Good, Better, or Best Cleaning is what it can provide.

3. Where to get Quick Quack car washing?

They have about 155 locations operating in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, and Utah. It is undeniably a fact that the company continues to grow and keeps going.

4. Why Do Many Use Quick Quack Unlimited Membership?

  • Limitless Car Washing
  • Spend Less
  • Effortless Transaction
  • Special Treatment – When you become a member, you will be treated special with a speedy members-only lane in its selected locations and more membership benefits and discounts.
  • Car All You Want – You can enroll as many cars as you want! Quick Quack offers multi-car discount pricing at $17 per additional vehicle.
  • Interior Cleaning – Quick Quack does not only clean the car exterior but includes free dash wipes and vacuums in your car interior.


Quick Quack car wash prices are subject to change without prior notice. Rates may go higher or lower. Still, the current price range is rather affordable for most, costing from $7.99 to $29.99.

It is better to keep updated with its new rates from time to time. And make sure to pay attention to upgrading or renewing the subscription by sending them a 10-day notice before the next billing cycle if you want to stop using their service.

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