How to Open Car Wash Coin Vault? – 3 Simple Steps

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how to open car wash coin vault

A car wash coin vault is an important part of a car wash business that should be secured at all times. The revenue and profit of the business will be affected if bad things happen to the vaults, especially in a self-service car wash, like coin jams or even theft.

Different kinds of coin vaults can be used in a car wash business, and there are specific ways to open them. If you are an aspiring car wash owner or just curious about the coin vault, read on to learn how to open a car wash coin vault.

Step-by-Step Guide


Opening a car wash coin vault may seem simple, like opening a vault in Fortnite, or it may also be more challenging than you think, depending on the kind of coin vault you have.

However, with the coin vault key(s), the tools needed, and the right knowledge, you should be able to successfully do it on your own.

What to Prepare

Coin deposit vaults that are famously used in a car wash business are similar to open car wash change machines. You will need the vault key(s) and may use a specific screwdriver that only fits the mechanism of your vault to open it.

Step 1: Find the safety knob or lever.

Some car wash coin vaults have a secret safety knob or a lever you must use before you can open the vault with a key. Find it on the side or top of the vault, and pull or push it.

For some models, you need to simultaneously use the key and push the knob to open the door of the vault.

Step 2: Open the box with the coin vault key.


A coin vault comes with a specific car wash coin vault key that can open it. Most coin-slot vaults have a key slot(s) on the door itself or the left side of the door.

By turning the key(s) counterclockwise, the door should open.

For heavily secured vaults, after turning the key(s) counterclockwise, the key slots will be removed with the key, exposing a space for the vault’s unique screwdriver.

You must turn the screwdriver counterclockwise for about 5 to 10 seconds before the slot falls loose. After successfully doing that, you can now open the coin vault door.

Step 3: Close the door and secure your tools.


After opening the vault, you must close it with the key and lock it by turning it clockwise. Since some vaults have a safety knob or lever, you must check if it automatically returns to its original position.

Do not forget that if you have a heavily secured vault, you must use the unique screwdriver first and turn it clockwise to close the mechanism.

After that, you can insert the key slot back by turning it clockwise to close the door of the vault.

Remove the key and keep your tools in a safe place to avoid theft.

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How do you use a coin-operated car wash?

A coin-operated car wash is convenient, affordable, and easy to use. There is a self-serve and an automatic car wash. In an automatic car wash bay, you only need to pay for a specified amount in the coin vault, and it will automatically do the job for you.

However, in a self-serve car wash bay, you need to insert a coin to earn a limited time whenever you want to use a function.

If you want to wash the car with water first, you need a coin and a different coin if you activate the soap dispenser.

Are car wash tokens worth anything?

Yes, car wash tokens are worth around 25 cents per piece. Before, standard car wash tokens could be used in every car wash. However, due to business competition, each car wash has its own specific car wash tokens.

Therefore, you cannot use a car wash token from a different car wash place if you are in another car wash.

Is opening a vault in Fortnite the same as opening a car wash coin vault?

The answer is partly yes. The idea is similar, and both need a key to open the vault. However, in real life, there are other factors like safety levers and screwdrivers to use before you can open the vault.

Do car wash businesses accept credit cards for payment?

Though it is widely known that coin and cash vaults only accept coins and cash, with the technological advancements we have, some car wash payment vaults accept credit cards.

It is very convenient, especially for those who do not carry cash or lack the cash to pay for the service they need.


In conclusion, as long as you know the steps and the tools needed to open the type of car wash coin vault you have, you can open it successfully.

Kindly remember each step consciously, and always be mindful of your tools, specifically the keys and the vault, before you leave to avoid bad things happening. Here concludes my guide on how to open a car wash coin vault.

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