Mobile Car Wash Prices in 2023 (Pricing Table Included)

mobile car wash prices

Regular car cleaning can be difficult with a hectic schedule, the unavailability of a nearby car wash, a mobility issue, or other hindrances. In such circumstances, mobile car washing can be a lifesaver and an affordable solution.

On average, mobile car wash prices would start at $20+ for a basic car wash and $60+ for a full-service car wash. But the cost may go higher depending on what services you get, your vehicle type, location, etc.

How Much Does a Mobile Car Wash Cost?

In comparison to the cost of car wash services from physical establishments, mobile wash prices would be a bit pricier.

For example, in a physical car wash establishment, the exterior car wash price is usually $20 to $30. Meanwhile, in a mobile car wash, on average hand car wash price is around $20+ to $100+ depending on the services included in their car wash package.

But having the car cleaning taken care of for you at the convenience of your home, office, or anywhere else you may require without having to commute is well worth it.

On average, the cost of a car wash and detailing from a mobile servicing company would be around $60+ to $800+. But it would also depend on some factors, which are listed below:

1. Type of Service


Different types of mobile auto wash services are available to suit different cleaning needs and budgets. There’s the basic car wash that may involve exterior washing, exterior wipe down, interior wiping, vacuum cleaning, etc., depending on the company’s basic package.

Such a mobile basic car wash price would be around $20+ to $100+ on average.

There’s also the full-service car wash, which, aside from exterior washing, may also involve waxing, wheel and tire cleaning, interior wipe down, leather cleaning and conditioning, interior vacuuming, and other detailing services that may be included in their full-service packages.

And a full service car wash prices would be around $60+ to $800+.

2. Type of Vehicle


Mobile car wash pricing would differ for different types of cars. Services for smaller-sized vehicles like sedans and coupes would cost less than larger vehicles like SUVs and minivans due to the amount of water, products, and effort used in cleaning.

For example, for smaller vehicles, a full-service washing and interior cleaning would be $60 to $150. In comparison, larger vehicles would cost $100 to $175.

And when it comes to the mobile auto detailing price list, smaller vehicles might cost from $125 to $275, while for larger vehicles, it’s around $175 to $325.

3. Location


Mobile car wash costs also differ among different places. And this benefits smaller towns because they tend to have lower prices than larger cities. Moreover, mobile car wash services may also cost more if the distance the staff needs to travel to your location is far.

4. Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Promotions


Customers can save on mobile car cleaning services through discounts, coupon codes, and promotions that companies sometimes offer. You can be informed about their deals by:

  • Signing up for their email list
  • Installing their app
  • Following them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Moreover, some mobile car washes also give a discount to those who book an appointment in advance.

Mobile Car Wash Price List

As mentioned earlier, mobile car washing and mobile car detailing prices would vary depending on several factors. But it would also help to get an idea of how much you can expect to pay when you go for mobile services.

Mobile Car Wash Services Prices
Basic Car Wash Package $20+ to $100+
Mid-Priced Car Wash Package (including more car exterior and interior detailing) $28 to $329
Complete Car Wash Package (complete cleaning of car exterior and interior) $60+ to $800+
Mini Detail $35 to $120
Exterior Restoration $200 to $275
Interior Restoration $120 to $145
Clay Bar Treatment $25 to $60+
Ceramic Coating $50 to $2000
Headlight Restoration $25 to $75 per light or 90 per vehicle
Engine Cleaning $20 to $99
Water Spot Removal $25+ to $79
Mold Removal $49 to $80
Waxing $20 to $70
Polymer Wax $110 to 150
Pet Hair Removal S24 to $100
Plastic Interior Conditioning $25 to $50
Shampoo Car Seats $40 to $100
Shampoo Carpets $40 to $100
Leather Conditioning $20 to $100
Sanitizing and Disinfection Free to $149
Baby Car Seat Cleaning $19 to 35

Range of Mobile Car Wash Prices


The range of mobile car wash prices differs among companies for various reasons. One is the varying services included in their packages. Another is the quality of their cleaning products.

Additional services, of course, mean extra charges in their mobile detail price list.

Moreover, the mobile car wash staff’s level of expertise could also affect the cost. Some companies would put their staff under professional and specialized training to enhance their skills, so you would be paying for a high-quality service, which would reasonably cost more.

Add-on Prices

To meet customers’ additional detailing needs, mobile car washes also offer add-0ns, which come at an additional price. The add-on prices for mobile detailing can be as low as $20 (or sometimes free) or as high as $100.

For example, adding waxing may cost you an extra $20 to $70 for the car wash and wax price, which may also be affected by how small or big your vehicle is and whether they would use ceramic paste wax, carnauba paste wax, or spray wax.

If you’re going to avail of headlight restoration, you may pay as low as $25 for each light or $75 per light, but some charge $90 per vehicle. If you have pets, you may pay $24 to $100 for pet hair removal, depending on how much hair is embedded in your car interior and how big the area they have to clean is.

Most mobile car washes offer various add-ons for car exterior and interior detailing. You should check if a mobile car wash offers the add-ons you need before booking with them.

Overall, the additional mobile detailing cost you may have to pay may just be a couple of dollars or hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on what add-ons and how many add-ons you get.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Money Should I Charge for Washing a Car?

When you are offering mobile car washing, it would be reasonable for you to charge higher because you are providing your customers great convenience by coming to them and bringing the necessary tools to do the car cleaning.

So for your hand car wash prices list, you can charge around $20+ to $100+ depending on the services you provide in your package. You can also increase the charge following your mobile detailing prices list if your customer also asks for detailing.

Are Mobile Car Washes Profitable?

Mobile car washing has become popular, according to Advance Market Analytics, and has a low startup cost and operating cost compared to physical car wash establishments.

Mobile car wash is a business with great profit. The estimated amount that mobile car wash owners can earn annually is around $28,000 to $65,000. But if their business is running far more excellently, they can earn around $50,000 to $70,000 annually.


Before you go searching for a “mobile car wash near me” online and book an appointment, you have to understand that having professionals come to you with their tools means higher prices. You will need to pay significantly more than the average cost of a car wash of just about $10 – $20.

Without the hassle of commuting and the effort of cleaning, along with a more thorough and scratch-free job compared to automatic car washes, it naturally makes mobile car wash prices higher.

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