How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside? – 10 Tips You Should Try

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how to keep your car clean inside

A car’s interior, with all its nooks and crannies, may sometimes seem overwhelming to manage. But you don’t always need to grab your vacuum, brushes, cleaners, and whatnot. There are easy tricks on how to keep your car clean inside always.

You don’t have to deep clean your car’s interior often. You can easily maintain it with these 10 tips to keep your car clean. You can take tiny steps in maintaining the cleanliness of your car’s interior, which can be as simple as putting a trash bin in your car, cleaning spills immediately, using organizers, etc.

What You Need


The following items can help keep your vehicle pristine.

  • A trash bin/cereal container/plastic bag
  • A sock & an all-purpose cleaner, or cup holder liners
  • Organizers (for the back seats and the boot)
  • A purse/folder/an expanding file
  • Upholstery wipes/baby wipes
  • Microfiber towel
  • Car seat covers

Tips to Keep Car Clean Inside


1. Provide Your Vehicle a Car Trash Bin

Placing a trash bin in your car is the best way to keep car clean. All sorts of trash can end up in different areas of the car, such as the gaps between the front seats and the console, in compartments, on the footwells, and on the floor.

Prevent them from scattering in your car and avoid having to collect them by equipping your vehicle with a car trash bin.

A great option would be a car trash container that comes with a lid, hangs from the front seat headrest, and is waterproof. Or you may also use a plastic cereal container that can also be sealed with a lid and can fit into a car door compartment.

Even just a simple plastic bag can be used as a trash bin. Just remember to take out the trash when your trash bin gets full.

2. Keep the Cup Holders Free of Dirt

Cupholders tend to be sticky and dirty due to drink spills, condensation, and crumbs.

An excellent cleaning hack for cup holders is to fit a sock on a cup and spray the sock with an all-purpose cleaner, which you will then use to rub around the cup holders to get rid of the grime. Or you can also just merely use your hand covered with a sock sprayed with all-purpose cleaner to wipe the cupholders.

You can also prevent them from getting sticky and dirty by placing cup holder liners or silicone baking cups in them to catch all the spills and dirt that may get into the cupholders in the future. With them, cleaning up will be made easier, as all you have to do is pull them out of the cupholders.

The sticky mess in your cup holders can also be minimized by throwing away the plastic cup of your cold drink once you consume it all to prevent the buildup and dripping down of condensation into your cupholders.

3. Organize Your Car With Organizers

When you have kids, the back of the car can get cluttered, and the back of the front seats can get mucky with the dirt from kids’ shoes. Those issues can be resolved with a car seat organizer.

A car seat organizer is composed of several compartments that can store travel items, toys, and treats, and can be hung at the back seat of the car. It also prevents the backs of the front seats from getting dirtied by kids’ shoes.

The trunk or cargo area of the car is also an area that can get cluttered with all the things that you store. It can be kept more organized with a boot organizer. You could also remove the things you don’t really need from the boot to lessen the clutter. Here, I recommend for you other relevant interior care guides that will help you clean gas spills in your car trunk and how to clean interior of car with household products.

4. Keep Your Glove Box Organized

The glove compartment can sometimes be filled with all sorts of things like papers, to the point that it would tend to be cluttered or worse, pour out a mini avalanche when opened. You can declutter it by removing things you don’t really need and using a purse, a folder, a mini expanding file, or anything you can use that can help organize it.

5. Keep Upholstery Wipes in Your Glove Box

Keeping upholstery wipes in your glove compartment would be convenient for keeping car interior clean, as it prepares you in case of accidental spills, allowing you to clean up immediately. This will also allow you to wipe away accumulated dust and the grime that your fingers may leave on surfaces.

Moreover, upholstery wipes also come with a conditioning agent that can keep surfaces in good condition. You may also go with baby wipes.

6. Clean Messes up Right Away


Spills on car upholstery, when not cleaned immediately, can cause stains and will be harder to clean later. So to avoid the struggle of having to scrub out tough stains, clean up spills right after they happen. You can do a quick clean on them with a microfiber towel.

7. Whatever You Bring In, You Must Also Bring Out

If you keep leaving things in your car, they will eventually pile up and make your car cluttered. Make it a habit to always take with you the things you brought in the car when you step out to keep your car from getting cluttered. Let your passengers practice this too.

8. Clean off the Dirt, Mud, or Snow From Your Shoes Before Stepping in the Car

Dirt, mud, and snow can stick to shoes and may get left behind on the car floor mats. To minimize such residues from shoes in your car, clean them off your shoes before you get in the car.

9. Shake Out Floor Mats Often


Floor mats will eventually accumulate dirt from shoes. Make it a habit to take the floor mats out and shake the dirt off them at least once a week or more if necessary. This way, your floor mats won’t get too dirty with too much accumulated dirt, and you won’t have to put too much effort into cleaning the floor mats in the future.

This also allows you to put off vacuuming for longer.

10. Use Car Seat Covers


Using car seat covers is the easiest way to keep car interior clean. Car seat covers can keep your car seats protected from stains. And when they get dirty, you can just take them off your car seats and have them washed in the washing machine.

If you have a dog, you can use a waterproof backseat cover whenever your dog rides in the car with you. It will prevent your back seats from being dirtied with mud from their feet and fur.


Don’t neglect your car interior. It may seem like a tough job to keep it clean, but it can be made easier by just taking tiny steps with the above tricks on how to keep your car clean inside—no need for deep cleaning.

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