How to Keep Dog Hair Out of Car? – 6 Methods

how to keep dog hair out of car

Although dogs are prone to fur shedding, that doesn’t mean dog-loving car owners can’t let their dogs get in their cars.

There are a couple of easy ways how to keep dog hair out of car that car owners with pets can do to enjoy travels with their pets while preventing fur from accumulating in their car.Check out the good tips below.

Ways to Keep Dog Hair Out of Car

#1. Groom Your Dog Regularly


A good start is to prevent dog hair in car by grooming your dog regularly. This involves regular baths and regular hair brushing.

  • Regularly bathing your pet will keep them healthy and reduce their shedding. It’s recommended to do so every two weeks. But don’t overdo the bathing, as that can remove the natural oils from their fur.
  • Use a de-shedding shampoo to wash away their loose hair, so they won’t end up in your car’s interior.
  • Regular brushing with a shedding brush also helps reduce shedding, as it removes the loose hair that can fall inside your car. For a low-shedding dog breed, brushing should be done at least once or twice a week.
  • It would also help to brush your dog’s hair before you let them in your car.

#2. Consider Having Your Dog’s Hair Cut


Hair length is also a factor in shedding. The longer the hair, the more shedding and the more effort in caring for your dog’s hair are.

Short dog hair can help make the upkeep of your surroundings and your dog’s hair easier. If your dog’s hair has already grown very long, it is necessary to cut it to just the right length but not too short to cause discomfort.

#3. Use Protectors for Interior Surfaces

1. Car Seats Cover


It’s advisable to put a car seat cover on the back or front seat when your dog occupies the area. Place them over the seats and floorboard and secure them with loops over the headrests.

2. Car Cargo Cover

You can use a cargo cover if you have a minivan or SUV, and the cargo area is where you usually let your dog stay.

It can easily be installed, usually by securing it with straps around the headrests and velcro strips.

3. Car Door Protectors


Dog hair can also get on the doors, so it would also help to use car door protectors. It can also prevent claw scratches on the doors.

Car door protectors are usually sold in pairs to protect both passenger doors.

Just insert the tabs into the slots for the windows. They will hold onto the rubber barriers even when you open and close the windows. Then, press the suction cup onto the non-rolling portion of the window.

4. Durable Plastic Car Floor Liners or Floor Mats


One of the hardest tasks to keep car interior clean with dog is to get dog hair out of carpet, as they would cling to the fibers. But if you use durable plastic car floor liners or floor mats, you’ll be spared the hassle.

Pick one that is durable, non-slip, and comes with side barriers and/or groves to help keep messes confined.

5. Old Towels, Blankets, or Sheets

There are some household items that you can use as alternatives to commercial car interior protectors, such as old towels, blankets, or sheets. They work, but aren’t as effective.

#4. Let Your Dog Stay In Just One Area


Letting your dog stay in just one area will keep shedded hair in one place and make cleaning them off easier. At the same time, it helps prevent them from getting hurt when you make sudden stops or turns and get in the way of driving or braking.

To help keep your dog in one place, you can use a pet seat or seatbelt harness.

#5. Keep a Pet Hair Remover in the Car for Quick Cleaning

No matter how much you protect your car from dog hair, they can somehow still make their way onto interior surfaces. Now, you need a portable pet hair remover.

It will come in handy for cleaning off fur immediately after traveling with your dog. By cleaning the hair off immediately, you can prevent it from accumulating and getting embedded, which will be more difficult to remove.

1. Lint Roller


Lint roller is an easy-to-use pet hair removal tool, as you can just roll it over the fallen fur, and it will pick them up.

However, a lint roller can run out of its adhesive sheet and can’t reach tight spaces. Moreover, while it works well in removing freshly fallen dog hair, it can’t remove embedded dog hair, as well as a specialized pet hair remover.

2. Specialized Pet Hair Remover


With a specialized pet hair remover, running out of cleaner, tight spaces, and embedded hairs are no problem.

Many products come with various ridges, squeegees, textured pads, and crevice tools.

3. Rubber Gloves


A DIY option you can do is the rubber glove hack for removing dog hair from car if you have rubber gloves at home.

Using rubber gloves to clean pet hair off interior surfaces, sweep your gloved hands over the furry surfaces, going in one direction. This will make hair stick to the gloves and allow you to gather clumps of hair in one area.

Pick up the gathered clumps and take them out of the car.

If the hair is hard to get out of the interior surfaces, wet your gloves to help make it easier.

#6. Clean and Vacuum Your Car’s Interior Regularly


In addition to cleaning off pet hair after traveling with your dog, regularly cleaning and vacuuming your car’s interior will help keep the hair out of your car and keep it clean overall.

  • To effectively vacuum dog hair and other contaminants, use the brush
  • To reach tight spaces, use the crevice tool.


Fur shedding is something you can’t stop, but you can at least minimize it and prevent it from causing big furry messes on car interior surfaces with the ways above on how to keep dog hair out of car.

The good thing is they’re very easy to do, so you won’t have to struggle with cleaning off fur after travels with your beloved furry companion.

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