How to Hand Wash Your Car and Guarantee Cleaning Satisfaction

how to hand wash your car

Have you bathed your car at home? Has washing your car ever become part of your routine? We know it seems to be a daunting task, especially for new car owners. But with the right tools and steps, you can complete the task and enjoy your car’s pristine look soon enough.

So, read on to know how to hand wash your car. Get your hands ready and prepare for work as we get you to this one.

Detail Guide on How to Hand Wash a Car


What can I use to wash my car at home?

Prepare the things you need to use like:

  • A Brush/Sponge/Wash Mitt
  • Bucket
  • Water hose
  • Round rags or microfiber towels
  • Chamois cloth (for wiping glassy parts) or glass cleaner
  • Car polish or wax (optional)
  • Milder kind of soap
  • Glass cleaner
  • Water
  • A vacuum cleaner

Because you already know what to prepare before car washing, this time you will explore more on how to simplify it. Let me bring you to these simple steps:

Step 1: Wash the whole car with cold water

Use the water hose for bathing the entire car to lessen what you need to wipe off. Make sure all parts become wet. Watering the car removes parts of the stuck dirt.

You can also hand wash car without hose; instead, using a bucket of water or two, just have it refilled. Yet, it might take you a longer time washing a car by hand.

Step 2: Apply the soap

The appropriate detergent to wash car at home is car soap, made for this specific task. Apply it using a sponge or a wash mitt. In case car wash soap is not available, you can use these tools and cleaners instead.

  • Properly wash a car by wiping the wheels since they are the dirtiest part. They land in muddy places during rainy days, so most of the dirt gets stuck on them.
  • If dust is present, you can just use a brush to remove it. To achieve the best outcomes, it is better to use a sponge.
  • Next, use round rags or towels to take away grime on the bumpers, hood, headlights, and the anterior parts. It appears to be in front, so it catches many people’s attention.
  • Then, keep track of the sections. Prioritize the upper part before going down the lower portions. Starting from the top minimizes the load of wiping the body over again to avoid repeated work.
  • Use the chamois cloth to remove the marks in the glassy parts to save them from scratches. A glass cleaner can also give shiny results on your windows and windshields.
  • Finally, do not forget the hinged parts. These include edges of doors, gas tank cover, trunk, and even car seats. Grease can stick on them if overlooked or not cared for.

Wipe the dirt off with a wet rag or towel, then follow up with a dry one.

Step 3: Hoover the car interior

If you are all set with the car’s exterior, do not forget its interior. Car mats are prone to dust and other dirty stuff since any footwear steps on them.

So what do you need? A vacuum cleaner.

Hoovering the insides using the vacuum cleaner adds up to the car’s cleanliness.

Also, you would not like driving or staying inside the car for long hours with that dirt all over it.

Step 4: (optional) Apply the shine

After letting the wet parts dry, get the car polish or wax and begin shining up your car.

Apply your polish or wax using a proper wax kit, or you can use a dampened microfiber towel.

Shining your car is actually an icing on the cake. You can skip it if your time is limited. However, the car looks better if you include polishing it right after drying (read now how to properly dry a car after washing here) . It adds up to a brand new look.

Step 5: Caress the car

After applying car polish or wax, have the last strokes done gently in wiping the entire body. Think of it as something fragile that you do not even want to leave scratches on.

Caressing the car is the best thing to do right after car washing. Carefully do final retouches and try to see from a distance if it satisfies your eyes with a clean finish.

Step 6: Double-check

Before you can say it’s totally done, double-check all the parts if rags or towels pass over them. Inspect if they have really been included in the cleaning and washing.

Making sure that the car is well-cleaned will give you a better sigh of relief. You can always go back to the areas you miss wiping or cleaning or even those that seem unclean.

Finally, Relax and Enjoy the Result

And because you are all done, give yourself the relaxation you deserve. Congratulations! You have finally done a great job in doing car wash at home.

Properly washing the car at home does not only save you money, but it also gives you guaranteed cleaning satisfaction. If you entrust the washing to someone else, the result may disappoint you.

Feeling relieved and relaxed after doing car hand wash makes it very self-rewarding.

Helpful Tips


If you worry about doing a car wash by hand, here are the things you should remember and consider before you get started. These tips will surely help you get closer to a brand new-looking car.

  • Check the area. Ensure that the place where you park your car is not exposed to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure may cause drying off of the cleaning soap or product.
  • If a front yard or house garage is available with less vulnerability to heat, this could be the best location to car hand wash at home.
  • Allocate longer car washing time. Set yourself to do car washing properly. If you want to aim at having a brand new look for your car, do not do it quickly.
  • If possible, do not do the cleaning if you cut it while planning to do other household chores. A slipshod cleaning does not give satisfactory results.
  • Remember the stuff. Get ready with the things you need before anything else. Put them near you to avoid hassle and delay.


In general, these steps and tips with you before you kickstart your day with washing your car. So, if you plan to hand wash your car, do not forget as initial steps to guarantee a satisfactory result. Do not forget to pick suitable products for your tasks.

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