How to Cancel Mister Car Wash Subscription with 5 Easy Ways

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how to cancel mister car- wash

It is a frequent occurrence that we find some services provided not worth our subscription. We would not like to waste our money on something we no longer enjoy, so cancellation would likely be the best option. Just like the membership to Mister car wash company, a cancellation request is as easy as counting one to three. But, how?

Detailed information on how to cancel Mister car wash subscription can be accessed here as you read the guide below.

Ways to Cancel Mister Car Wash Subscription


There are numerous ways to make Mister car wash membership cancellation. Listed below are your cancellation choices, depending on your convenience and accessibility.

Method 1: Online Cancellation online

Since accessing online requires no line, no waiting periods, no time travel, and no fuel use, this is one good option. Yet, how to?

  • Visit their website
  • Access their contact form.
  • Input the required personal information indicated in the contact form.
  • Under the “Visit Information” button, choose the reason for reaching them. Select “Cancellation” in the drop-down menu.
  • Explain your reason for transacting Mr car wash cancel membership in the comment section provided.
  • Make sure to have your transaction sent through your e-mail account for confirmation.
  • Submit the form after reviewing the details you input.

Method 2: Cancellation over the phone

If accessing online gives you the fear of not being able to complete your transaction, you can contact Mister car wash customer service so they can assist you with your concern. Here is what you are going to do.

  • Dial Mister car wash customer service phone number 866-254-3229.
  • A customer service representative will attend to your call and inform him or her that you will do a transaction on Mister car wash cancel membership.
  • Once the Mr car wash customer service agent is done with your transaction, request him to send you a confirmation message in your e-mail account.

Method 3: Cancellation using your e-mail account

You can simply send them a message through your e-mail account. Here’s how.

  • Draft a letter requesting them to cancel your Mr car wash membership.
  • Include in your letter your personal information so they can smoothly do the transaction.
  • Indicate also that you want an e-mail confirmation once they have canceled your membership.
  • Send your request to [email protected].

Method 4: Cancellation in person

Doing personal transactions in canceling membership subscriptions is the best thing to do since you can talk to a customer care agent personally, and they can address your concern right away. If the Mister Car Wash office is accessible to you, better to go there and speed up your transaction. Just follow these steps.

  • Go to the nearest Mister Car Wash outlet.
  • Inform the help desk section regarding your membership cancellation so you would no longer be charged for another monthly membership price.
  • Listen to the help desk representative so you can make sure that all instructions given are clear and followed.
  • Wait until he confirms that your cancellation request is complete.

Method 5: Cancellation through DoNotPay App

One application you can depend on to cancel your membership is the DoNotPay App. In a few simple steps, you can have this last option.

  • Open the website in any web browser.
  • Select “Find Hidden Money” as your option.
  • You will be asked what membership service you want to cancel. On the space provided, type “Mister Car Wash.”
  • A confirmation message will be sent via e-mail once the subscription is already canceled.

Helpful Tips

To be sure that your cancellation request has been granted, be reminded to do the following:


  • Check your e-mail account for a confirmation message of cancellation.
  • In case you do not receive a confirmation message, call the customer service phone number or drive through the nearest branch.
  • After transacting by any means, double-check all the necessary information you key in to avoid a delay in the approval of your request.
  • Always keep your record ready in case they will still charge you with the monthly membership.
  • Transact only with the Mister Car Wash website, using their e-mail address for your recipient, or through the app to see that you reach them the right way.
  • Avoid letting other representatives or family members do the transaction for you, so you will know immediately if there are problems encountered.
  • If your cancellation request is not granted, ask why by personally visiting the store for a face-to-face conversation with any company representative who can help you resolve the issue.


You do not have to worry if subscribing to Mister Car Wash no longer makes you happy. Canceling your membership at any time is possible.

Using online access, a call through the phone, messaging via e-mail account, a personal visit to the store, or trying the DoNotPay App are choices on how to cancel Mister car wash subscription. Do whatever is convenient for you so you would have a hassle-free transaction. If you want to know more about canceling car wash, you can read How to cancel Zips Car Wash Membership?

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