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how soon can you wash a new car

Finally, getting a new car that gleams fresh elegance straight from the dealership is very satisfying. As important as it is to clean your car to keep it in good condition, you must also know how soon can you wash a new car.

The safe time to do this is after two weeks, mainly for the reason of preserving its clear coat. Read below to know how you can handle this right.

When to Wash a New Car For the First Time


We should wait for at least 2 weeks before washing new car for first time.

Before delivering, the manufacturer will apply a clear coat to new cars to protect them from the UV rays that can cause the paintwork to fade. Due to this reason, we will need to wait to wash a new car to ensure this coat is dry and intact.

In fact, the clear coat can be removed from the car exterior if you wash your new car too soon, which would make the paintwork vulnerable.

Besides, car washing can wait if your new car isn’t too dirty. So, to wait until the ideal time to wash your brand new car, avoid harmful contaminants that can eat through, corrode, and cause rust to the car paint or exterior, such as bird droppings, bug spatter, tree sap, road tar, and road salt.

New Car Washing Do’s and Don’ts


  • Wash Your New Car by Hand


Hand car washing would be the safest and best way to wash a new car, as a thorough cleaning would maintain your car’s aesthetic without causing scratches and other damages.

  • Use the Appropriate Method: The Two-Bucket Method


This method involves one bucket of soapy water for applying soap on your car and another bucket for water for rinsing the wash mitt.

After wiping your car with soap, you’d dip your wash mitt into this bucket, so the contaminants will be cleaned off the wash mitt and not get reintroduced to the car and scratch it.

  • Use Quality Car Washing Products


Make sure to use products that are best suitable for your new car, high-quality, and won’t cause damage.

Depending on a new car’s new and scratch-free coat, it may require gentler or stronger cleaning products. You can get information on what car cleaning products would best maintain your new car from the dealership or your car manufacturer’s accredited center.

Another way to find out is to go on car forums and make a post asking owners of the same car as yours what cleaning products they use for their new car.

It’s best to use a microfiber wash mitt and microfiber drying towel when it comes to wiping and drying.

Also, replace the old mitts and towels you used for washing your old car with new ones.

  • Apply Protective Coatings on Your New Car


Applying protective coatings, such as wax and sealant, is a must to maintain your new car’s cleanliness and shine.

  • Practice Regular Car Washing

You must wash your car regularly to keep it in good condition. Generally, every two weeks is how often you should wash your car. But it also depends on how dirty your car gets.


  • Don’t Have Your New Car Washed at an Automatic Car Wash


Sure, an automatic car wash seems like a quick, easy way to have a car washed. But bringing your new car to an automatic car wash has the risk of scratches and damages, especially in those types that have abrasive or forceful brushes and clothes.

Although there is the touchless type that doesn’t make use of brushes or cloths, it still also has the risk of damage. Because it uses strong chemicals to remove contaminants on a car, these contaminants are too harsh and can harm the paintwork.

  • Don’t Just Leave Water on the Surface to Dry


Leaving water on your new car until it dries out after car washing would cause unsightly water spots. And that would require additional cleaning to get rid of the spots. So always thoroughly dry your car after car washing to avoid water spots.


Having a new car entails the responsibility of knowing how soon can you wash a new car as well as how to properly clean it. By keeping in mind and practicing the tips provided in this article, you’ll be able to preserve your new car’s sleek aesthetic and enjoy it for a long time.

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