How to Get a Free Car Wash? – 8 Easy Ways

how to get a free car wash

Did you know that you can get a car wash for free? You can get it from car dealerships, car wash shops, charities/fundraisers, and religious organizations. For some of them, however, you need to meet some requirements or buy something else.

Although there are also illegal ways to get vehicles cleaned at no price, it isn’t advisable to follow them even if you’re broke. Anyway, there’s another costless option of simply doing it yourself. Read on to know more details on how to get a free car wash.

Free Car Wash Offer From a Car Dealership

It’s actually common for a lot of car dealerships to offer free car washes to those who buy a vehicle from them. So if you’re planning to buy a vehicle, you can take advantage of this opportunity to hit two birds with one stone.

The free car washes offered by dealerships are a means for them to gain more clients and develop a good relationship with them. The offers vary among businesses. It can be a one-time free car wash, as extensive as several months, or even permanent.

However, the free cleaning may only apply to some specific cars that are being sold and only the vehicle that you bought.

Availing of Offers From a Car Wash Shop


Free car washes are offered by car wash shops to gain more customers as well as more profit. Sometimes, some give it out free of charge, which, in a way, is like advertising their services to potential regular customers.

Many shops would provide free car washes under a condition, which usually are either of the following:

  • You are a regular customer of the car wash shop.
  • You avail of another service from them.
  • You buy a particular product from their shop.

Apart from the aforementioned conditions, there are other ways to get a free car wash from car wash shops, which are listed below:

  • Newsletter subscription – Some car wash shops like Clean Planet Car Wash provide free car washes and discounts to those who subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Car wash coupons – Car wash shops also usually give out a free car wash coupon on their official website. You would usually need to fill up a form to acquire it.

You can’t always enjoy free car washes from a car wash shop, though. Car wash shops are businesses that pay for their resources and need to make a profit.

Search for Free Car Wash Codes on Reddit

Reddit could be a very helpful source when it comes to looking for things you need, as it has specific communities that share helpful information on different topics of interest. Type in free car wash codes on the search bar and hit enter, then posts giving out free codes would then appear.

Free Car Wash on Veterans Day for Former or Active Military Personnel

Car wash shops would also often offer a free car wash to former and active military personnel on Veterans Day to show appreciation for their service to the country. Former and active military personnel do deserve to get a streak free car wash on this holiday. So if you are one, you can take advantage of this offer.

Tricking a Car Wash Machine


If your car is dirty, and you’re low on budget but don’t have other means to get a free car wash, it might seem like a good idea to trick a car wash machine into giving you service.

Although there are some hacks on the internet involving entering four random numbers and 0 on an automatic car wash machine, as well as messing with its coin acceptor with magnet, they may get you into trouble.

They may seem convenient when you’re broke, but the unusual behavior may catch attention and be an embarrassment for you.

With the random number code hack, it may take several tries until you finally get a free car wash, which might get you caught. And the magnet hack could be noticed when you’re off guard or if there are cameras.

So think twice before doing any of these tricks, not only because of the potential embarrassment but also because they’re illegal. And you might just be dismayed to find that the hack won’t work on the car wash machine you try it on, as not all of them are designed the same.

Charities and Fundraisers

Car washes would sometimes be offered for a cause through charity work and fundraisers. By having your car washed through them, you get to have your car cleaned and at the same time, help support a cause.

The cleaning won’t be free, but it will cost less money than paying for regular service, since you’ll decide how much to spend.

Free Car Washes From Religious Organizations

While in the previous option, you can get a car wash in return for donating, with some religious organizations, you can get a car wash totally free.

They would give free car washes, not for another purpose that needs financial support but rather to spread their religion. However, also like in charities and fundraisers, the labor may not be done by a professional.

Washing Your Car Yourself


Although washing your car yourself may take some effort, it’s a surefire way for you to get your car cleaned with no money involved.

And you won’t have to do any other thing like subscribing to a newsletter, downloading and signing up on an app, buying other things from the car wash shop, etc.

All you have to do is prepare your car washing materials such as the garden hose or pressure washer (if you have one), soap, buckets, and microfiber towels.

And if you don’t have car wash soap, you can substitute it with household items such as dishwashing soap or laundry detergent.

Although designed to effectively clean off grease from kitchen and dining utensils, dishwashing soap would also work well in cleaning off even the toughest, caked-on grease and grime on a car. Laundry detergent can also do a fantastic job at cleaning off all sorts of contaminants, be it dirt, debris, dust, grease, grime, etc.

However, these household cleaners are harsh, and to be safe, when using them, dilute them with lots of water.

The materials needed for car washing are readily available at your house, so you don’t have to spend money on car washing materials either.

Moreover, seeing your car become cleaner as you wash away the contaminants on it can also be very satisfying. And you can stand back and appreciate how clean you made it afterwards.

Can I Get Free Car Washes at Circle K


Yes, but you have to sign up on their My Carwash App to get a premium car wash for free.

After you’ve signed up, there are a couple of steps you need to do in the app to get the free car wash, which are listed below:

  • Select the “Wash” tab.
  • Go to the car wash entrance, and select the “Start Wash”.
  • Enter your car’s license plate.
  • You will be given a code to use for your free car wash.


Thanks to the aforementioned establishments and organizations, you can have a place to go to get a free car wash when you’re low on budget or want to save money.

However, free car wash services aren’t always available, and how to get a free car wash would sometimes involve some conditions. So, in times when free car wash opportunities aren’t available, or if you’d rather not go through the hassle of dealing with conditions, you can just wash your car yourself.

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