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easiest car color to keep clean

When buying a new car or choosing a new color to repaint it, a good idea is to choose a car color on which contaminants won’t be too obvious. That would allow you to delay your vehicle washing a little.

In the result of a poll on the easiest car color to keep clean on Reddit, the color that had the most votes is white followed by silver. For more information, read more from this article.

What Makes a Car Color Low-maintenance

A low-maintenance car color is a color that can hide dust, dirt, and mud on a car’s surface, like champagne, gray, silver, etc. They are the best car colors to go for if you opt for low-maintenance colors, as they would blend or match with the shade of the contaminants that accumulate on the car’s surface.

This gives you the advantages of not having to wash your car often and having longer times in between car washes.

Such colors are usually also light, which would make a car not heat up as much as cars with darker colors. Therefore, the risk of water spots forming during car washing is lessened. This makes cleaning the car in hot weather very easy.

What Makes a Car Color High-maintenance

High-maintenance car colors are dark car colors that can make contaminants stand out. This is especially true with black.

On it, contaminants such as dust, dirt, grime, pollen, bird droppings, etc. would be very visible, which makes the car get dirty faster. There’s also the problem of water spots forming on the surface after a rainstorm, and swirl marks and light scratches being very noticeable.

List of the Most Low-maintenance Car Colors


  • Champagne

This color resembles the color gold but has a lighter tone. It can blend with dust, dirt, and mud, making them not very visible on the car’s surface.

So a champagne-colored car would be one of the easiest to maintain and looks the cleanest for longer periods.

  • Gray

Gray is also a very low-maintenance car color. It could also make contaminants not very noticeable since its color comes close to the color of the contaminants.

  • Silver

Silver also does very well in hiding contaminants on a car’s surface. But it’s not as good at hiding them as champagne and gray.

When it comes to mud that tends to end up on a car’s lower panels, it does a better job at making them less obvious than a white car. Scratches and other imperfections also aren’t very noticeable on it.

  • Orange

Some people may find this color garish, but orange would also be a good option for a car color that makes keeping clean easy.

However, it’s less effective than a champagne, gray, or silver car.

  • Yellow

Yellow might be a nice choice if you don’t have to deal with mud, just dust and debris. Another plus of this color is that it lowers your chance of having an accident.

  • Green

As one of the relatively lighter car colors, green also does a good job at hiding dust, dirt, and mud. Lighter shades of green also hide scratches and swirl marks, but not darker shades of green, as they would contrast imperfections.

  • Light Blue

Light blue is also a color that doesn’t make keeping a car clean a pain. Contaminants and imperfections also aren’t so noticeable on light blue paintwork. If you want to resell your car in the future, blue will also help boost the price.

  • White

The color white may have crossed your mind and got you wary, wondering, “Are white cars hard to keep clean?” Although white is a very light color, white cars are actually fairly easy to keep clean, as long as you stay away from clay and mud.

Plus, aside from being very popular, a white vehicle may make your commute safer because other people won’t have trouble spotting it.

List of the Most High-maintenance Car Colors


  • Black

On top of the list of high-maintenance car colors is black. It’s the hardest car color to keep clean because all sorts of contaminants as well as water spots, scratches, and swirl marks are very visible on it due to its high contrast against them.

  • Red

Maintaining a red-colored car can also be challenging, but it’s easier to maintain compared to a black car. But like on black paintwork, imperfections on red paintwork are also very noticeable. On the bright side though, it can hide mud and looks pretty stylish.

  • Dark Blue

A dusty blue car would be very obvious, especially if the car is a darker shade of blue. Although it was mentioned earlier that contaminants and paintwork imperfections aren’t that noticeable on light blue paintwork, it’s not true for dark blue paintwork.

Water spots, scratches, and swirl marks may also show up on dark blue cars easily.

Car Paint Finish Types Also Contribute to How Clean Your Car Appears

Aside from looking for what color car stays the cleanest, the finish type is also another thing to consider if you want a car that would have a longer-lasting clean look. You can find four of the main car paint finish types below.

  • Matte

Among the four main car paint finish types, matte makes a car appear cleaner the longest. However, the long-lasting cleanliness comes with the price of using specialist products to maintain the finish.

  • Solid

The second most low-maintenance finish is solid. It’s also the most common finish and isn’t so costly.

It’s one of the finishes wherein dust isn’t so noticeable when accumulated on the car’s surface, making the car cleaner-looking for longer. Solid paints are also easy to repair, even for DIYers.

  • Metallic and Pearlescent

Metallic and pearlescent finishes have a glittery look that would especially be brought out when bright sunlight hits the car’s surface. In the metallic finish, it’s the presence of aluminum powder that makes it glitter, while for the pearlescent finish, it’s ceramic crystals that make it glitter.

But to keep a car with a metallic or pearlescent finish looking this way, it has to be cleaned more often.

Factors That Affect the Cleanliness of Your Car

Aside from the characteristics of the colors we discussed above, you should also consider the place where you live.

For example, if you experience mostly a dry climate, like in a desert, water spots wouldn’t be an issue and you would want to choose a car that would hide dust well.

Meanwhile, in a rainy climate, mud and water spots would be more of a concern, which you should keep in mind in deciding your car’s color.

What Interior Car Color Is Easiest to Maintain

When it comes to the car interior, black is overall the easiest to maintain, as it is the best at hiding dirt. Lighter-colored car interiors, on the other hand, don’t do such a good job at hiding dirt.

A downside to black interior, however, is that superficial contaminants such as dust, lint, and debris could be very visible.


Choosing the easiest car color to keep clean would really help if you’re not so enthusiastic about washing your car often. But it would also be up to you what would be the best color for car that suits your maintenance habits.

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