Charm City Circulator Reasons to Ride

Top 10 Reasons to Ride the Charm City Circulator

  1. FAST, FRIENDLY & FREE. Free is good. And, free is faster because you don’t have to waste time looking for change or waiting in line for other riders to pay a fare.
  2. CONVENIENT. Rides come every 10 minutes, every 15 minutes for the Banner Route. Text alerts will let you know when the next Charm City Circulator will arrive. All you have to do is step on and go.
  3. COOL. Baltimore’s never seen a ride like this one. It’s sleek, comfortable, and green. With zero emissions up to 40% of the time, it will even help keep the planet cool.
  4. CONNECTED. The Charm City Circulator will take you to all there is to do in the heart of the city, like business meetings or a ball game. Or use it to connect between other forms of transit like Light Rail, MARC, the subway, even the Harbor Connector.
  5. CUSTOMERS ARE #1. Professional drivers are specially trained to make Your New Downtown Ride friendly, calm, and comfortable.
  6. CHILD FRIENDLY. The Charm City Circulator makes it easy and inexpensive to take the whole family to one of Downtown’s museums, parks, and attractions.
  7. CREATIVE USE OF TIME. Sit back and relax. Read the paper. Or get some extra work done. Anything’s possible when you don’t have to sit behind the wheel.
  8. CONVENTION COVERAGE. Visitors can get from their hotel to the Convention Center, then take it to museums, shopping, and the area’s best restaurants.
  9. COST EFFECTIVE. Even if you drive to a garage you can take the Charm City Circulator between appointments, eliminating the need to pay to park more than once.
  10. CAR SAVER. Downtown residents will no longer have to suffer the expense and hassle of owning (and parking) a car. The Charm City Circulator will get you where you need to go, whether it’s the grocery store, the office, or back from a night out with friends.