Things to know about your new ride, the "EcoSaver IV"


The EcoSaver IV utilizes highly efficient electric motors to smoothly propel it. The jerking and growling of a large transmission is completely absent in the EcoSaver IV, because there is no transmission. The EcoSaver IV utilizes highly efficient electric motors that smoothly propel it throughout its complete range of acceleration and deceleration without a shift or sound.


The quiet ride of the EcoSaver IV electric bus has been repeatedly described as “like being inside of a library.” Even with the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) running, there is almost no discernible engine noise inside the cabin.


The DesignLine system utilizes a “clean burning” turbine, or the smallest combustion engine on the market. The body design reduces vehicle weight by up to 3 tons over other systems, resulting in approximately 2.25 tons less greenhouse gases a year.

What is it and how does it work?

The EcoSaver IV greatly reduces a fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions.  The fleet’s emissions are cut in half, by burning only half its fuel when the bus is operating.  The EcoSaver IV also emits far less emissions than a conventional bus by spending a significant portion of the operating day in “zero” emission mode, running on pure battery power. Electricity is provided by an on-board Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).  The APU is not a drive motor, but an electrical generator, providing up to 30 kW of electrical energy to the batteries. A second source of the electricity is the bus’s regenerative braking system, which taps the energy generated by coasting and braking. Coupling the lower fuel and lower maintenance cost has proven the technology to be a sustainable energy efficient form of transportation.