How to Clean Your Car Touch Screen Properly? – Only 3 Steps

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how to clean your car touch screen

Through the car touch screen, also known as the infotainment screen or itouch screen, we enjoy a lot of advantages such as music playing, GPS navigation, voice recognition, etc.

You wouldn’t want such a precious thing to get damaged or destroyed, so it’s a must to take proper care of it, including observing the proper way of how to clean your car touch screen.

To clean it, it must be turned off, gently wiped with a microfiber cloth sprayed with a cleaner in an up and down motion, and wiped dry with another clean microfiber cloth.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

Since the touch screen is delicate, cleaning it should be done with caution. And that includes using the right materials for the task to avoid causing any damages. So make sure to prepare the right materials for cleaning itouch screen, which are listed below:

1. Microfiber Cloths

The soft texture and non-abrasiveness of a microfiber cloth make it the best type of cloth to use when cleaning touch screen in car. With it, you can gently clean the car touch screen without leaving any scratches. You will need one for cleaning the car touch screen with a cleaner and another for wiping the surface.

Avoid materials like paper towels and cotton rags, as they’re highly abrasive and won’t do well in lifting the dirt from the car touch screen. Another thing to avoid is alcohol-based wipes, as they are damaging to touch screens, can leave streaks, and aren’t very soft.

2. Cleaner for Car Touch Screen

A car touch screen can be cleaned with only the use of distilled water. Just distilled water would be enough for cleaning off the fingerprints and dirt on a car touch screen. Avoid tap water, as it can leave some residue from its minerals.

If there are stubborn grease, splatters of soda, or other accumulated deposits on your car touch screen, you can make use of an alcohol-and-ammonia-free cleaning solution.

Do not clean touch screen with alcohol or ammonia-containing products like household windows or kitchen cleaners, as they can damage the car touch screen. Other things you should avoid to not damage the car touch screen are solvents, kerosine, gasoline, acidic and alkaline solutions.

Or, you can make a DIY car touch screen cleaning solution. You can create one by combining equal parts of distilled vinegar and water. The vinegar’s acidity will dissolve the oils, sugar, and protein on the car touch screen’s surface, which will allow you to wipe them off more easily.

Step by Step Instructions


The steps in cleaning the car touch screen are very easy to do. Just remember to execute them with caution to avoid damaging it. Do the following steps with care:

Step 1. Make Sure the Car Touch Screen is Off


Before you clean touch screen in car, you must turn it off first. You should never clean the car touch screen when it’s on because that would interfere with the pixels. Also, with the car touch screen off, you’ll be able to see the dirt and oils much better on the dark surface.

Step 2. Clean the Car Touch Screen With a Microfiber Cloth and Cleaner


Spray the cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth for cleaning the car touch screen. If the oils and dirt on the surface aren’t too much or stubborn, then distilled water would work just fine. But if its surface is too filthy and with stubborn oils and dirt, then you need to use the commercial cleaner or the vinegar and water cleaning solution.

While there are different options for the cleaner, the best way to clean touch screen would be to lightly spray the cleaner on the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the car touch screen in an up and down direction.

You should not spray the cleaner on the screen directly, exert too much pressure on it, and pick off the stubborn debris with your fingernail, as doing these can damage it.

Or you may also wipe the screen in a side to side manner if you have a wider screen. Don’t wipe the screen in a circular motion, as it’s not as effective in cleaning.

Step 3. Wipe the Surface With a Microfiber Cloth

After you’ve cleaned the car touch screen with a microfiber cloth and cleaner, wipe it again with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to dry it. Use the same wiping direction as you did in the previous step, either up and down or side to side.



How to clean your car touch screen is a super easy three-step process, and it can even be done with readily-available things at your home. However, if done wrong, the screen could get damaged. So always make sure to do it carefully.

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