How to Clean Graco Car Seat? (Every Parent Should Know)

how to clean graco car seat

Trust me when I say that getting rid of the stains, grime, and odor of a child’s car seat can be every parent’s nightmare. One second they’re happily sipping on their juice boxes, and the next thing you’ll know, the juice is already splattered everywhere.

But these things are inevitable because kids are kids, and as a parent, cleaning up after them can be quite a task.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process on how to clean Graco car seat and eliminate those unwanted stains to make it squeaky clean again in no time.

Graco Car Seat Washing Instructions


Cleaning your child’s car seat may seem tedious at first because of the fabric used and the fact that the car seat design itself has insurmountable areas that are hard to reach. Read on to know the easy steps to effectively clean your child’s car seat.

What to Prepare

  • Soft towels
  • Sponge
  • Small handheld vacuum
  • A bucket
  • Warm water
  • Gentle detergent
  • Baby wipes

Step 1: Clean up any visible mess


The first step in Graco car seat cleaning is to remove all the large solid crumbs or debris on your child’s seat.

  • You can use a small handheld vacuum for easier and faster cleaning, as it can reach all the right corners of the car seat.
  • If there are any spills, use a baby wipe or a soft towel to dry up any visible stains. Similarly, clean Graco car seat straps, buckles, and cover by gently wiping off the debris.

Once all of the big chunks are removed, it will be easier for you to clean the small debris left on the car seat.

Step 2: Wash the cover and padding


After cleaning up the big chunks of mess, take apart graco car seat to wash. By disassembling the car seat, it would be easier to clean and get all of the dirt and grime out.

Since most car seats come with covers and paddings that can be easily removed, this would be the first step that you’d want to take. Start removing from the top, then remove any buttons or straps.

Before washing Graco car seat cover and padding, check your manual first to ensure if the washing method is recommended.

The method may vary to clean Graco click connect car seat, Graco 4ever car seat, Graco extend2fit car seat, etc., because of the different types of fabrics used for these models.

  • Then, you can use the washing machine with the delicate cycle option with a gentle detergent and cold water.
  • Or, handwash the piece using warm water, mild soap, and a sponge to clean the visible stains by rubbing in a circular motion.

Step 3: Wash Graco car seat’s buckles and harness straps

Wipe down the harness straps thoroughly using a soft towel, warm water, and gentle soap.


  • Avoid using abrasive and heavy-duty cleansers, such as Clorox, as it may ruin the fabric of the harness and compromise its durability.
  • Similarly, shy away from using natural cleansers like vinegar to clean your child’s car seat because they may potentially cause an irritation on your kid’s skin.

If the harness straps are too soiled and damaged to clean by just wiping, consider repurchasing a new one instead of trying to hand wash or machine wash them, as it may compromise the strap’s tensile strength, which in turn leads to your child’s safety.

For the buckles, which are much easier to clean, submerge them in warm water with gentle soap.

Then swish them around or use a brush to remove any debris stuck on the surface and corners of the buckle.

Step 4: Wash the car seat’s base and frame


Probably the easiest part to clean in your child’s car seat is its base and frame. For the base of the seat, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any solid crumbs and debris.

Then, wash and gently scrub the plastic and metal parts of the base with gentle soap and a damp towel. After scrubbing off all the dirt and grime, rinse the base thoroughly with running water.

For the seat frame, you may want to vacuum first if there are any crumbs on the nooks of the frame. Again, use a gentle soap and a damp towel to wipe the entire frame. Remove any of the soap residues by wiping again using a clean cloth.

Step 5: Air/Sun Dry the seat parts

After you clean baby car seats Graco, dry them thoroughly for your baby’s skin safety. By air drying under the sun, it will eliminate any odor left behind when it is still dirty.

Avoid using a dryer when drying any car seat parts because it may compromise the seat’s integrity.

If the odors are still persistent, you may want to spray some mild disinfectant to the affected car seat parts. But avoid spraying on the straps and buckles as it may, again, affect its durability.

If the odor is still present after spraying mild disinfectant, consider contacting your car seat’s manufacturer for a replacement of the affected parts.

Step 6: Assemble the seat


Once all the parts are completely dry, reassemble the parts of the car seat. You may refer to the car seat manual provided by Graco. Once you’ve assembled it all, ensure that the harness straps and buckles are secured in place to the seat body and cover.

Once you’ve heard a snapping sound, that’s when you’ll know that the buckles are in the right place. Make sure that the straps are not twisted and ensure that they are working properly to serve their purpose in protecting your child.


Now you won’t have to worry when your child makes a mess in their car seat. By following the above-mentioned steps on how to clean Graco car seat, you can now remove the dirt and smell on it without a hassle.

This way, you can ensure that your child can safely travel with a fresh seat that does not hurt their sensitive skin. Besides, you no longer have to stand the bad smell of spilled food and drink.

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