How to Clean Egg Off Car – Save Your Car From Egg Damage

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how to clean egg off car

Halloween is a lot of fun, with all the festive, spooky activities and all the candies, especially during trick-or-treating, until you notice that your car got egged by someone who’d rather trick than go ask for treats.

You wouldn’t want that car paint-damaging prank to happen to you on Halloween or any time of the year. But if you’re unfortunately a victim of it and scrambled to search the internet on how to clean egg off car, worry no more.

Here, you can find different solutions that are safe for your car, which would involve either washing, soaking, or buffing.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial


You can choose from a variety of different cleaning tools and products for removing egg from car paint. It all depends on the method of cleaning.

You can rely on the debris dislodging capability of a power washer, the gentle but effective scrubbing of a soft-bristled brush, the egg-deteriorating power of distilled white vinegar and hot water, etc.

1. Spraying Out Method

Power Washer or Hose

With its capability of pouring water with pressure, a power washer can do the trick for easily getting egg off car. Egg stains can easily be dislodged from a vehicle with the help of pressurized water. If you don’t have a power washer, then a strong hose would do.

Car Wash Soap, Water, and Bucket

Simply spraying water won’t cut it. You would need a car wash soap along with water and a bucket for diluting too. In case, car wash soap is not available. You can use these alternative household products.

Microfiber Wash Mitt, Microfiber Towel, or Sponge

The first method would involve some scrubbing, so you would need a microfiber wash mitt or something else that’s just as effective and gentle in cleaning, like a microfiber towel or sponge.

You should also have an extra towel for drying the car.


After washing your car, it would be good to protect your car’s exterior by applying wax to it.

2. Distilled White Vinegar Method

Distilled White Vinegar and Hot Water

A combination of distilled white vinegar and hot water also does the trick for cleaning egg off car. This homemade solution can also effectively clean egg off car windshield.


A bucket would be needed for combining and containing your vinegar and water solution.


In this method, you will be using towels for applying the solution and wiping eggs off your vehicle.

3. Hot Water Soak Method

Very Hot Water and Car Wash Soap

Very hot water and car wash soap, when combined, make an effective solution for soaking dried eggs on a vehicle to make them easier to remove.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle would be used for containing and applying the solution.

Soft-Bristled Brush or Microfiber Wash Mitt

A soft-bristled brush always works wonderfully in scrubbing stains.

4. Buffing Out Method

Variable Speed Polisher

When you’ve done all the above methods, but the egg stains are just too stubborn to come off, you’d have to use a variable speed polisher to buff the stuck egg stains out.

Wet 1,000-Grit Sandpaper

You would need this for sanding the hard-to-remove egg stains.

100% Wool Buffing Pad

This type of buffing pad would do the trick for smoothing out sanded areas.

Polishing Pad

This would help remove the swirl marks on your car after you’ve buffed the stains out.

Compound for Buffing and Polishing

A buffing compound would help smoothen scratches and restore your car’s paint job to good condition. A polishing compound would help enhance your car’s paint finish and add shine to it.

Spray Detailer

A spray detailer is a spray-on detailing product that can help make a vehicle cleaner and glossier. It also serves as a protective layer.

Microfiber towel

Step by Step Instructions

Eggs on cars must be cleaned off immediately, preferably before the egg white starts to dry, as it can do serious damage. If eggs sit for too long on the surface, they’ll eventually eat through the car’s top clear coat and paint, thus leaving an etching on the surface.

If you’ve wondered “will a car wash remove egg?” the answer is yes. This method would be appropriate if the eggs still haven’t dried on your vehicle.

The second method, which is the distilled vinegar method, is also effective for eggs that haven’t dried yet. It requires soaking with a distilled vinegar and hot water solution. This method can also be used to get egg off a car window.

But if the eggs on your vehicle had already dried, it’s best to go for a hot water soak, which involves soaking with hot water combined with car wash soap.

For very stubborn egg stains that have gotten stuck, you can resort to the last method, which is the buffing out method.

See all methods for how to get dried egg off car below.

Method 1 – Spraying Egg Stains Off


Step 1. Clean Off the Eggs on Your Car With a Power Washer or Strong Hose

Using a power washer or strong hose, spray away as much egg that you possibly can. If you opt for a power washer, make sure that it is set at the medium setting to prevent damages to your car’s paint job like stripping and chipping.

Step 2. Pick Off the Egg Shell Pieces From Your Car

Broken egg shells, even just the very small pieces, can cause scratches on your paint when car washing. So as a precaution, remove eggs from car. Specifically, you should pick off pieces of the egg shells to avoid scratching the car’s paint.

When removing egg shells, you must do it carefully. Do not wipe them away, as your car will get scratched. The right way to remove them is by using either your fingernails or a soft plastic scraper.

Step 3. Wash Your Car and Scrub Out Egg Stains

As per product instructions, dilute your chosen car soap solution in water. Then take a microfiber wash mitt or a soft cloth or sponge, dip it into your solution, and start washing. Locate all the egg stains on your car and scrub them out.

Step 4. Thoroughly Rinse Your Car and Check for Remaining Stains

Rinse out all the soap and egg from your car with your power washer or hose. Afterward, check for any leftover egg residue. If some egg residue remains, do another wash.

Step 5. Dry Your Car and Double Check for Stains

Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to dry your car. Again, check to make sure there is no longer any egg residue on your car. If there isn’t, then you’re all good.

Step 6. Apply Wax on Your Car

For the purpose of protection so that you can avoid future damages, apply wax on your car. But be sure that there is really no longer any egg residue before waxing your car.

Method 2 – Cleaning With Distilled White Vinegar


Step 1. Wipe Off Eggs With a Soft Towel

Clear out the egg shells from your car first, as they can scratch your car. Take a soft towel and use it to wipe away as much egg as feasible.

Step 2. Clean Off the Eggs With a White Vinegar and Water Solution

In a bucket, combine two cups each of white vinegar and water. Afterward, wash the towel you used for wiping away the eggs, as you will use it for applying the solution to the eggs. Or you may use a new towel instead.

Soak your towel in the vinegar and water solution you created. Place the vinegar soaked towel over an egg stain for 15 minutes. Then, wipe away the egg.

Step 3. Repeat on Other Egged Areas

You would then repeat the aforementioned steps, starting from washing the towel, soaking the towel, applying the vinegar soaked towel, and wiping on areas with an egg stain.

Method 3 – Hot Water Soak


Step 1. Spray a Combination of Very Hot Water and Car Washing Soap Onto Dried Eggs

To prevent getting scratches on your car, clear it of egg shells first. Combine very hot water and car washing soap in accordance with your solution’s instructions in a spray bottle.

Once your hot water and soap solution is prepared, spray the hot water and soap solution on the dried eggs and let it soak completely through. Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes until the eggs soften up.

Step 2. Scrub Out Egg Stains With a Soft-Bristled Brush or a Microfiber Wash Mitt

Scrub the egg stains until they are removed. You might also need to soak the egg stains with the solution again if there still is egg residue left behind.

Method 4 – Buffing Out the Egg Stains


Step 1. Sand Out Stubborn Egg Stains

Using wet 1,000-grit sandpaper, lightly sand the stuck egg stain until it is gone.

Step 2. Buff Out the Sanding Marks

Attach the buffing pad to your variable speed polisher. Put a dot of buffing compound to the wool buff pad and the area you sanded. Then, buff out the sanded area until it’s finally smoothened.

Step 3. Polish the Buffing Marks

After smoothening the sanded area, swirl marks would be left, so you would have to polish over them.

Switch the buffing pad on the variable speed polisher with a polishing pad and apply a finishing polish product on it. Then, run the variable speed polisher at high speed on the area with swirl marks.

Step 4. Finish Off With a Spray Detailer

As a final cleaning step, apply a detailer spray on the area. After spraying it, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

But if the buffing unfortunately doesn’t work, you would have to send your car to a professional shop for repainting.


Each of the different methods of how to clean egg off car is a manageable enough process to be done by yourself. Be quick to resolve egg stains to prevent more damage to your car.

Moreover, after you’ve finally restored the affected areas and saved your car from damages, try to be more careful with your car and protect it in any way possible.

Hopefully, this article helps with the egg stain problem in your car. If you liked it, maybe you can share this useful information. Also, let us know what you think and maybe even the results of your egg cleaning.

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