Ceramic Coating Automatic Car Wash – Things to Know

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ceramic coating automatic car wash

When investing in the betterment of your vehicle, it is best to choose quality care and car wash. More so if you own a ceramic-coated car!

Ceramic coatings are a big plus for your car but can they be brought to an automatic car wash? The answer is yes! But there are some care and cautions that you really need to consider before going to one.

You may be concerned if it’s genuinely worth it, however, ceramic coating automatic car wash can make a big difference in protecting your vehicle as long as you are well-informed.

Ceramic Coated Vehicle and Automatic Car Wash


You may have read about ceramic coating and how it can be the best protective sealant on Reddit but is that all there is to it?

Ceramic coatings are now being used by many professional car washes in order to keep their customers’ cars glimmering and protected.

So, What is a Ceramic Car Wash?

It uses a thin layer of the robust ceramic material on top of your paint to protect your vehicle from damage. Indeed, it can make your car look new again. The ceramic coating acts as a shield for the paint from scuffs, scratches, and UV damage that is usually gained from regular usage.

But for its advantages, is it resilient enough for not just any car wash but an automatic ceramic coating car wash?

Drive Through Car Wash With Ceramic Coating – Will It Work?


Yes- it definitely works!

For a drive through car wash with ceramic coating, you need to be aware of the car wash procedure and the products involved before going ahead with the process.

You can use an automatic car wash when cleaning your vehicle as long as it doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals or abrasives on the surface of your vehicle. Yup, I’m talking about those huge rotating brushes with tough bristles partnered with strong cleaners!

If you have even the foggiest notion of going with a regular automatic car wash just because it is cheap, you might as well forget it.

If you want to keep your ceramic-coated vehicle looking good while saving time and effort, then make sure to utilize the best ceramic shield car wash near you.

Is a Touchless Car Wash Ok for Ceramic Coating

We all know that ceramic coating provides higher durability than car wax and is one of the greatest methods.

Despite the fact that cleaning a ceramic coating is very easy due to its hydrophobic nature, there are still some limits. That is why a touchless car wash ceramic coating is a recommended automatic car wash ceramic coating method.

Due to its touchless procedure, you can effortlessly clean your car without the chance of harming your coating and car paint.

While this ceramic coated car wash method is the most recommended, you still need to do a background check about the products that the car wash will be using. Harsh chemicals can still penetrate your coating and paint which would lead to bad results.

  • Tip: Check to see if the touchless car wash near you uses large amounts of alkaline and detergents in their cleaning process. If yes, then look for another touchless car wash.

Can I Use Automatic Car Wash After Ceramic Coating?

If you want to wash your car right after coating then absolutely not. If your vehicle is newly coated with ceramic material, you must wait at least 7 days for the coating to settle and bond with your paint.

Once your coating is fully cured, you can now wash your vehicle accordingly. Whether you will be cleaning your ceramic-coated car yourself, hiring a professional, or going to an automatic car wash, you better choose which process is ceramic-coated friendly before proceeding.

How Often Should I Car Wash My Ceramic Coated Vehicle?


You can wash your vehicle at least twice a month to remove any dirt and unwanted particles from accumulating in your vehicle. Remember dirt build-up can penetrate your coating and paint if you do not do proper care and maintenance.

Just because you coated your vehicle doesn’t mean that it is a one-off thing. You still need to wash it every two weeks or as needed especially if you travel on dirt roads.

Is Ceramic Coating at Car Wash Worth It?

The ceramic coating itself is a great investment for those who truly care for their car. It offers a great advantage that normal waxing cannot:

  • Makes your vehicle easy to wash and clean because of its hydrophobic nature.
  • Serves as a great shield against unwanted particles and water spots.
  • Protects your paint from UV rays to avoid fading and oxidation.
  • Can fend off some chemical impurities.
  • Make your car look brand new with its glossy finish.

And for those who have places to be, washing your ceramic-coated vehicle is a definite plus to make your vehicle look as good as new in an economical manner.

So what does this mean for the consumer? A ceramic coating car wash is definitely worth it if and only if you know the dos and don’ts.


If you’re curious about using an automatic car wash with your ceramic coating, give it a try! The benefits are clear, and the process is simple and relatively inexpensive in the long run.

There’s no comparison between going with a cheap option and a high-quality option like a ceramic coating automatic car wash because a great investment will surely reap its rewards.

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