How to Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership? – 4 Steps (w/ Photos)

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how to cancel zips car wash membership

Having a membership at a good car service like Zips Express Car Wash is a great advantage. It gives you the convenience of effortless car cleaning or readily-available DIY car wash tools, along with the benefit of saving money.

But if you’re moving somewhere with no Zips Car Wash branch, planning to cut back on your budget, etc, then you can cancel it seamlessly.

How to cancel Zips Car Wash membership can be done in three ways: via their website, via email, or in person. Just make sure to meet the requirements for the process.

What You Need to Follow This Tutorial


There are a couple of important things you need for the membership cancellation process. Whether you will be canceling via their website, via email, or in person, you will be needing the things listed below. Prepare them beforehand to enjoy smooth and quick processing.

  • Zips RFID number/membership sticker, which was placed on your car’s windshield
  • Zips branch location where you signed up for membership
  • Preferred date of cancellation
  • The reason you want to cancel your membership
  • Personal contact information, e.g., phone number, email
  • Credit card

Zips Car Wash Cancel Membership Steps

The steps for cancellation are below. It’s not a complicated process, so you’ll be able to do the steps in no time.

Moreover, requests sent to the Zip Car Wash team are usually processed within 72 hours or 3 business days. But in order for your cancellation request to be successful, it has to be submitted a week before the annual membership billing date.

If you fail to request for cancellation a week before the billing date, your membership would still be renewed and you would still be charged.

Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership via the Zips Car Wash Website

1. Go to and Click “Manage My Membership”


Once you’ve reached the website, scroll down and look for a button with the words, “Manage My Membership”. Click the button, and you will be directed to another page.

2. Click “Submit a Request” and Select “Manage My Membership”


Click “How do I cancel my membership”. On the page that you are directed to, click on “Submit a Request”. Then, you will find a drop-down menu for categories of various concerns. On the drop-down menu, click on “Manage My Membership”.

3. Fill Out the Zips Car Wash Cancellation Form


After clicking on “Manage My Membership”, you will be directed to a form you need to fill out. Fill out all the information needed to cancel Zips membership. And remember to select “Cancel” on the drop-down menu that says, “Please Select an Option Below”.

4. Click on the “Submit” Button


After you’ve filled out all the necessary details, click on the “Submit” button. Someone from Zips Car Wash Customer Service will then contact you as soon as possible.

Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership via Email


1. Write an Email Requesting for Your Zips Car Wash Membership Cancellation

When writing your email, include all the relevant information on your car wash membership such as your personal contact information, RFID number on your membership sticker, and preferred date of cancellation.

Also, ask to be sent an email for the confirmation of your Zips membership cancellation. This way, you’ll have proof to avoid being charged again.

2. Send the Email

After you’ve finished writing your email for membership cancellation, send it to [email protected].

Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership in Person

1. Go to a Zips Car Wash Branch

You can visit your local Zips Car Wash branch to personally cancel your membership. If by chance you moved to a new place, you can find the nearest Zips Car Wash by searching in their locations page on the company’s website. Look for directions to the nearest branch you can visit and its business hours.

2. Prepare the Requirements

Before you head onto Zips Car Wash, bring with you an ID, your credit card, and other relevant documentation for the membership cancellation.

3. Speak With Staff at the Zips Car Wash

With all the requirements prepared, drive to the nearest Zips Car Wash branch and speak with the person at the counter regarding the Zips Wash Club Cancel process. Don’t forget to ask for a letter or email of confirmation that your membership has been canceled. If you’re still charged after cancellation, you’ll have reasons to complain.


You wouldn’t want to be charged for something that you’re not going to take advantage of anymore or could no longer be shouldered by your budget. So, it’s important to follow these steps on how to cancel Zips Car Wash membership.

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