How to Cancel Superstar Car Wash Membership? – 2 Ways

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how to cancel superstar car wash membership

Car wash establishments often offer various ways to save on car washes to attract customers. In Superstar Car Wash, these include coupons through mobile text alerts, registration in the Superstar Car Wash App to get points for free services and unlimited membership.

Although these are good offers, it’s understandable for some car owners to no longer want to avail of Superstar Car Wash service for personal reasons.

While discontinuing the use of the coupons and app can be done with a press of a few buttons, how to cancel Superstar Car Wash membership, on the other hand, is a process but is relatively easy to do.

Ways to Cancel Superstar Car Wash Membership

Membership cancellation could be done by submitting a cancellation form on the company’s official website or contacting customer service.

But whatever method you choose for canceling your membership, it is important to note that you must cancel it 7 days before its next billing date or supposed renewal.

1. Via the Official Website

Step 1. Go to the Website’s Membership Cancellation Page


There is a designated page for Super Star Car Wash cancellation for membership. You may click on this link ( to be redirected to the said page.

Step 2. Fill in the Cancellation Form


Once you’re redirected to the “Cancel Membership” page, you’ll see a membership cancellation form. You need to fill it up with the required information to process the cancellation.

Step 3. Click on the “Continue to Cancel” Button


Make sure that all the information you provided in the membership cancellation form is correct. After you finish entering and checking the information in the form, click on the “Continue to Cancel” button.

Step 4. Receive the Cancellation Confirmation


After your submission of the membership cancellation form, the company will send you a confirmation of your membership cancellation.

Step 5. Keep the Proof of Cancellation


Once you are given the proof of membership cancellation, you must keep this as a record in case of future reference.

2. Via Phone Call

Step 1. Call the Super Star Car Wash Corporate Office Phone Number


The Superstar Car Wash office phone number is 623-536-5956. They provide customer service from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, so you can cancel your membership via phone call at any of those times that is convenient for you.

Step 2. Request for Cancellation From the Superstar Car Wash Customer Service


Tell the customer service representative that you wish for a membership cancellation.

You would need to provide the necessary information asked by the customer service representative regarding your membership for the cancellation to be processed.

You would also have to give your reason for cancellation.

A confirmation of the cancellation is usually given when canceling a car wash membership. It would be a good idea to ask the representative about the details of the confirmation.

Step 3. Keep the Confirmation

Once you have received the confirmation of cancellation, it is important to keep it in case of future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does It Take To Cancel Superstar Car Wash Membership?

The customer service representative will cancel your membership as soon as possible. It will be as quick as one to two days, but if you haven’t received any confirmation within two days, you may contact them again to inquire about it.

Will I Receive Refund After Canceling Superstar Car Wash Membership?

Superstar Car Wash does not usually give a refund for membership cancellation, but the money you paid would still apply until your next billing date. But there are some situations wherein they do give refunds, which are listed below:

  • If They Made the Mistake of Activating a Different Plan For You

In the case that you wanted to subscribe to a plan, but they activated a different one with a higher price, they will refund the excess amount that had been charged.

  • If They Accidentally Charged Extra for a Car Wash

Suppose they mistakenly added an extra fee for a car wash, they would refund the extra that they accidentally charged you.


Now that you know how to cancel Superstar Car Wash membership, you can choose, which among the two methods you will use and follow them accordingly. Just remember that cancellation should be done seven days before the membership’s supposed renewal.

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