What is Brushless Car Wash? (Benefits & Drawbacks)

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What is brushless car wash

There are three automatic car wash methods: automatic car wash with brushes, brushless car wash, and touchless car wash. In this article, we will focus solely on what is brushless car wash, but comparisons will also be available for you to know the differences between it and the other two methods, helping you make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

In a nutshell, the brushless car wash method is a relatively safe car wash method because it doesn’t use abrasive brushes that other automatic car washes do.

What is a Brushless Car Wash


Since an automatic brushless car wash doesn’t use brushes, it instead makes use of soft strips of cloth, as a safer alternative for removing contaminants from cars. The soft cloths used in a no-brush car wash are more gentle compared to normal car wash brushes and are less likely to cause scratches because they are soft and less abrasive.

The cloth strips in a brushless car wash’s tunnel or bay would work using gentle sweeping motions, applying only light friction to clean contaminants off cars. They would gently sweep over cars’ entire exterior for effective car washing while preventing scratches.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Brushless Car Wash

So far, as you reached this section of this article, the brushless car wash may seem good like the better choice. However, there are also several drawbacks to consider. Let’s delve more into this automatic car wash method for further evaluation!


1. Designed to Prevent Scratches


Thanks to the soft cloth strips employed as cleaning equipment in the brushless car wash’s design as a safer alternative to brushes, cars can get a more gentle automatic car wash that lessens the risk of scratches.

2. Less Time-Consuming

With the brushless car wash, there’s no need for car owners to spend or wait long hours to have their cars cleaned. It can clean cars in just a few minutes.

3. Effortless


A brushless car wash can take the task of cleaning your car out of your hands. You just have to pay for the car wash, drive toward the tunnel or bay, and it will do the cleaning for you.

4. Inexpensive

It doesn’t cost much to get a brushless car wash. In fact, it’s cheaper than most car wash methods.


1. Risk of Scratches From Unclean Cloth Strips

Although brushless car washes are designed for scratch-preventive car washing, cars may still get scratched if the car wash staff don’t clean the cloth strips regularly. Customers wouldn’t know whether the staff regularly cleans the cloth strips or not and may be surprised to see scratches on their car from abrasive contaminants left on the cloth strips.

2. Cloth Strip Cleaning Limitations


There are some parts of cars that a brushless car wash’s soft cloth strips may not be able to reach, so some contaminants can be left over in those areas. If those contaminants get accumulated over time, the neglected areas can get damaged.

3. Washes Cars With Harsh Chemicals

Along with the soft cloth strips, brushless car washes also use powerful chemicals that can dissolve contaminants. Although that makes for effective contaminant removal, the chemicals are rather harsh on the paintwork that they can degrade the paint and reduce its shine.

Given the benefits and drawbacks of a brushless car wash, it isn’t a perfect car wash method. It has its strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, it’s an effortless, quick way to have your car washed with less risk of scratches.

In short, despite all the shortcomings, the pros of a brushless car wash far outweigh the cons.

Brushless vs. Touchless Car Wash


Brushless car wash and touchless car wash may be may be confused with each other by the clueless consumer, despite both being classified as car wash without brushes.

The main difference between the two methods is how they clean your car surfaces:

  • A brushless car wash uses soft cloth strips to scrub your car gently.
  • A touchless car wash can clean your car without ever touching it.

So how does the touchless car wash work? By using highly-pressurized sprays of water and foam, of course: the foam absorbs all the dust, mud and everything dirty then the high-pressure washer blows the contaminated foam away.

The foam solution is powerful enough to remove contaminants without friction. This feature helps to lessen the risk of scratches.

With that said, there still is a slight chance of getting scratches from the highly-pressurized sprays of water that the touchless car wash uses. It’s because touchless car washes’ pressure in their water is higher than in the other automatic car washes.

Furthermore, the powerfulness of the contaminant-dissolving chemicals may also have the adverse effect of stripping cars of their wax, sealant, and, worse cases, even their paint.


In this article, you now know what is brushless car wash and have an idea of how it works, its benefits and drawbacks, and its difference from other automatic car wash methods. To sum up, it’s a good option for quick, easy car cleaning that has less risk of scratches.

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