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Foam cannons have become a popular commodity among vehicle owners. Considering how much simpler and more effective foam cannons make washing your car, it’s easy to see why.

But these results aren’t possible without having some high-quality cleaner. As a result, people often wonder what the best foam cannon soap is. It would be nice if there were a single answer, but many different factors are at play.

I intend to help by offering an easy-to-follow guide. It’ll take you through everything needed to choose the best soap for foam cannon use. Here’s a small sample of discussions in our buying guide that address several crucial buying factors:

  • Type of Foam Cannon Soap: Buyers must decide what kind of foam cannon soap best suits their needs, concentrated or ready-for-use. Concentration will require water dilution, while ready-for-use is usable right when it’s bought.
  • Formula’s Thickness: The foam cannon soaps provide a thick layer of suds to protect and clean vehicle surfaces. So it becomes essential to evaluate each option’s thickness before making a final decision.
  • Cleaning Performance: If a foam cannon soap doesn’t offer excellent cleaning, it’s useless. So please confirm any option’s performance level before spending money on it.

But our buying guide isn’t the only resource offered in this article. I’ve also spent significant time compiling a list and reviewing nine high-quality soaps.

These foam cannon soap reviews will provide some context of what’s available in the marketplace. You’ll soon have no issues choosing a suitable option for your foam cannons.


  Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Chemical Guys CWS_110

Meguiar’s ‎Gold Class

Adam’s Polishes CWS

Feature 1 ✅ Concentrated formula offers effective results on RVs, cars, trucks, etc. ✅ Versatile application via foam cannon or washing bucket ✅ Excellent spot-free cleaning performance
Feature 2 ✅ Honeydew scent produces a satisfying odor ✅ Detailed included instructions for effortless using process ✅ Suitable for all vehicle surfaces with a universal formula
Feature 3 ✅ Three ideal quantity options for widespread appeal ✅ Expertly removes grime and dirt ✅ Three convenient buying options
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Top 10 Foam Cannon Soap Reviews

1. Chemical Guys CWS_110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

Chemical Guys’ CWS_110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap earned a spot on our list with its highly effective concentrated formula. For instance, it has no issues working on various vehicles, ranging from RVs to trucks. It blew me away with its impressive cleaning power when I tested it on my car and motorhome.

I was also thrilled that this car foam soap didn’t damage these surfaces. Instead, its pH-balanced formula gently washed over them without stripping the parts of waxes. This snow foam soap even avoided damaging my car exterior’s sealant that I recently applied.

Aside from quality performance, it’s hard not to love this product’s convenience. A good illustration is that users can choose how they want to use it: with foam guns, foam cannons, or traditional washing buckets. So finding a method best suited for their needs won’t be challenging.

Chemical Guys made an intelligent decision by infusing this soap with a honeydew scent. As a result, this honeydew snow foam offers a satisfying after-application smell to a vehicle’s surface. It certainly was much more noticeable than a product like Adam’s Polishes CWS Foam Car Wash Shampoo.

Another smart move by this brand was offering three quantity options. Each buyer will choose between 16oz, 64oz, and 128oz according to their needs. Therefore, this soap for foam cannons has a broader appeal than many options.

But I do have to mention this product has a reputation for suffering from packaging issues. In particular, a few customers noted the soap leaking inside the shipping container.
  • Concentrated formula offers effective results on RVs, cars, trucks, etc.
  • Balanced pH level protects exterior vehicle surfaces, waxes, and sealants
  • Multiple application methods for user convenience
  • Honeydew scent produces a satisfying odor
  • Three ideal quantity options for widespread appeal
  • Leakage issues with packaging
However, these complaints were only reported by a small number of customers. So I don’t feel like this flaw comes close to downplaying the product’s many benefits. But I could see how someone else would be a little weary.

2. Meguiar’s ‎Gold Class Car Wash Soap

Foam cannon soap doesn’t get much more convenient than Meguiar’s ‎Gold Class Car Wash Soap. It earns this distinction with a versatile application process via foam cannons or washing buckets. So it provides each user with a choice regarding how they want to proceed when washing their car.

More importantly, these processes couldn’t have been simpler. Meguiar’s included easy-to-follow detailed instructions to guide users through both tasks. As a result, I didn’t even mess it up when using my foam cannon, which should give everyone else complete confidence.

I was also pleased with the results of this product’s dual-purpose formula. Users can expect this car wash soap for foam cannon to clean and condition their car’s surfaces. Honestly, I couldn’t believe its impact on my beat-up 2002 Ford truck.

For instance, it had no trouble removing all the grime and dirt. It made me feel like an expert professionally washed the truck, and I didn’t even have to leave my driveway. This outcome saved me a trip and money that would’ve been spent at a car wash.

I’d be doing the product a disservice if I didn’t mention the sleek finish left behind by this soap. It’s a benefit made possible by the formula’s embedded ultra-rich conditioners. So I should thank Meguair’s decision to include them as my truck now looks several years younger.

But this car soap for foam cannon is a bit runnier than I expected. Thus, the containers run out faster than other concentrated options like Chemical Guys CWS_110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap.
  • Versatile application via foam cannon or washing bucket
  • Detailed included instructions for effortless using process
  • Cleans and conditions surface with dual-purpose formula
  • Expertly removes grime and dirt
  • Produces a sleek finish with embedded ultra-rich conditioners
  • Foam is runnier than expected
Overall, I was delighted by this product’s ability to meet my expectations. It managed to clean and condition my truck without being complicated. It’s hard to imagine a situation where it wouldn’t be a solid choice for a vehicle owner.

3. Adam’s Polishes CWS Foam Car Shampoo

Adam’s Polishes CWS Foam Car Shampoo gained my attention through its reputation for providing spot-free cleaning performance. So I decided to give it a whirl and came away with only positive things to report. In fact, it didn’t leave behind a single streak or mark on my car’s surface.

Meanwhile, this impressive spot-free cleaning performance isn’t only for cars. Buyers can also expect this product’s universal formula to suit all vehicle surfaces. The results don’t even suffer slightly when it’s used on a vehicle’s paint, vinyl, or plastics.

I also was thrilled to see this foam cannon soap offers a neutral pH level. Therefore, I didn’t have to worry about it stripping any previous ceramic coatings, waxes, or sealants. It allowed me to wash my car and still keep the shiny finish from my early wax coating.

Users with dirt and grime issues will love this product’s thick foam protective layer. It’ll ensure those contaminants are removed in only a single washing session. Moreover, it provides these results without being runny, unlike Meguiar’s ‎G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash Soap.

If these features weren’t enough, this car shampoo also has three convenient buying options. These choices range from the budget-friendly 16 fl oz to the 640 fl oz, also known as the bulk buyer’s best friend. But I found the middle option of 128 fl oz to be a better choice for my needs.

As for its flaws, I wasn’t too enthralled with the wild berry scent. It didn’t produce a strong enough odor or an exceptionally pleasant one.
  • Excellent spot-free cleaning performance
  • Suitable for all vehicle surfaces with a universal formula
  • Neutral pH level for ceramic coating, sealant, and wax protection
  • Easily removes dirt, grime, and other substances with a thick foam layer
  • Three convenient buying options
  • Underwhelming wild berry scent
But it’s hard for me to get too bent out of shape by an underwhelming scent. Its other beneficial features, like its pH-neutral formula and thick foam layer, make dealing with this minor issue worth it.

4. Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foaming Soap

This next option, the Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foaming Soap, prides itself on being a cost-effective product. Its highly-concentrated formula lives up to this reputation as I only needed to put 2 oz in my foam cannon for satisfying results.

As a result, I can use it more times than other choices like Mothers 05674 California Gold Foam Wash & Wax.

I also had a positive experience with the product’s using process. The manufacturer provides a simple-to-follow guide for foam cannon use that I implemented effortlessly. It’s easy to see why this soap has become a favorite among foam gun and cannon beginners.

Honestly, the convenience level of this foam cannon soap is impressive. It almost has no restrictions regarding suitable surfaces or application methods. Due to this, vehicle owners won’t have much trouble finding several ways to use this cleaning product.

Its performance is relatively outlandish, especially with its ability to not strip wax or other coatings. In other words, the thick suds will offer powerful cleaning without removing previous treatments.

Other notable features include vibrant pink coloring and a lovely candy scent. Both these inclusions are nice little touches on this product’s impressive attribute list.

However, I wish this foam gun soap had a stronger lid. Mine broke the minute I received it.
  • Uses less product per wash with highly-concentrated formula
  • Easy using process is ideal for foam gun or cannon beginners
  • Suitable for various surfaces and multiple application methods
  • Thick, powerful suds refrain from stripping wax or other coatings
  • Vibrant pink coloring and lovely candy-scented odor
  • Has a flimsy lid
Despite its issues with the packaging, I still found myself delighted by this soap. Its simple using process and long-lasting abilities alone make up for this issue.

5. Mothers 05674 California Gold Foam Wash & Wax

Mothers’ 05674 California Gold Foam Wash & Wax is an exciting product for several reasons. However, I have to start with its eco-friendly formula made from 100% biodegradable ingredients. It’s a crucial component for me because I spill everything, so it offers protection for the earth against my clumsiness.

Of course, an eco-friendly cleaner doesn’t mean much without effective performance. It’s where many biodegradable formulas often fail to meet expectations. But this convenient 2-in-1 product excels in both cleaning and waxing vehicles.

Its valuable cleaning power comes from its extra thick suds. These suds have no issues penetrating dirt, grime, or mud build-ups on various vehicles. Frankly, I haven’t seen many other foam car soaps that can match it within this area.

This wash and wax for foam cannon also does an excellent job with its waxing capabilities. It provided my car with a streak-free and shiny finish after application. I even gave it to a friend who tested it on their truck with similar results.

Buyers can rest easy knowing this biodegradable soap won’t cost them much money, as well. It’s one of the more affordable choices on our list, especially compared to options like Adam’s Polishes Mega Foam Car Soap.

Overall, there aren’t too many foam soaps that can compete with this one. I can’t imagine anyone being displeased with it unless they’re reckless with the container.
  • Eco-friendly formula made from 100% biodegradable ingredients
  • Convenient 2-in-1 cleaning product (cleaning and waxing)
  • Extra thick suds offer superior dirt and road grime removal
  • Produce a shiny, streak-free finish with high-quality waxing capabilities
  • A more affordable choice
  • Can damage wood
Overall, there aren’t too many foam soaps that can compete with this one. I can’t imagine anyone being displeased with it unless they’re reckless with the container.

6. Adam’s Polishes Mega Foam Car Soap

Using foam cannon soap couldn’t be more straightforward if we had Adam’s Polishes Mega Foam Car Soap. After all, this manufacturer designed the product specifically for foam gun or cannon use. So it shouldn’t be too shocking to learn that the using process is pretty much effortless.

Plus, the suds from this formula were the thickest among all our options, including the previous choice from this brand. It’s why this soap ended up providing excellent protection and unmatched cleaning power.

For instance, it even got rid of excessive pollen on my car. The soap removed this powder, along with grime and dirt build-ups, at an almost unimaginable speed. It made me question why I ever used regular car shampoo instead of it.

The pH-neutral formula has a lot to do with this product’s superb performance, as well. It allows this power cleaning to occur without any stripping or streak issues. Instead, this soap only removes what ails the vehicle’s surface to create a showroom shine.

I didn’t even mention that this option is one of the best at product-saving. Its incredibly high concentration level ensures one container can last a very long time.

However, this option isn’t a cheap foam cannon soap when it comes to price. It’s one of the more costly choices on this list. Buyers will need to decide whether its outstanding features and performance are worth the extra cash.
  • Easy to use with design specifically for foam gun and cannons
  • Top-tier protection and cleaning power via massive ultra-thick suds
  • Effortlessly removes contaminants (pollen, dirt, grime, etc.)
  • pH neutral formula offers streak-free and strip-free usage
  • Ideal for product-saving with the highest concentration level
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I never have an issue with paying more for better quality products. This pH-neutral formula definitely fits into this category with its endless list of outstanding features.

7. Sun Joe SPX-FCS1G-CRM Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

Sun Joe’s SPX-FCS1G-CRM Snow Foam Car Wash Soap was explicitly created for pressure washer usage via a foam cannon attachment. So it has no issues adapting to what anyone wants in a foam cannon soap. It gave me exactly what I wanted when washing my car.

Furthermore, it’s a 2-in-1 product with impressive effectiveness in both areas. I was stunned by how well it cleaned and conditioned my truck. It even addressed areas a product like Voodoo Ride’s VR-1001 Lemonade Foam-N-Wash would miss.

Users can attribute its powerful cleaning abilities to its quick foaming action. Due to this, it removes surface contaminants on vehicles without providing any hassles. It’s no wonder why I’ve encountered many car owners who swear by this company.

As for its conditioning quality, this washing soap left behind a durable, shiny finish. It’s still noticeable on my truck, and I applied this product over a month ago. Unfortunately, this level of longevity isn’t what I usually get from these products.

I also have to mention this option’s another biodegradable formula. Amazingly, this soap has no problem working on surfaces ranging from metal to brick. I only had this Sun Joe for a short period and found various applications for it around my home.

Sadly, I wasn’t impressed by this product’s available scents. Each one has a reputation for being relatively weak and disappearing after application. So anyone who wants their car’s surface to have a pleasant odor from their foam soap will need to look elsewhere.
  • Ideal for pressure washer usage via foam cannon attachment
  • Effective 2-in-1 cleaning/conditioning product
  • Quick foaming action to provide fast removal of contaminants
  • Produces a shiny, long-lasting finish
  • Biodegradable formula works on various surfaces (metal, brick, etc.)=
  • Weak provided scents
In the end, this product’s weak odor is a slight bummer. But it doesn’t take too much away from how good and valuable this car wash foam could be in most situations.

8. Karcher Pressure Washer Foam Cannon Soap

Practicality separates the Karcher Pressure Washer Foam Cannon Soap from its competition. I mean, buyers will have difficulty finding another highly concentrated formula that can provide 20 gallons of detergent from a one-gallon container. It makes this option a must-consider for any bargain buyer.

The impressive benefits don’t stop with its practical formula, either. It also provides enough adaptability to work with almost every gas and electric pressure washer available. This quality ensures it has a broader customer base than an option like Rain-X’s 5072084 Foaming Car Wash.

Moreover, this customer base will also be happy with its performance quality. It’s another 2-in-1 product with solid results in both washing and waxing. There’s no reason it’ll have trouble keeping a car, truck, SUV, or RV in good condition.

Its washing process stands out for its gentle approach when encountering contaminants. It manages to remove them and reveal what’s been hiding underneath. But, more importantly, it doesn’t leave new spots or streaks behind in the contaminants’ place.

Lastly, I have to praise the container’s embedded handle. It makes moving this cleaning soap around much easier than I’ve experienced with past car wash foam products.

I did notice some customers mentioned their soap leaking during the shipping process. Luckily, I didn’t have such an issue with this soap for pressure washing. But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t note down potential flaws.
  • Practical highly-concentrated formula (20 gallons of detergent/gallon container)
  • Compatible with most gas and electric pressure washers
  • Top-tier dual-purpose formula (wash and wax)
  • Gently removes dirt and grime on car, truck, RV, and SUV surfaces
  • Easy to store and move with a handle on the container
  • Leakage concerns when shipping
However, I wouldn’t worry too much about these shipping concerns. Most people, like myself, were thrilled with what they got when buying this car wash foam soap. The longevity alone should be more than enough to get it on any car owner’s consideration list.

9. Rain-X 5072084 Foaming Car Wash

Our final option, Rain-X’s 5072084 Foaming Car Wash, stands out from the rest of these options by being one of the more affordable choices. But unlike many low-cost products, this soap has a long list of intriguing and impactful features.

For instance, this product’s biodegradable formula is usable on all vehicle surfaces. I don’t usually expect such a level of versatility from a low-priced option. However, Rain-X seems more than willing to break the mold with this foam soap.

Car owners will also enjoy this product’s specialized, high-foaming process. It allows this soap to offer cleaning power similar to what I’ve seen from other top choices like Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo. In other words, it handles surface contaminants like nobody’s business.

Once it’s done with surface contaminants, it’ll leave behind a high gloss finish. This glossy finish has been so impressive that it has made a few neighbors ask me what I use on my car. Users don’t have to worry about this soap stripping their waxed surfaces, either.

The small, compact container was another aspect to catch my attention. It’s a convenient size for someone like myself who doesn’t have much leftover storage area. I had no trouble finding a place for this foam soap in my garage.

As for flaws, I was slightly surprised by the lack of quantity buying options. The product only comes in one size, making the product less appealing to stockpilers. It seems like an odd oversight, as one or two more quantities could increase the customer base significantly.
  • A more affordable choice
  • Biodegradable formula allows usage on all vehicle surfaces
  • Specialized, high-foaming method offers superior cleaning power
  • Creates a high gloss finish and protects all waxed surfaces
  • Small, compact container for easy storage
  • Lacks quantity buying options
In any case, the lack of buying options didn’t impact my experience with the product. 100 fl oz was a perfect size for what I wanted from my next foam cannon soap. So I could enjoy all the beneficial attributes fully without any hindrances.

What to Look for When Buying Foam Cannon Soap?


Selecting a wash soap to use with your foam cannon can be a frustrating experience. After all, there are a massive number of available options for vehicle owners. I know this process even stresses out car wash experts.

But if you have the proper approach, shopping for a cleaner can be relatively smooth. You’ll just need to understand what determines the best options. So let’s not waste any more time and dive into each determining factor to ensure you can make a responsible decision.

  • Types of Foam Cannon Soap

Foam cannon soap is a more versatile product than people realize. After all, these products come in different types, which is crucial to know when selecting one.

It’ll help you feel more comfortable selecting an option rather than diving in head first. In other words, it’ll offer you some bearings to navigate this crowded marketplace.

So without further ado, these types often are separated into two categories: concentrated and ready-for-use. Concentrated foaming car wash products require a bit more work. You can’t simply put them on a car surface with the soap undiluted.

Each product will have a detailed guide about the dilution process on its packaging. Usually, these options will last longer than your ready-to-use foam soaps.

But ready-for-use options also have their benefits by removing the dilution process entirely. In most cases, I prefer concentrated options because they last longer. It allows me to get the best bang for my buck.

  • pH Level

One of the more overlooked factors when choosing foam cannon soap is the pH level. But it shouldn’t be, as a formula’s pH level can significantly impact its performance. For instance, a soap with a lower pH is more acidic and could harm your vehicle’s protective sealant or wax.

So you’re probably wondering what a good pH level is for foam cannon soaps. Well, I recommend buying a balanced formula (pH of 7). It’ll ensure the product’s use doesn’t have any ill effects on your vehicle’s surfaces.

Luckily, most manufacturers will advertise this info right in the product description. It’s their way of helping us gauge whether the product is suitable for our needs. Therefore, finding a balanced formula like Chemical Guys CWS_110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap won’t be hard.

  • Formula’s Thickness

The performance of foam soaps relies heavily on their thickness. Therefore, anyone who intends to clean their vehicle with a foam cannon needs thick soap to use. Otherwise, if soap isn’t thick enough, it’ll come out of the cannon or gun with a runny consistency.

You can then expect this runny foam soap to fail in cleansing your vehicle’s surfaces. In other words, it won’t cover all the dirt and grime. So, research each option’s thickness to ensure it can wash and protect your car without issue.

A good starting point would be looking at other customers’ reviews. These resources should provide excellent insight into how each foam cannon soap performs. I can’t tell you how many times my fellow vehicle owners have saved me from buying a subpar cleaning product.

  • Versatility

Any worthwhile foam cannon soap will offer versatility in multiple ways. It should clean various surfaces and vehicle types while offering several application methods. That way, the cleaning product will be a lot more convenient and usable in your life.

Furthermore, it’ll ensure you can get the most from these products. A good example would be: What if your foam cannon breaks down? A versatile soap will allow you to use foam guns or another traditional method like a wash mitt and bucket to get the same results.

In addition, I always suggest looking at options that promise a bit more than simply washing your car. It gives me confidence in the soap’s abilities when it can fill various roles without flinching. For instance, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could use it for heavy equipment like for farm equipment?

  • Cleaning Performance

A foam cannon soap’s cleaning power will always be this process’s main determining factor. It might seem like common sense, but many people get sucked into all the other features.

For example, it’s easy to get wrapped up in how easy a soap is to use. But this using process doesn’t mean anything unless the product offers high-quality cleaning performance. So it’s essential to avoid falling in love with the supplement features while ignoring the main one.

But how does a person evaluate a soap’s performance without using it? Well, my preferred method is looking at the user feedback for each soap. It’s a simple way of determining whether a product can meet expectations. Plus, it can be entertaining to read other reviews, especially when things go wrong.

  • Cost and Quantity

Foam cannon soaps are available at different prices and quantities. Therefore, you’ll need to find a balance between these two factors before making a final decision. A good example would be bulk buyers who want higher quantities at cost-effective price tags.

But customers who only need foam soap for a single wash would have a different approach. They’d prefer a small quantity with excellent cleaning performance. Due to this, they could be more willing to pay a little extra for quality.

Does Foam Cannon Clean Better?

It’ll depend on your foam cannon model and soap choice. But mostly, users can expect foam cannons to clean better than bucket washes or a garden hose. It offers this superior cleaning performance by hitting contaminants with a layer of thick suds.

Dirt or grime build-ups rarely stand a chance against a foam cannon cleaning session. But again, these results will vary based on the cannon and soap you’re using.

I especially like using Tool Daily’s Foam Cannon and Chemical Guys’ CWS_110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap. This combo has done wonders for me when cleaning my car or truck’s surface.

How Much Soap Should I Put in My Foam Cannon?


Most foam cannon soaps will provide instructions about how much product is needed. So it’d be wise to stick with their recommendations to avoid unseen complications. I’d also advise checking the cannon’s instructions, as they could have a unique direction.

But generally, putting 3 to 4 ounces of soap into your foam cannon should be enough. It should then have no trouble providing high-quality cleaning performance like you’d get at car washes.

Which Soap Makes the Most Foam?

Among the options in our article, the answer is Adam’s Polishes Mega Foam Car Soap. Some customers were even commenting that its bubble layer was too thick. So for those looking for a foam cannon soap with a high foam rate, this option is a solid starting point.

How Do You Make Thick Foam?

You don’t have to worry about lack of foam if the cleaner you pick has a surfactant like sodium lauryl sulfate.

Plus, if you’re using foam cannons, make sure the soap is specifically formulated for these gadgets. Otherwise, it won’t generate enough bubbles for mud or dirt removal.

Finally, pay attention to the pressure washer’s PSI, which we discuss below. At the same time, remember these tips:

  • Make sure there’s no leak in your hose, water tap, or other water connections.
  • A fan spray pattern will coat the car more thickly.
  • Make sure the cannon isn’t clogged before usage.

What PSI is Good for Foam Cannon?

Most experts and Reddit agree that 1500 PSI is a good starting point when looking at foam cannons. This number will provide adequate performance for black cars and similar vehicles. Moreover, it won’t use as much water as higher PSI options.

An excellent illustration of one would be Westinghouse’s ePX2000 Electric Pressure Washer with Detachable Foam Cannon. It’s a bit pricey, but it combines everything a pressure washer and foam cannon offers into one convenient device.


I hope our article has answered all your questions about finding the best foam cannon soap. Hopefully, it turns out that one of our chosen options is ideally suited for your needs. But if not, you should now know how to find an ideal foam cannon soap.

Don’t hesitate to use our comment section if you have any remaining questions. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible.

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