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best ceramic car wash soap

When cleaning a ceramic-coated car, it’s ideal to use a suitable car wash soap. It should give the ceramic coating the gentle, revitalizing care it needs and not strip the coating off.

Furthermore, the best ceramic car wash soap can boast the coating’s protective capabilities and keep it well-preserved over time.

As you look for the best soap among the array of car cleaning products in the market for your ceramic coated car, you must consider a couple of features.

  • PH-neutral – A feature that every car wash soap safe for ceramic coating has is a neutral pH level. With a ph-neutral shampoo, your coating would be preserved as you clean your car.

Even when using a ceramic car soap for a non-coated car, a neutral pH level is also necessary to not remove pre-existing wax.

  • With SiO2 (silica dioxide) – A car’s ceramic coating would also need some revitalization to keep it performing and looking in optimum condition and maximize its life span.

SiO2 would be included in some car shampoos to give ceramic coatings their much-needed boost or to add a protective layer on uncoated cars.

Ensure that the car soap you buy has SiO2 to enhance hydrophobicity, protect contaminants and ultraviolet rays, and shine.

  • No added wax – It’s not advisable to use a car soap with added carnauba wax on ceramic-coated vehicles. The wax will only hinder the ceramic coating and increase the chances of contaminants and water spots.

Read further to know more about the necessary features when looking for the best soap for ceramic coating and check out the different options for ceramic car wash soaps.


  Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Meguiar’s G210256

Turtle Wax 53411

Chemical Guys CWS21216

Feature 1 ✅ Easy, scratch-free cleaning with slick suds ✅ A PH-balanced formula ✅ Ceramic car wash through snow foam
Feature 2 ✅ SiO2 allows quick, easy drying ✅ Quicker, easier drying due to its hydrophobicity ✅ Improves ceramic coating’s durability and resistance to water
Feature 3 ✅ Usable on ceramic and non-ceramic coated cars ✅ SiO2 protection from contaminants, water, and UV rays ✅ Leave a good shine with nano SiO2
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Top 8 Ceramic Car Wash Soap Reviews

1. Meguiar’s G210256 Hybrid Ceramic Wash and Wax

I can attest to Meguiar’s G210256 Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax ability to provide the care and protection for a car with or without nano-ceramic coating.

In fact, on ceramic-coated cars, it can reinforce the coating. Meanwhile, on non-coated cars, this wash allows the addition of ceramic protection in a quick, easy way.

Its neutral pH level and moderate sudsing capability make it gentle for cleaning a car. And the suds it generates are slick enough for lifting and lubricating contaminants off exterior surfaces, making cleaning easy and preventing scratches. It’s also gentle enough not to strip off any protective coating.

But what I find impressive is its SiO2-based protection that helps keep the paintwork on a non-coated vehicle or existing ceramic coating on a vehicle in good condition.

The SiO2 gives a car’s exterior surface an excellent water-beading effect. The water that comes in contact with the car’s exterior would roll off instead of staying on it and accumulating contaminants. Therefore, it helps prevent water spots and allows easier, quicker towel drying.

One con in it, though, is that it doesn’t produce as many suds as the other ceramic car wash products on the market.
  • A PH-balanced formula that doesn’t remove a car’s protective coating
  • Easy, scratch-free cleaning with slick suds
  • Excellent water beading effect from the SiO2 that prevents water spots
  • SiO2 allows quick, easy drying
  • Usable on ceramic and non-ceramic coated cars
  • Doesn’t produce as much suds as other products
With the Meguiar’s G210256 Hybrid Ceramic Wash and Wax, a shiny, water spot-free car with a touch of hydrophobic protection can easily be achieved.

2. Turtle Wax 53411 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax

Whether on a ceramic coated or a non-coated vehicle, the Turtle Wax Ceramic Wash and Wax does a good job at providing a protective, durable barrier while giving a thorough clean.

For anyone not knowing this brand before, it’s a good time to check out its good products. This wash is a highly lubricative ceramic coating shampoo reinforced with durable, highly hydrophobic SOi2 polymers that add a brilliant shine.

Its high lubricity allows easy, scratch-free cleaning. And when it’s used with a foam cannon, it can create long-lasting foam.

The soap will lift, encapsulate, and suspend contaminants and make them glide off the surface. Adding to its safety is its pH balance that won’t strip off a car’s protective coating.

I like it most because it leaves a lot of SiO2 protection on a car’s surface, which could be obviously noticed after washing. The SiO2 protection could either serve as a boost in a car’s ceramic coating or simply as an added protective layer on an unprotected car.

Furthermore, such a hydrophobic effect could also be immediately noticed, even while rinsing. It makes the water bead and sheets off, which prevents the drying and etching of contaminated water and allows quicker, easier drying.

The added protective coating protects a car from contaminants and ultraviolet rays for several months. It also enhances the car’s color, gloss, and shine.

But it also has a couple of downsides: it doesn’t sud up so much, and it’s a less concentrated formula that can provide only eight washes with two-gallon buckets.
  • High lubricity allows easy, thorough, and scratch-free cleaning
  • A PH-balanced formula that won’t strip off a car’s protective coating
  • Quicker, easier drying due to its hydrophobicity
  • SiO2 protection from contaminants, water, and UV rays
  • Color and shine improvement by SiO2 polymers
  • Doesn’t sud up so much
  • Less concentrated formula
The Turtle Wax Ceramic Wash and Wax is a high-quality ceramic coating shampoo that you can count on, from car cleaning down to adding protection and shine.

3. Chemical Guys CWS21216 HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap

An abundance of foam and suds, high hydrophobic properties, and effective protection from contaminants are some of the great things car owners want in a car soap. And we can get those from the Chemical Guys CWS21216 Soap and more.

It’s applicable for both a ceramic car wash for foam cannon and hand washing. I deem this soap for ceramic coated cars a fantastic choice that works great on unprotected cars for cleaning with added ceramic protection.

Its foam and suds would adhere to the car’s surface to work on lifting and encapsulating contaminants and aiding in wiping them off the car safely with lubrication, leaving no scratches.

Furthermore, I find that it does a great job of enhancing ceramic coating with its silica-rich formula. The added film reinforces the coated surface making it more durable and long-lasting.

What impresses me is the soap improving hydrophobicity for effective water beading. It can resist grimes and dirt from building up on our cars. So, there will be quite some time till we have to deal with such hazards.

The SiO2 also leaves a brilliant jaw-dropping shine on a car and long-lasting protection from contaminants with its high gloss shielding properties.

Moreover, it’s a hyper-concentrated formula that allows just one to two ounces of it for washing a whole car, allowing many car washes out of one bottle.

But although it delivers desirable results in cleaning and protecting a car, one thing that isn’t so desirable is its high price.
  • Ceramic car wash through snow foam or hand washing
  • Great foaming and sudsing for a thorough cleaning with no scratches
  • Improves ceramic coating’s durability and resistance to water, dirt, and grimes
  • Leave a good shine with nano SiO2
  • Hyper-concentrated formula that allows use in little amounts
  • Available at a higher price than other products
The Chemical Guys CWS21216 HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap can deliver excellent protection and shine through added SiO2 and a safe, thorough cleaning.

4. Mothers 01548 CMX Ceramic Wash and Coat

The Mothers 01548 CMX Ceramic Wash and Coat is a car soap that can give ceramic coated cars the necessary ceramic boost and serve as a quick ceramic coating application for uncoated cars.

It’s equipped with SiO2 nano quartz technology that improves hydrophobic properties. Therefore, we can notice a liquid gloss on our car after washing. Even for non-ceramic cars, such a good shine is achievable with this wash and coat product.

Its formula contains highly potent, penetrative surfactants and provides much lubrication, allowing effective cleaning without causing scratches on a car.

It also prevents water spots from forming on the car with its water softening polymers. Moreover, it’s a pH neutral car wash for ceramic coating, so it helps preserve the ceramic coating and sealant or wax on a car.

With this product, our car’s protective coating is intact and is reinforced in many ways, such as repelling water and other contaminants and withstanding extreme temperatures and UV rays.

And I’m amazed by the instant results it delivers, as there would immediately be water beading after car washing, which also minimizes the time and effort in drying.

However, what’s not good about this is that it doesn’t create a lot of suds as other products on the list
  • Highly potent with penetrative surfactants and much lubrication
  • Prevents scratches and water spots with high lubricity
  • Preserves ceramic coating, sealant, or wax with its pH-balanced formula
  • Repel water, temperatures, and UV rays with SiO2 nano quartz technology
  • Advanced SiO2 technology leaves a liquid gloss
  • Bad
With its advanced SiO2 technology along with good cleaning capabilities, this product makes a great ceramic coating wash soap.

5. Milwaukee Muscle Ceramic Premium Wash

The Milwaukee Muscle Car Wash is popular for professional use due to its non-alkaline, phosphate-free, PH-neutral formula. Therefore, the product ensures no harm to the quality of our car’s paint and ceramic coat in the cleaning process.

With this ceramic car shampoo, unprotected cars can get a quick and easy-to-apply ceramic coating along with a car wash. After I am done with the wash, there is always a squeaky clean, and shiny look on the vehicle.

Furthermore, this formula is so concentrated that only an ounce is required for washing a car. Therefore, car owners can get as many as 50 washes from this, saving some budget from such a potent solution.

I’m impressed with loads of thick suds created with just a little amount of it, allowing quick, easy removal of dirt without leaving scratches on a vehicle’s surface. It can get through tough grime and dirt with ease.

After the final rinse, there won’t be any unsightly marks left behind but only enhanced hydrophobicity and remarkable shine. Also, it’s convenient to just use a microfiber cloth to dry the car or leave it there to dry naturally.

Just one downside it has, which isn’t much of a big deal, is that blow-drying the car or wiping the car dry would be necessary to prevent spotting.
  • A non-alkaline, phosphate-free, PH-neutral formula for gentle cleaning
  • Leaves a protective coat of ceramic that’s also shine enhancing
  • Potent to provide as many as 50 washes
  • Thick suds for scratch-free, easy, quick cleaning
  • Leaves no unsightly marks
  • Requires blow-drying or wiping dry the car to prevent spotting
There’s a saying that goes, “Quality over quantity.” But the Milwaukee Muscle Ceramic Premium Wash is a ceramic coating car shampoo that can give us both.

6. Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

The Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo is a pH-neutral car shampoo with great sudsing and mineral suspending capability. I went for this product since it can safely and effectively wash car with ceramic coating.

I notice that it doesn’t add any ceramic boost or protection like the other previously mentioned car shampoos. Still, it’s gentle enough not to strip off ceramic coatings or other protective coatings since it’s pH neutral.

This gentle car shampoo will also not dry out a car’s plastic trim pieces and is safe to use on any of a car’s exterior parts and any finishes.

It has good foaming capability for an excellent washing experience, whether with wash buckets, a wash mitt, a foam gun, or a foam cannon. It can provide thick, clinging suds or foam that lasts for the entire car washing time.

Furthermore, the soap has very slick lubrication for easy, safe, and scratch-free car washing. In addition, its capability to suspend minerals in water helps prevent water spots in the process.

And I find it amazing that even when the car is washing under sunlight, there would be no water spots or streaks on the car. It is due to its advanced chemical technology.

It’s also worth noting that it has a lovely wild berry scent. Its only downsides are that a specialized cleaner for wheels and tires could do a better job cleaning off brake dust and tire grease.
  • pH balance prevents stripping off ceramic coatings or drying out the plastic trims
  • A gentle formula for safe use on any of a car’s exterior parts and any finishes
  • Scratch-free, sudsy or foamy consistency and very slick lubrication
  • Versatile: hand washing or with a foam gun or foam cannon
  • For washing under sunlight without getting water spots
  • Has a lovely wild berry scent
  • Not good at cleaning off brake dust and tire grease
For that gentle cleaning that every ceramic-coated vehicle needs, a great option would be the Adam’s D001 Car Wash Shampoo.

7. Armor All ‎Extreme Shield +Ceramic Car Wash

A car is well protected when a car care product makes water bead on the vehicle’s surface. Also, it should help maintain a shiny clean look that could go unwashed for longer periods.

Luckily, I found out that’s what the Armor All ‎19400 Extreme Shield +Ceramic Car Wash can deliver for ceramic coated cars or non-coated cars. It comes in a bottle of 50 oz, which is enough for multiple uses at a good price.

It’s a car soap specially formulated with advanced ceramic and shine-inducing technology. I love how this technology effectively gives a vehicle’s paint a protective barrier and an enhanced shine through the SiO2 that would cure into its clear coat.

The protective barrier enhances the water beading of a car’s paintwork and repels contaminants. The added protection helps maintain the car’s cleanliness and shine for more extended periods, which means a car can go longer without being washed.

It’s also pH-balanced, so it’s safe to use on the entire vehicle surface. Just make sure to use it when the car is cool while in the shade to avoid getting streaks on the vehicle surface.

However, compared to other car soaps, it’s less sudsy and foamy.
  • Gives a protective barrier and an enhanced shine through SiO2
  • Protective barrier enhances water beading
  • Added protection that helps maintain the car’s cleanliness and shine
  • PH balance allows safe use on every vehicle surface
  • Ideal for use on ceramic coating and non-ceramic coating
  • Less sudsy and foamy compared to other car soaps
When it comes to ceramic-induced protection and shine, this car wash is among the reliable choices for long-term use.

8. Nexgen Premium Ceramic Car Wash Soap

The Nexgen Ceramic Soap can work wonders, whether restoring ceramic coats on ceramic coated vehicles or simultaneously applying a protective nano-ceramic coating while washing a car.

This car soap is formulated with SiO2 to enhance hydrophobicity, protect contaminants, and leave a glass-like gloss on a car’s paint.

Furthermore, the SiO2 would revitalize the ceramic coating applied previously on a car or provide a protective ceramic coat on a car with no coating.

I love that when washing with this car soap, whether with the two-bucket or foam cannon method, suds or foam are plentiful for a thorough clean.

The suds or foam breaks down and lifts contaminants, so cleaning also becomes easy. The possibility of abrasive dirt scratching the vehicle’s paint won’t be a concern.

Moreover, this is a pH-balanced soap that won’t harm pre-existing coatings and can safely clean different parts of a car.

It’s also a concentrated formula that takes one to two ounces to wash a car. One con I can point out about this is that for an eight-ounce bottle that can give four to eight-car washes, it’s rather expensive compared to other options that can offer more.
  • With SiO2 for enhancing hydrophobicity, protection from contaminants
  • Leaves a glass-like gloss on a car’s paint
  • Many suds or foam are created with whatever car wash method
  • Easy cleaning that leaves no scratches
  • PH-balanced soap safe for pre-existing coatings
  • Concentrated formula that takes one to two ounces for washing a car
  • Rather expensive compared to other options
All in all, it is an easy job to maintain the cleanliness of our car’s exterior with the help of the Nexgen Ceramic Soap.

What to Look for When Buying Ceramic Car Wash Soap


There are a couple of must-have features in a car soap. Such features are important to achieve the desired cleanliness, shine, and protection.

The best automotive soaps have most if not all of these important features, which makes them ideal for use to get desirable results.

  • PH-Neutral

The most important feature of the best car wash soap, whether with nano-ceramic coating or not, is a neutral pH level. A ceramic coating safe car wash allows gentle cleaning for any part.

It may be able to endure the elements and ultraviolet rays. Yet, using a pH neutral car soap allows safe cleaning without stripping off the ceramic coating or wax on your car.

  • With SiO2 (Silica Dioxide)

SiO2 is the main ingredient for ceramic coatings, added to car wash soaps. It is for revitalizing pre-existing ceramic coatings and for a time-saving way of adding some ceramic coatings while car washing.

High-quality car wash soaps usually have 3% of SiO2. It provides a layer of protection on a car that enhances hydrophobicity. Therefore, it helps prevent contaminated water from drying on the surface and causing water spots.

It also reinforces the coating’s repellency to contaminants, strengthens its UV protection, and gives the coated surface a shiny like-new look.

  • No Added Wax

Some car washes also come with wax for added protection and shine. While it’s beneficial for the paintwork, it’s not the case for a coated surface.

That’s because the wax from the soap can leave a thin resin film on the surface.The wax residue would result in the reduction of the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties and increase the chances of water spots as well as the accumulation of contaminants.

  • No Harsh Ingredients

Some car washes are harsh on ceramic coating, especially those formulated for stripping off wax and ceramic coating.

So before buying a car wash soap for ceramic coating, check the product’s ingredients first. Make sure it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients that can strip off the ceramic coating.

  • Generates Plenty of Suds or Foam

The car wash soap you use must generate a lot of thick foam or suds. This would allow a thorough, scratch-free car washing. The abundance of suds or foam would effectively lift contaminants off the car’s surface and provide lubrication for quickly wiping them away.

Can You Wash Ceramic Coated Car With Soap

Yes, but use only a soap specially designed for washing a car that’s pH-neutral and doesn’t have a wax additive to be safe.

Do not use any soap that isn’t meant for cars, such as dish soap and laundry detergent, as they are harsh detergents that can strip off the nano-ceramic coating on your car.

How Do You Wash a Ceramic Coated Car


A car with ceramic coating must be dealt with cautiously with a gentle wash that would not scratch or strip off the coating.

You don’t even need to scrub too hard due to the coating’s self-cleaning capability. To prevent scratches and swirl marks, there are three car wash methods you can use:

  • Two-bucket method

In this method, you have one wash bucket with soapy water and the other wash bucket with water for rinsing the wash mitt after using it to wipe the car.

This helps prevent the abrasive dirt from being ground back onto the car and scratching its surface.

Also, use a microfiber wash mitt for wiping the car without causing scratches.

The use of grit guards at the bottom of the buckets would also help prevent scratches, as they can trap contaminants that come off the mitt at the bottom of the buckets.

  • Touchless method

The touchless method can be done with a pressure washer and snow foam. It’s suitable if your car is not too soiled and you don’t want to do any wiping. Visit our article to find out about special car wash soap for pressure washer here.

  • Pre-wash with snow foam + two-bucket method

If there’s heavy soils on your car, you can also use a pressure washer with the foam cannon attachment to give your car a pre-wash with thick foam. Then follow with the two-bucket method.

And to avoid stripping off the coating on your car, make sure to use only a pH-neutral car shampoo. Do not use dish soap and laundry detergent, as they can strip off the coating.

How Often Should You Wash a Ceramic Coated Car

Nano ceramic coating doesn’t totally make a car contaminant-proof but only helps a car stay cleaner for longer and stretch the period before giving it another wash.

But suppose your car has a newly applied ceramic coating. In that case, it’s advisable to wait seven days after the application before washing it.

Because ceramic coating usually takes a week to cure on a vehicle’s paintwork and harden.

Then after the initial wash after the seven-day wait, it’s advisable to wash your car every one to two weeks.

Can You Pressure Wash Ceramic Coating

Yes, you can use a pressure washer when cleaning a ceramic-coated car. It is in fact, safe and very convenient in many ways listed below:

  • The self-cleaning ability the ceramic coating gives a vehicle would allow you to easily pressure wash the loose dirt off the ceramic coated vehicle.
  • You can also pair the pressure washer with a foam cannon attachment. That would allow you to cover the entire car with foam that lifts dirt and intensifies lubrication, preventing abrasive contaminants from scratching the car’s surface.
  • It would allow you to pre-wash your car with foam before washing your car with the two bucket method for a more thorough cleaning, especially if your car is super dirty.
  • It would also allow you to do touchless washing with only the use of high-pressure water and foam. So there’s no need to wipe the coated surface with a wash mitt.

What Should You Not Do After Ceramic Coating

  • Don’t wash your car within seven days after applying a ceramic coating application. Newly applied ceramic coatings take at least a week to cure.
  • Don’t park under a tree, as it can put your car at risk of getting sap, pollen, or bird droppings.
  • Don’t leave degrading contaminants such as tree sap, bird droppings, water, bugs, tar, etc. to bake on your car. Clean them off as soon as possible.
  • Do not leave your car uncleaned for too long to prevent excessive contaminant build-up. It’s advisable to wash it every one to two weeks.
  • Don’t take your car to an automatic brush car wash. It can scratch your car with its highly abrasive brushes that tend to retain abrasive contaminants from previously washed cars. A safer automatic car wash option is the touchless car wash.
  • Don’t use abrasive car cleaning products and tools like a clay bar, polish, and abrasive towels. A safer alternative to clay bars is chemical decontamination with a pH-neutral chemical that won’t harm the coating.
  • Don’t apply wax on your car because ceramic coating alone would work well in protecting your car.


Using the best ceramic car wash soap would keep your car looking good. It allows you to make the most out of the protective and shine-enhancing properties of ceramic coating. So when you’re going to buy a ceramic car soap, make sure to choose a soap that has the necessary features for giving your ceramic coated car the proper care it needs.

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