The Best Car Wash Soaps for Pressure Washer

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best car wash soaps for pressure washer

Using a pressure washer or power washer soap for cars for soap application can help protect car paint from abrasive contaminants that can scratch. It also ensures less effort in cleaning, which is convenient for our busy schedules.

We can just spray the soap and let it do most of the dirt removal or even totally clean off all the contaminants, allowing touchless washing. Many car owners on Reddit say it’s the best way to clean a car without harming the paint. To get the best results, you need the best car wash soap for pressure washer.

Three main important factors make the top-rated pressure washer soap for cars:

  • Abundant foam generation – the car wash soap for pressure washers can generate plenty of foam for covering a car to help make the cleaning easier and prevent car wash-induced scratches.
  • PH balance – pH balance is always an important feature for the car wash soap. This ensures safe car cleaning without causing damage to any surface of a car. Furthermore, a pH-neutral product allows washing under direct sunlight without causing water spots.
  • Ease of use – the car wash soap wouldn’t require you to do much work. But you just spray it and let it do its job. It could even eliminate the use of a microfiber wash mitt or microfiber towel for scrubbing or wiping.

Here in this article are some of the top-tier products we have tested and reviewed. Check out to see our experiences and verdict on them.


  Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Karcher Vehicle Washer

Chemical Guys CWS_110

Karcher Pressure Washer

Feature 1 ✅ A clear coat-safe formula that’s harmless to any finishes ✅ Does not leave spots and residues ✅ Small one-quart bottle for convenient use
Feature 2 ✅ Concentrated formula for several pressure washes ✅ Pleasant honeydew melon scent ✅ Concentrated soap worth five gallons
Feature 3 ✅ Biodegradable wash and wax ✅ Eco-friendly car wash soap ✅ Biodegradable and safe product
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12 Best Pressure Washer Soap for Car Reviews

1. Karcher Vehicle Wash and Wax

Indeed, this Karcher Vehicle Wash and Wax is a trusty product formulated as a pressure washer soap for cars. It works well with most electric-powered or gas-powered consumer pressure washers.

This car soap can sud up pretty decently, making the cleaning process easier, especially with a pressure washer. I love that with this car wash soap, there need not be scrubbing too much unless the car is extremely dirty.

Furthermore, I find it equally impressive that it also leaves a layer of wax that helps restore the luster and add protection to the paintwork. So, one product serves two purposes!

This car wash is concentrated; thus, a gallon of it can provide approximately 20 gallons of soapy water that would allow several pressure washes for a car. Imagine how much water we can save from such a concentrated product.

What seals the deal for me is the product’s safe chemicals. It’s a clear coat-safe formula that’s harmless on any automotive finish that’s just as safe for the environment since it’s biodegradable.

One not-so-desirable thing about it, though, is that it may leave streaks or spots if used under the hot sun or when the car is still hot from being out all day or driving. So make sure to use this amidst cooler temperatures and in a cool car.
  • Car wash soap for pressure washing that suds up well
  • Requires little scrubbing unless the car is extremely dirty
  • Leaves a layer of protective and luster-restoring wax
  • Concentrated formula, 20 gallons of soapy water for several pressure washes
  • A clear coat-safe formula that’s harmless to any finishes
  • Biodegradable wash and wax
  • May leave streaks or spots if used under the hot sun
All in all, the Karcher Vehicle Wash and Wax is one of the most favorite car wash soaps for easy scratch-free rinsing with a pressure washer.

2. Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash

Next up is one of the best-selling car wash products from the well-reputed car care brand, Chemical Guys. Its CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Was not only works well for hand washing but also as a car soap for pressure washer with its high suds capacity.

As a high foaming car soap, it makes car cleaning easy and scratch-free. I love that it covers an entire vehicle with generous foam that effectively lifts dirt particles. Therefore, it allows cleaning with minimal to no scrubbing and also prevents abrasive contaminants from scratching the car surface.

It’s a pH-neutral formula that’s gentle and safe on every exterior car surface. Furthermore, using this wash soap is good for protective coatings such as car ceramic, wax, and sealant coating.

Its neutral pH balance also allows spot-free cleaning under direct sunlight. It also doesn’t leave any residue. I find doing cleaning with this even more pleasant due to the nice honeydew melon scent.

Its concentration is another great advantage. I found out that with just two ounces of this solution, we can create lots of foam for cleaning. And it also provides a lot of car washes in just a one-gallon bottle.

Moreover, it’s also eco-friendly, as it doesn’t contain harmful CFCs and solvents and is biodegradable.

It has a minor downside: it doesn’t always allow touchless washing, as it depends on how much dirt is on a car.
  • High foaming ability lessens cleaning effort and prevents scratches
  • Does not Stripping protective coatings with pH balance
  • Does not leave spots and residues
  • Pleasant honeydew melon scent
  • High concentration allows a lot of car washes in just a one-gallon bottle
  • Eco-friendly car wash soap, CFC and solvent-less, and biodegradable
  • Might require scrubbing for super stubborn marks
The Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash is one of the best options for a highly capacious foaming soap that can lessen cleaning efforts.

3. Karcher Pressure Washer Car Wash Soap

Here we have another one from the reputed pressure washer car soap manufacturer, Karcher. It often comes in a one-quart bottle that’s suitable for car owners who don’t wash their car much.

Its attached measuring cup is one feature that sets this solution apart from many car wash products. It offers the added convenience of a built-in measuring reservoir for dispensing the soap precisely when washing. It’s probably my favorite thing about the bottle.

With this one-quart bottle of concentrated car wash soap, car owners can get approximately five gallons of soapy water for many car washing turns. Therefore, we can ultiize the solution to clean our car for two months or so.

Basically, this is a smaller-sized option of the earlier mentioned Karcher pressure washer car wash soap.

Therefore, we can expect the same clear coating-safe, satisfactory cleaning results. It will provide decent foaming that restores car shine while still being safe for the environment as a biodegradable formula.

One downside of this rather well-formulated cleaner is its versatility. I noticed that it’s not that good at cleaning some car accessories, especially the cleaning wheels.
  • Small one-quart bottle for convenient use
  • Concentrated soap worth five gallons of soapy water for many car washes
  • Safe use of clear coating
  • Good cleaning results with decent foaming
  • Biodegradable and safe product
  • Built-in measuring reservoir for dispensing the accurate amount of soap
  • Not as good as a wheel cleaner in cleaning wheels
From my experience, the Karcher Vehicle Wash and Wax would suffice if only a smaller amount of car wash soap is needed. Its cleaning power for the car exterior is reliable.

4. Sun Joe SPX-APC1G Pressure Washer Cleaner + Degreaser

The Sun Joe SPX-APC1G Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Cleaner + Degreaser is a multipurpose pressure washer-rated cleaning product that works well in washing cars.

This solution can give a car just enough foam for pressure washing. I love that this pressure washer soap can be used for various things like brick walls, wooden surfaces, driveways, cars, etc., which allows many cleaning tasks with just one bottle.

This soap can cover an entire car with a light, lasting foam that, when left to sit on the car’s body for a bit, could loosen the contaminants off the surface. Therefore, I am guaranteed car cleaning with little effort.

Plus, this car cleaner also has a nice smell, a bit like pineapple, making for pleasant car washing. I always go for a type of cleaner that does not emit too-strong chemical scents since my kids are often around to watch me.

To use this for a car, only as little as a capful would be diluted with two liters for pouring into the detergent tank. It’s that concentrated. It’s also nice that it’s biodegradable.

Just a small warning, make sure to wipe the car dry after washing it to prevent water spots or film from forming on the car’s paint.
  • Light, lasting foam loosens contaminants off the surface, allowing car cleaning
  • Nice pineapple scent makes pleasant car washing
  • Concentrated formula allowing only the use of two capfuls of the soap
  • Multipurpose cleaning product for brick, metal, etc
  • Biodegradable and safe cleaner
  • May leave water spots or film when the car is not wiped dry
As a trusty multipurpose cleaner, the Sun Joe SPX-APC1G Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Cleaner + Degreaser can deliver great car cleaning results. Such versatility indeed makes the product stand out.

5. Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II Car Wash Soap

Another one from Chemical Guys on our list is the CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II. It delivers the signature generous, thick, cleansing foam that smells incredible and leaves no water spots that Chemical Guys always provides.

A viscous lather is generated when applied to a car, whether with a wash bucket, foam cannon, foam gun, or pressure washer. And it’s highly concentrated that it only takes 1-3 ounces of this for a 32-ounce detergent tank.

The foam lasts and sticks to the car’s body, lifting and lubricating dirt particles as they get wiped off with the microfiber wash mitt or microfiber towel. That makes cleaning easier and prevents contaminants from scratching the car’s paint job.

It quickly and effectively cuts through stubborn dirt. As my cars are often subjected to tree sap, bird drops, and even road grime, a strong cleaner like this should be a huge help.

The notable thing is, it’s still gentle for cleaning since it’s a pH-neutral formula. Theus, this pressure car wash doesn’t strip protective coatings like car wax, glaze, and sealant. Its pH balance also allows car washing under direct sunlight without causing water spots.

Also helping in preventing spots are the water softeners included in it. And like all the other car wash products from Chemical Guys, it smells nice. It even comes with three different scents, which are cherry, grape rush, and strawberry margarita.

However, it won’t work well as a touchless car wash on a very dirty car. It’s better to wipe the car with a wash mitt still.
  • Generous, thick, long-lasting, cleansing foam for easier and scratch-free wash
  • High concentration, requiring only 1-3 ounces of it in a 32-ounce detergent tank
  • Lifts stubborn dirt, bird drops, and other hard saps, splatters
  • PH balance for non-stripping of protective coatings
  • Includes water softeners for preventing spots
  • Comes in three scents: cherry, grape rush, and strawberry margarita
  • Won’t work well as a touchless car wash on a very dirty car
The Chemical Guys CWS_101 has the essential features a soap for pressure washer car should have to ensure an easy-to-achieve, scratch-free, spot-free shine cleaning.

6. Adam’s Mega Foam Car Wash Soap

The foamiest car wash soap on the market, the Adam’s VAR-MGA Car Shampoo, makes a great pressure washer car detergent. In addition, it leaves the car spotless. It doesn’t detriment a car’s protective coatings and plastic and rubber components.

I find it amazing that for a not-so-thick but runny pressure washer detergent. The cleaner can result in significant amounts of thick foam once used with any foaming tool.

Moreover, its runny consistency allows the use of every last drop from the measuring cup. It makes mixing it with water much easier than any product I have used.

It is one of the most innovative car care products using advanced cleaners, hyper surfactants, and super slick polymers. Therefore, I am not surprised that the cleaner emerges into thick, long-lasting, lubricating foam.

Furthermore, the foam breaks up and loosens contaminants off the surface, then provides lubrication for wiping without leaving scratches on the car paint.

Another thing that sets this apart from other car wash soaps is that it’s ten times more concentrated than typical car wash soaps, making it last longer.

When using this, protective coatings such as car wax, sealant, and ceramic coating won’t be shed off, and plastic and rubber components won’t get dried out. That’s because it’s a pH-neutral formula that’s gentle for cleaning.

Also aiding in spot prevention is its capability of suspending minerals in the water. And to top off all those great advantages, this pressure washer detergent has a sweet bubblegum scent. However, it is worth noting that such a quality cleaner is quite costly.
  • Thick foam loosens contaminants and provides lubrication without scratches
  • Runny consistency to easily mix it with water
  • 10 times more concentrated than the typical car wash soaps
  • PH neutral formula gentle and safe for cleaning
  • Mineral suspending capability that aids in water spot prevention
  • Sweet bubblegum scent
  • A rather high-priced product
The Adam’s VAR-MGA Car Wash Soap is a high-quality car shampoo that ensures a spot-free cleaning with less effort.

7. Mission Automotive Pressure Washer Vehicle Soap

The Mission Automotive Pressure Washer Vehicle Soap is a highly concentrated soap that effectively cleans off contaminants from a car without leaving any residue. This product could either be used as a pre-wash or for touchless washing.

This pressure washer soap’s high concentration can make up approximately 12 gallons of soap for regular car washing with a pressure washer. It only takes two capfuls for making a gallon of soapy water or one and a half caps for a foam gun. I deem it a good product to last a long time.

And it exudes a nice fragrance that smells pleasant while washing a car. Besides, the car wash is safe on every part of the car exterior, including clear coats, gel coats, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and fiberglass.

It’s also a biodegradable formula that’s safe for the environment. Therefore, I can wash my car without worrying about its chemicals geting into the water source.

The product is so effective in cleaning that it quickly penetrates contaminants on a car. My car can just even be rinsed down afterward and turn out clean.

One downside is that it isn’t so foamy compared to other car wash soaps.
  • Concentrated formula to make about 12 gallons of soap for regular car washing
  • Excludes a nice fragrance while washing a car
  • Safe on car exteriors: clear coats, gel coats, aluminum, plastic, rubber, fiberglass
  • Biodegradable formula for safe use
  • Effective in cleaning that it quickly penetrates contaminants on a car
  • Not a very foaming car wash soap
A highly concentrated and effective car wash detergent for pressure washer like the Mission Automotive Pressure Washer Soap can provide many car washes with great results.

8. Adam’s CWS Car Shampoo

Everything we need in a pressure washer detergent for cars can be found in the Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo. This pressure washer detergent for cars got car owners covered in every aspect of car washing, from the great foaming action down to safety on the entire car body and environment.

Due to its great formulation consisting of advanced cleaners and polymers, this car Wash Shampoo can emerge on a car body as thick, lasting, efficient foam with any foaming tool. I tried several washing methods, and it worked every time.

What it does is that the foam adheres to the surface and provides excellent lubrication. Therefore, it cleans off contaminants effectively, quickly, and safely without scratching the car’s paint job.

Apart from on a car’s exterior surfaces, it’s also safe for the environment, as it’s biodegradable. Adding to its safety is its pH balance which allows it to clean without harming my car’s protective coatings.

And this versatile cleaner can work on all exterior car surfaces, including paintwork, glass, headlights, plastics, rubber, vinyl, etc.

Its pH balance also allows usage under the sun without causing water spots. It’s also reinforced with mineral suspending properties to ensure no water spots form on the car. And this comes in a sweet scent of wild berry.

However, a wheel and tire cleaner would do a better job when it comes to brake dust and tire grease.
  • Thick, lasting, efficient foam that provides excellent lubrication
  • Cleans contaminants without scratching the car’s paint
  • PH balance allows cleaning without harming protective coatings
  • Usable for paintwork, glass, headlights, plastics, rubber, vinyl, etc.
  • Mineral suspending properties to ensure that no water spots
  • Has a sweet scent of wild berry
  • Biodegradable product
  • Not the best product for brake dust and tire grease
With its many convenient features for car cleaning with a pressure washer, this cleaner is one of the good car wash shampoo options that would make the job easy and safe.

9. Griot’s Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish Car Wash

The Griot’s Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish Car Wash is not just any soap; I deem it a miracle worker. It performs well as a pressure washer car detergent with its capability of producing loads of foam that cleans off tough dirt while adding shine.

This strong soap foams thickly when sprayed on the car body using a pressure washer or with attachments such as the foam cannon and foam gun. Its thick foam can effectively get rid of hard-to-remove dirt such as bugs, road grit, road salt, caked-on dirt, etc.

Through its foaming action, contaminants would be lifted off vehicle surfaces and lubricated well in every wipe. That makes the cleaning process much easier for any car owner and keeps the paint from getting scratched.

I love that it cleans well and contains special brighteners that can give a car a brilliant shine as it cleans. And during the cleaning process, pre-existing car wax or sealant remains intact, as it doesn’t harm protective coatings since it’s a pH-neutral formula.

This product is also safe for the environment since it’s biodegradable. And while it works its magic, it also gives off a pleasant scent of bubblegum.

All these advantages above can be enjoyed for as long as approximately six months since it’s a concentrated formula, even with regular weekly washes. For a gallon of water, I only use one ounce of the car wash.

However, I have a minor issue with the bottle’s cap as it does not seem to close very tightly.
  • Thick foam that effectively removes stubborn dirt and contaminants
  • Special brighteners that can give a car a brilliant shine
  • PH neutral formula safe on protective coatings
  • A biodegradable cleaner with a pleasant scent of bubblegum
  • Concentrated formula that would last approximately six months
  • The cap does not close very tightly
A brilliant finish indeed can be achieved with Griot’s Garage Car Wash, as it delivers fantastic cleaning results with good care for car paint.

10. Rain-X 620034-6PK Spot Free Car Wash

Well, little to no scrubbing or wiping when washing a car with a pressure washer car soap is one thing. But the Rain-X Car Wash also ensures no water spots even without towel drying.

I find such a feature so convenient since it saves me time. It uses advanced water sheening technology to turn the water on a car sheet off. Therefore, the car can quickly air dry without any towel drying, making cleaning easier for even beginners.

And, of course, adding to the ease of cleaning is its high foaming action that effectively cuts through contaminants, allowing the ease of wiping surfaces clean. Its foaminess also keeps the paint from being scratched.

Protective coatings and all exterior car surfaces would also be unharmed when it’s in use as it’s a pH-neutral formula. That’s why this product is suitable for professional use.

Plus, it also leaves a protective, water-repellent coating. However, it does not work well on a car that had been recently waxed or had any other protective coating recently applied. The car wouldn’t be spot-free, but the protective coating wouldn’t be harmed.
  • Advanced water sheening technology for water spot-free results
  • Easier cleaning process minus towel drying
  • High foaming action to cut through stains,
  • Keeps the paint from being scratched
  • PH neutral formula safe on protective coatings and car exterior
  • Leaves a protective, water-repellent coating
  • Spot-free cleaning is not effective for freshly coated and waxed cars
In my opinion, The Rain-X Spot Free Car Wash is a fantastic car soap for spot-free cleaning results. I never worry when using this product for my old or new vehicle.

11. Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax

The Mothers cleaner is a high-quality mixture of car wash soap and carnauba wax. I was a little surprised by its price, but the solution offers a quick and easy good cleaning, leaving a brilliant shine on my car.

Plus, it delivers substantial cleansing foam when used with a pressure washer, foam cannon, or foam gun, making it a versatile car wash and wax for pressure washer.

With this highly foamy car wash soap, I can dissolve and loosen the stuck dirts, mostly from bird droppings and grimes off the surface. I notice that the foam is also very slick and that dirt would be well-lubricated for wiping off.

The notable thing is, that the car paintwork was not scratched. It works tremendously but gently without stripping off existing wax, as it comes with a balanced pH level.

While it works on the contaminants, it also boosts protection and enhances the shine in a car with the carnauba wax it leaves to bond with the paintwork. So it helps keep a vehicle protected and well-maintained with a clean shine between regular waxings.

However, although it does a great job as a car wash and wax soap, not wiping the car dry after washing with this could leave some water spots. So I always make sure to always wipe the car dry after cleaning it.
  • Thick, slick foam that effectively dissolves and loosens hard stains
  • Does not scratch the car coatings
  • PH balance allows gentle cleaning without stripping off existing wax
  • Protects and enhances the shine of a car
  • Leaves a clean shine in between regular waxings
  • Not wiping the car dry after washing with this could leave some water spots
  • A high-priced product
I get fantastic cleaning results along with excellent protection in the Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax. TIt is indeed a good car wash soap for pressure washer that also protects with actual carnauba wax.

12. Wash Chems Pro 50 Touchless Car Wash Soap

The Wash Chems Pro 50 Touchless Car Wash Soap must be one of the most potent cleaners I have used, as it works for stubborn grime and road dirt.

In fact, it’s a heavy-duty cleaner that can take on the bigger, dirtier vehicles such as trucks, trailers, buses, trains, ATVs, UTVs, off-road vehicles, and industrial equipment apart from the ordinary car. I often use this agent with a 3000psi pressure washer, and it proves to be effective, much more so than previous products I used to wash my truck.

I noticed that once sprayed on a vehicle, it would form a dense foam on the surface. Then, it takes some time to dissolve and emulsify dirt, muck, grease, and grime. I love that it can be left on a vehicle to remove dirt without much scrubbing on my part.

It contains active alkaline concentrate and traffic film remover (TFR), making it highly effective in cleaning. .

But it’s not so harsh that it won’t harm ceramic coatings or car wraps. Indeed, the solution does not scratch my truck’s exteriors or make the coating colors fade. It also even leaves a protective film for vehicles’ paint, metal, plastic, and rubber.

Apart from being able to thoroughly and safely clean a vehicle, it also makes the car shiny after the washing. And one can get several touchless washes with this since its concentration is times 10 of the typical car wash soap.

It just has a side effect: it tends to stain chrome wheels. So if a vehicle has chrome wheels, we should rinse the cleaner off well.
  • Heavy-duty use for trucks, trailers, buses, trains, ATVs, UTVs, off-road vehicles
  • Dense foam dissolves dirt, muck, grease, and grime
  • Contains active alkaline concentrate and traffic film remover (TFR)
  • Not so harsh, no harm to ceramic coatings and car wraps
  • Protective film for vehicles’ paint, metal, plastic, and rubber
  • More concentrated than typical car wash soaps by 10 times
  • Can stain chrome wheels if not rinsed properly
For washing large and dirty vehicles, the Wash Chems Pro 50 would be the best car wash soap for pressure washer.

What to Look for When Buying Car Wash Soap for Pressure Washer


When you’re washing your car with a car cleaning pressure washer, you don’t simply use just any soap.

We need to use only the top-rated car wash soap for the job to get desirable results. Here’re some of the features we should pay attention to when picking a suitable product.

Abundant Foam Generation

One important feature we should look for in a car soap for pressure washer is a high suds capacity. It must be able to generate abundant amounts of foam because the main purpose is to cover the entire car with foam that would lift and lubricate the dirt particles and other contaminants off the car for a less effortful cleaning.

The abundance of foam will allow cleaning without applying much elbow grease and may even enable touchless washing, keeping the vehicle from getting scratched.

Make sure you check out the product’s description and reviews to see if it’s a good foaming car shampoo.

PH Balance

It’s important to always check the pH level of a car wash soap before buying. The car wash soap has a balanced pH level, which makes it safe for car washing. It’s gentle enough not to corrode car paint or harm other surfaces, including the glossy coating.

Therefore, buying car wash soap products with a neutral-pH level is advisable for your car’s exteriors.


The car soap would also be a concentrated formula that will allow you to get a lot of washes in one bottle and last longer.

Also, if you want to wash large vehicles like SUVs, trucks, RVs, and more, it is best to pick a concentrated shampoo.

Ease of Use

Using a foam car wash for pressure washer is supposed to make car cleaning easier, so you must go with a product that wouldn’t make the job difficult.

Most importantly, the soap for the pressure washer would do most of the cleaning for you through its high suds capacity. It will also allow usage without additional supplies like a wash mitt or towel as you want a touchless car wash.

Protective Properties

The car wash soap would also be protective not to harm a car’s paint and the environment, such as the plants and bodies of water it can end up in and even humans and pets.

A car soap’s safety of use on car surfaces is as important as its safety to the environment. So it must be biodegradable and non-toxic as well.

Moreover, it would be of great convenience if a car soap also protects paintwork from the elements that also helps enhance its shine with a bright, fresh look.

Can I Use Car Wash Soap in Pressure Washer


The answer depends on whether car wash soaps are applicable for the pressure washer, as pressure washers usually come with different features.

Ideally, a pressure washer for washing a car should have a PSI of at least 1,200-1900, an assortment of interchangeable tips or an adjustable nozzle for adjusting pressure, and a detergent tank suitable for car cleaning solutions.

Also, it would be good to have a large enough tank to hold the adequate amount of solution for car cleaning, so you wouldn’t have to keep refilling it.

What Kind of Soap Do You Use in a Pressure Washer for Car

There are various car cleaning agents, soaps, and detergents, but not all are suitable for pressure washer or foam lance use. You have to check a car cleaning product’s description if it’s applicable to it.

So when it comes to your car cleaning solution, ensure that it is indeed for pressure washing for safe use and best results.

Dish soap or laundry detergent are not ideal for daily wash, let alone professional wash. Most regular car soaps are incompatible and wouldn’t work with pressure washers. Because to get rid of all sorts of contaminants with regular car wash soap, it has to be agitated in water, applied on a car, rubbed around the surface, and rinsed off.

Also, using regular car wash soap in a pressure washer would result in a lot of bubbling and foaming, damaging its nozzle, unlike specialized detergents formulated for proper and safe use with just the right amount of foam.

Apart from the specialized car wash soaps for pressure washing, there are also other options you can use, such as all-purpose detergents, degreasers, and vehicle detergents, provided that they’re applicable for pressure washers.

All-purpose detergents would work well in cleaning any dirt, filth, stains, etc off cars. While degreasers would easily and effectively clean caked-on stains of grease and oil on cars. And vehicle detergents, as specialized vehicle cleaners, could very well tackle dirt, road film, and road salt.

How to Make Car Wash Soap for Pressure Washer

With the pressure washer being a costly investment, it’s understandable that you may want to save some money by making your car wash soap. Or perhaps you just ran out of soap and needed a quick alternative that’s available at home.

Whatever your situation is, there are some recipes for DIY car wash soap that you can make with items readily available at home. See them below.


This recipe is the eco-friendly one among all the options and is also gentle to the paint, glass, rubbers, and plastics. It’s made by pouring a third of a cup of distilled white vinegar into a container and a gallon of water. If your car is very dirty, pour in 14 cups of eco-friendly liquid soap.

Dish Soap

This recipe is good for several car washes and can be stored in the fridge for future use. In a one-gallon bottle, pour 14 cups of dish soap, one teaspoon of borax, and warm water, and thoroughly mix them.

Then combine a cup of the concentrated solution in a pail of water, and it’s ready for use.


With the best car wash soap for pressure washers, you’re guaranteed to have a scratch-free car that shines in every wash. You can achieve it much easier too.

Although there are DIY solutions that you can create, it’s still best to go with a specialized soap. So keep in mind the needed features for the best car soap for the job.

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