The Best Car Wash Soaps for Black Cars

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best car wash soap for black cars

Owning a classy, elegant black car comes with the price of regularly giving it a thorough clean. We must protect the shiny look from contaminants and scratches or swirl marks, which can be easily spotted on black cars, even from far away.

Therefore, it is important to have the best car wash soap for black cars for gentle cleaning. It can ensure no scratches or dullness but just a clean, vibrant shine. Some might not know that there are types of car wash soap formulated to add a layer of protection.

When you’re going through car wash products for black cars to select the best product for you, there are three main factors that you must consider:

  • PH-balanced – A car wash soap must have a balanced pH level of 7. This pH level is safe for use on a car without stripping off any protective layer or degrading the car’s paint.

Any pH level higher or lower than 7 would be too harsh and damaging.

  • Generation of foam and/or suds – Much foam and suds are needed for an effective, efficient, and gentle car cleaning.

They help lift and lubricate the dirt and road grime off the surface, which would allow a thorough, easy cleaning process while preventing contaminants from scratching the paintwork.

  • Water spot and streak-free formula – Low-quality car wash soaps tend to leave them after car washing. So you must make sure to choose a high-quality soap that will not leave any water spots or streaks to not waste any effort in cleaning and redoing the process.

If you go on Reddit, popular suggestions will be the Meguiar’s Gold Class and Chemical Guys Mr. Pink.

But what exactly is the best car wash soap mostly depends on your cleaning needs, which the buying guide will discuss. That’s why there are a variety of soaps differing in features here to choose from.

  Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Optimum No Rinse Wash

Meguiar’s G7101FFP

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink

Feature 1 ✅ Prevents water spots by softening water ✅ Cleaning and conditioning in one step ✅ No residue after car washing
Feature 2 ✅ Modified polymers allow scratch-free car washing ✅ Can be used with a foam cannon or foam gun and for hand washing ✅ Usable with a foam cannon or foam gun
Feature 3 ✅ Pleasant smell and environmentally-friendly ✅ Generates a lot of suds and foam for thorough and easy cleaning ✅ Decent sudsiness and foaminess that prevents scratches
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Top 11 Car Wash Soap for Black Cars Reviews

1. Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine

I find water spots and scratches such a nuisance to care for when having a black car. That’s why, for me, the No Rinse Wash and Shine from Optimum was such a great buy. This car wash solution can tackle water spots and further damage from them, as it’s capable of softening water.

It allows thorough and scratch-free cleaning because of its modified polymers. The polymers provide much lubrication for cleaning off surface dirt and preventing scratches from washing down to drying. They also help make the car more glossy after car washing.

I find it convenient that it allows a two-step car washing process that only involves cleaning with the solution and drying with just one to two gallons of water.

Its general no-rinse cleaning process allows car washing inside the garage with the car kept safe from the elements, especially during the cold winter months or any time preferred. Moreover, it has a nice scent that makes for pleasant car washing. It also helps lessen water pollution, as there would be no run-off flowing down the storm drains.

For anyone considering this product for their black cars, it is good to know that its formula is compatible with rubber, glass, plastic, and even leather.

However, along with its great benefits are also some things we should know. First, while it generally doesn’t require rinsing, I find that a pre-rinse would be necessary for a car with tough caked-on dirt.

And it tends to freeze and smear when car washing amidst very low temperatures outside, so it’s best to use it in the shade.
  • Prevents water spots by softening water
  • Modified polymers allow scratch-free car washing
  • Easier two-step cleaning process to save water, 2 gallon only
  • Pleasant smell and environmentally-friendly
  • A versatile product compatible with rubber, glass, plastic, and even leather
  • Requires a pre-rinse for tough dirt
  • Tends to freeze and smear at very low temperatures
All in all, for hassle-free cleaning without water spots and scratches, the Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine is a black vehicle car wash that could do the trick.

2. Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash

We all can agree that a black car looks its best when it’s clean and shiny. I find out that I can achieve that with the Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash in just one wash, even without waxing. It even prevents scratches.

From my experience, cleaning contaminants off a car and making it look shiny becomes more accessible with this car shampoo. I can just apply it either with a foam cannon or foam gun or by hand using a microfiber wash mitt and wipe away. Then, the surface will be cleaned and conditioned, showing a lustrous black shine.

I like that it’s very foamy when used with a foam cannon or foam gun and very sudsy when used for hand washing. Its dilution ratio of one ounce of the solution to one gallon of water for hand washing creates a highly foamy consistency.

And with just 100 ml of the solution for a foam cannon, I can also create much foam. That makes it work well in lifting even the toughest contaminants off the car’s surface and, at the same time, preventing them from scratching the paintwork.

Although powerful, it’s gentle on car wax, as it doesn’t strip off previously applied wax on a car. Along with its effective, gentle cleaning is a pleasant smell like hair shampoo.

It comes from a well-reputed car care products brand, Meguiar’s, which delivers great results. However, it’s more expensive compared to others in the market.
  • Cleaning and conditioning in one step
  • Can be used with a foam cannon or foam gun and for hand washing
  • Generates a lot of suds and foam for thorough and easy cleaning
  • Sudsy and foamy consistency prevents scratches
  • A PH-balanced formula that doesn’t strip wax off
  • A high-price product compared to other car washes
This Meguiar Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is a highly recommendable black vehicle soap for ease in car cleaning and adding shine while keeping car paint protected.

3. Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap CWS_402

Isn’t it annoying when just after doing a thorough car wash, there’d be residue and scratches left on the surface? Thankfully, the Chemical Guys CWS_402 Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap eliminates those problems.

I am surprised that no residue would be leftover from car washing with this car wash soap, as it gets rinsed off completely, leaving only a clean surface.

And what allows this car wash shampoo to effectively remove dirt from a car is its hyper surfactants. They enable the generation of lots of thick foam when used with a foam cannon or foam gun and generous amounts of suds when used for hand washing.

For a foam cannon, I suggest using only two ounces of the solution, while for hand washing, it requires one ounce for a five-gallon bucket.

It potently works on contaminants by lifting, capturing, and lubricating them away. That allows ease in wiping away the contaminants while also making cleaning gentle on the surface, thus preventing scratching.

As a gentle pH-balanced car care soap, it doesn’t strip off the existing protective layer on a car, whether wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. Such a pH-balanced formula is safe for use on every part of a car, from the car paint down to the wheels.

Apart from its desirable cleaning features, I also like its strawberry or bubblegum-like scent. But one downside that must be taken note of for a foam consistency is using a pressure washer with a PSI over 1700.
  • No residue after car washing
  • Usable with a foam cannon or foam gun and for hand washing
  • Thorough and easy cleaning with plenty of suds and foam
  • Decent sudsiness and foaminess that prevents scratches
  • The PH-balanced formula is gentle on coating and compatible with all car parts
  • Spot-free car washing under the sun with its pH balance
  • Requires 1700 PSI for best foaming consistency
The Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap would be a car soap for black cars that can be used with a foam cannon or for hand washing.

4. Turtle Wax T-472R ICE Wash and Wax

From years of experience, what I am sure about keeping a black car in its best condition is don’t stop at cleaning it. We must also take the extra step of adding shine and a layer of protection.

Many car owners will agree with me about this; that’s why the Turtle Wax T-472R ICE Wash and Wax is a popular choice. It delivers good cleaning results with its surfactants and lubricating agents present in its formula.

It would foam up well with just a one-ounce to one-gallon solution and water ratio for diluting. The foam would encapsulate and loosen contaminants, which helps prevent scratches. And it comes with a lovely scent.

I find it great that it also adds shine and protection apart from cleaning. Surface conditioners are also included to add shine to the car paint and give it that newly waxed look.

This car soap is also formulated with Turtle Wax’s Smart Shield Technology. Hence, layers of synthetic polymers interlock and create a protective barrier, which at the same time also helps to enhance natural shine.

Another great characteristic that helps keep a car protected is that it doesn’t strip off existing wax and sealant coatings since it’s a gentle pH-balanced solution. However, while it does the job, it doesn’t create many suds.
  • Lubricates to prevent scratches
  • Makes a car shine with a newly waxed look with surface conditioner
  • Foam up well with just a one-ounce to one-gallon solution and water
  • Smart Shield Technology provides a layer of protection
  • A balanced pH level keeps wax and sealant intact
  • Not much suds
The Turtle Wax T-472R ICE Wash and Wax make a great car wash for black cars not only for its fantastic job in cleaning and adding shine but also in providing protection.

5. Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam

We all know that abundant foam or suds is very important when washing a black car, especially when it’s very soiled with tough and caked-on dirt.

But in the search for an excellent car wash soap for black paint that delivers loads of foam and suds, the Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap would be the answer.

It’s another soap from Chemical Guys that won’t disappoint. Still, it’s foamier and sudsier thanks to its very powerful hyper surfactants that allow it to create billions of bubbles.

Like the previous soap from Chemical Guys, it’s a concentrated formula that requires only a little amount for dilution, whether for hand washing or using a foam gun or a foam cannon.

It’s a nice, honeydew-smelling soap that’s capable of intense cleaning. It would cut through, lift, and lubricate the contaminants, making cleaning easier and keeping the paint surface safe from scratches.

I am as impressed by its cleaning capability as its water spot preventing capability and residue-less results after car washing.

Furthermore, it’s pH-balanced, so it won’t harm any kind of protective coating on a car. And, it also allows safe use on all parts of a car’s exterior and spot-free car washing amidst the sun’s heat. And it’s an environmentally safe, biodegradable solution.

Just a heads up on one downside of this product: a tire cleaner would do a better job of cleaning wheels than this one.
  • Creates abundant, thick foam and suds
  • Usable with a foam cannon, foam gun, and hand washing
  • Easy, scratch-free car washing with thick foam and suds
  • Water spot-free car washing with water softeners
  • A PH-balanced formula that’s safe on protective coating and any part of a car
  • Residue-free, environmentally safe and pleasant smell
  • Not the best for cleaning wheels
If a black car often gets heavily soiled, I would say the Chemical Guys CWS_110 HoneyDew would be the solution.

6. Rain-X 620034 Spot Free Car Wash

Oftentimes, towel drying is necessary when washing cars to avoid getting water spots on them. But, I can leave out that part when using this Rain-X Spot Free Car Wash.

Through its high-tech rinsing polymers with water sheening properties, it would cause water from the surface to sheet off. I like how that makes for quick air drying without having to towel dry and getting water spots on the car.

Furthermore, its foaming properties can be activated by combining just an ounce of it with one gallon of water. It will cut through contaminants and deliver a clean shine.

It also works safely on any part of a car and wouldn’t strip off existing wax, as it’s a pH-balanced solution.

Apart from its effective and safe cleaning, this product also has other good features that make it stand out among my other choices. First of all, I find it smells pleasant, which is a breath of fresh air, literally, after my old car wash. Besides, it’s also biodegradable.

However, a car’s condition may also affect the results. So one downside this car wash has is that it may leave spots on a vehicle if a protective coating of any kind has been recently applied onto it. But the protective coating will not be affected.
  • High-tech rinsing polymers allow car washing without towel drying
  • Easy and quick car washing
  • High foaming properties to cut through contaminants and leave a shine
  • Balanced pH level that makes it safe on wax and any part of a car
  • Biodegradable product with a nice smell
  • May leave spots on a vehicle with a recently applied protective coating.
The Rain-X 620034 Spot Free Car Wash is the quick, spot-free option for a car wash for black paint that would suit those who want a thorough clean done fast.

7. Meguiar’s G17748 Ultimate Wash & Wax

Keeping a black car protected is just as important as keeping it clean. Still, I found out that while many car wash solutions are advertised as wash and wax products, they don’t all have car wax.

However, the Meguiar’s G17748 Ultimate Wash & Wax is the real deal, providing actual carnauba wax and synthetic polymers in a pH-balanced formula safely used on a car.

Some wash and wax products only give a car the illusion of a waxed look by making it shiny using surface conditioners. So I like how this wash and wax product from Meguiar’s does not just add shine but also real wax protection with carnauba wax.

The wax would remain on the surface after car washing, so it helps keep a car protected in between regular wax applications.

On top of the additional protection it provides, it’s also pH-balanced, so it also keeps the wax that has been previously applied on a car’s surface unharmed.

Regarding its cleaning capability, great amounts of foam and suds can be created with just a one-ounce to one-gallon solution to water ratio. Its great foam and sud generation allows it to effectively lift and lubricate contaminants off the car and help prevent them from scratching my car’s paint.

It also has a pleasant lemon cake-like smell. And I can get it rinsed off the surface without any residue leftover.

However, while it’s a quality product from a well-reputed brand, it also has some downsides. Mainly, it doesn’t come cheap, and it’s not available in gallon-sized bottles.
  • Comes with carnauba wax and synthetic polymers
  • Add shines and protect the car surfaces
  • PH balanced, so it doesn’t harm wax
  • Usable with a foam cannon or foam gun and for hand washing
  • Great amounts of foam and suds allow thorough, easy, and scratch-free cleaning
  • No residue left on the vehicle surfaces
  • Available at a high price
The Meguiar’s G17748 Ultimate Wash & Wax is a great option for a high-quality car wash soap for black paintwork that not only cleans but also adds actual wax protection.

8. Mothers 05602 California Gold Car Wash

In addition to unsightly contaminants that are very much noticeable on a black car, dulling and scratches on the paintwork can really ruin a black car’s aesthetic. But with Mothers 05602 California Gold Car Wash, those three things would be the least of a black car owner’s concerns.

I find it impressive how this is a powerful car wash soap that can tackle all kinds of contaminants, even those hard to remove, like bird droppings, bug residues, and cement-like substances.

But I also like that despite this solution’s strength in cleaning, it works without removing the existing wax on the paintwork or dulling it. And it’s a pH-balanced solution, which assures that it’s safe for regular car washing.

With just an ounce of it per one gallon of water, it can create lots of suds that effectively clean off contaminants, which also help keep the paint job from getting scratched.

It also prevents the formation of water spots while it’s at it. And it rinses clean, so the outcome is a brilliant shine even without the additional step of applying any wax or polish.

On top of that, it has a pleasant, mild scent. Overall, this solution works wonderfully. But having it exposed to high temperatures can be an inconvenience, as it can result in an internal chemical change.
  • Doesn’t remove wax and dull paintwork due to pH balance
  • A balanced pH level makes it safe for regular car washing
  • Powerful cleaning with lots of suds
  • A sudsy solution that prevents scratches
  • Rinses clean without ugly streaks on the car’s paint
  • Internal chemical change amidst high temperatures
Mothers California Gold Car Wash is a good car wash soap for black paintwork that wouldn’t just clean a black car but keep it in overall good condition.

9. Chemical Guys CWS_301SW Citrus Wash & Gloss Foaming

When a black car is heavily soiled, a heavy-duty car wash soap would be required for a thorough clean. But we cannot risk hurting the car’s paint job. Therefore, this Chemical Guys Car Wash Soap’s formula can be an excellent choice.

It is indeed a powerful car wash soap, capable of cleaning a car that’s terribly covered with contaminants, even the toughest ones to remove. Due to its citrus base and concentration, it can penetrate and lift the soils with ease.

Furthermore, this citrus-scented soap can deliver great cleaning results with just as little as one ounce for hand washing and two ounces for a foam cannon. Whether using a foam cannon, foam gun, or the two-bucket method, I can create thick foam or suds with this. The result is a clean, scratch-free car.

This hard-working formula allows easy and quick cleaning on any exterior car part, whether the car paint, metals, rims, wheels, tires, etc. and even the undercarriage.

Moreover, I like that its excellent cleaning performance is matched by its equally impressive gloss-enhancing ability that adds a touch of vibrance and shine, giving a car a waxed look.

However, being a very harsh soap, it’s more suitable to use when a car is really dirty. You can alternate it with a more gentle solution for the subsequent washing or washings after this one so that the paintwork won’t get harmed.
  • Citrus-based soap with high concentration to effectively remove the toughest soils
  • Can be used with a foam cannon or foam gun and for hand washing
  • Easy, thorough, and scratch-free cleaning with thick foam and suds
  • Can make paintwork vibrant and shiny due to the wash gloss
  • Workable on car paint, metals, rims, wheels, tires, etc
  • Not suitable for regular use
In my opinion, the Chemical Guys Citrus Wash Soap would be the go-to car wash soap for cleaning an extremely dirty black car.

10. Adam’s Polishes Car Shampoo

Apart from contaminants, water spots and scratches are no-nos, especially on a black car, since they would be obvious. So, here’s a particular car shampoo that’s great at preventing water spots and scratches – Adam’s Polishes D001 Car Shampoo.

This car shampoo prevents water spots by suspending the minerals in the water used for car washing. But more importantly, it’s a concentrated formula that provides the desired thickness for foam with the foam cannon or foam gun and for suds with the two-bucket method, which I like very much.

So this solution would effectively lift and lubricate contaminants off a car’s surface, which makes for a thorough cleaning and prevents the contaminants from scratching the car’s paint job.

Moreover, it’s pH-balanced, which makes it a gentle cleanser. Rubber, vinyl, and plastic parts won’t dry out under this shampoo’s washing. And protective coatings such as ceramic, wax, and sealant coating won’t get stripped off.

It’s also worth noting that it has a great wild berry scent. However, one downside is that while it’s great at cleaning the body of a car when it comes to brake dust and tire grease, it’s advisable to use a wheel and tire cleaner instead.
  • Suspends minerals in water to prevent water spots
  • Can be used with a foam cannon or foam gun and for hand washing
  • Easy, thorough, and scratch-free cleaning with thick foam and suds
  • Won’t dry out rubber, vinyl, and plastic parts
  • Won’t strip off any protective coating
  • Smells like wild berry, pleasant for use
  • Does not clean brake dust and tire grease as well as a wheel and tire cleaner
The Adam’s Polishes D001 Car Shampoo would be the best car shampoo for a gentle, effective car wash shampoo that won’t cause problems with water spots and scratches for a black car.

11. Kärcher Vehicle Wash & Wax

Indeed, most car owners often look for a quick, touch-free way to clean their car to make the job easier for them. A car wash solution that can allow that is Kärcher Vehicle Wash & Wax, and it even adds a layer of wax after car washing.

This wash and wax formula is a good option for car washing with a pressure washer. It is designed for use with a pressure washer and has universal compatibility with most consumer electric and gas pressure washers.

The soap would foam up very well and effectively lift dirt off a car’s surface, so no scrubbing would be necessary unless the car is very dirty.

I like that it allows quick, easy car washing by pre-rinsing the car, applying the foamy solution on the vehicle, and leaving it on the surface for one to two minutes. Then, I can rinse off the solution and finish by wiping the car dry.

Adding to its convenience is its grape scent, which makes for a nice car washing experience. And a total of 20 gallons of solution can be created with just one gallon of this formula. So a lot of car washes can be done with it.

It also works safely on any automotive finish as a clear, coat-safe, biodegradable formula. Just follow the product’s instructions for use to get good results.

However, don’t let the solution sit on the paintwork for too long to get dried by the sun, resulting in spotting.
  • Allows a quick, easy, touch-free car washing
  • Works well with a pressure washer, whether electric or gas-powered
  • Foams up well to lifts contaminants off a car’s surface and prevent scratches
  • No need for heavy scrubbing
  • Clear coat-safe and biodegradable formula
  • Jas a nice grape scent to it
  • May leave water spots if left on too long under the sun heat
This Kärcher Vehicle Wash & Wax is a formula that’s good for quick and easy touch-free car washing for black cars.

What to Look for When Buying Car Wash Soap for Black Cars


With so many options for car wash soaps for black cars in the market, searching among the various car cleaning products for black cars for the best one can be overwhelming.

But if you take the time to know the necessary factors for choosing the best wash soap for black cars, it would help make the task a bit easier. So take a look at the list of factors provided below.

  • PH-Balanced

The pH level of a car wash soap is an essential factor to consider because the wrong pH level can adversely affect a car’s paint job.

If it’s too high, it’s too alkaline, and if it’s too low, it’s too acidic. And either would strip protective coatings such as wax, sealant, and ceramic coating of a car’s paintwork and degrade the paintwork.

The best car wash soap for black car’s paint should have a balanced pH level, which is 7, as it’s the safe pH level for car washing that won’t harm the paint surface.

  • Generation of Foam and/or Suds

The greater and thicker the amount of foam and/or suds a car wash soap can generate, the more effective, efficient, and gentle it is in cleaning a car.

The purpose of the foam and suds is to lift contaminants off the surface and lubricate them away. That would help lessen or even eliminate the effort of scrubbing, make car washing quicker, and prevent contaminants from scratching the paintwork.

So, the best car wash soap for black cars would be one that generates a lot of thick suds.

  • Shine and Color Enhancement

A car would look more attractive when it’s sparkling with a rich color. Some car wash soaps would make a car look dull or flat, though, which wouldn’t be so pleasing.

To get that desirable shine, get the best wash soap for black cars containing special ingredients, such as gloss and wax. They will add shine to your car’s paintwork and bring out its color for a shiny, vibrant finish.

  • Water Spot and Streak-Free Formula

Avoid cheap, low-quality car washes. They tend to leave water spots or streaks on a car, especially as they would very much be noticeable on a black car.

They can leave your car looking dirty despite your effort of thoroughly cleaning your car. The best wash soap for black cars would be a high-quality product that wouldn’t leave water spots and streaks. Even some great options allow quick drying without leaving water spots or streaks behind.

  • Environment Friendliness

Apart from a car wash soap’s safety of use on a car, it would also be important to consider its safety towards the environment.

Especially since a car wash soap would be used on a regular basis, you should choose the best wash soap for black cars that’s environmentally friendly because those with harsh chemicals can harm the environment.

  • Concentration

A car wash soap concentration will determine how long the product will last. Moreover, its suggested dilution ratio should be followed for best cleaning results.

Some car soaps, for example, would require an ounce of the soap to be mixed with one to two gallons. Such a car wash shampoo provides an ample solution for car washing for only a small amount of soap.

An ideal soap for black cars would have a higher concentration. It would last longer, allowing you to get more car washes from it.

  • Scent

Even the scent is also something to consider when choosing a wash soap for black cars as it can also affect your car washing experience.

It can either make car washing pleasant with a nice fragrance or unbearable with an undesirable smell. Also, it can be a hassle if you are allergic to certain fragrances, especially when highly concentrated.

There are different options for scent, such as scentless, lightly scented, and highly concentrated scents.

  • Added Protection

Some of the best car wash soaps also include wax in their formula. This kind of car soap will help keep your car’s paintwork protected between waxings and keep it in good condition.

  • Bottle Size

The size of the bottle you should buy would depend on how often you prefer to wash your car and your budget. If you like to do car washing often, it would be ideal and practical to buy a bigger bottle. But if otherwise, then you can go with a smaller bottle.

  • Cost

High-quality car wash soaps often cost higher but are usually worth the price. However, some more affordable car wash soaps work effectively and are good quality.

Just choose one according to your budget and be careful in choosing a wash soap for black cars.

How Can I Clean My Black Car at Home


For best results in cleaning a black car with no scratches or residue, you must use the best car wash soap and proper cleaning tools and do the proper cleaning process.

  • A microfiber wash mitt/wash mitts
  • High-quality car wash soap
  • Foam cannon (optional),
  • A garden hose or pressure washer
  • Two buckets
  • Some grit guards and microfiber towels.

And the best method to use is the two-bucket method, wherein you use one bucket each for the soapy water and rinsing water.

The two-bucket method allows you to get rid of contaminants from a car safely by removing contaminants caught in the wash mitt in the designated rinsing bucket.

This will prevent the abrasive contaminants from being dragged back onto the surface, which could cause scratches.

It would also be advisable to use grit guards in each of the buckets to separate the abrasive contaminants in the bucket to help ensure scratch-free car washing.

It would also help to do a pre-soak with a foam cannon before doing the two-bucket method. Or it may also be possible just to do a touch-free car washing with a foam cannon if your car isn’t heavily soiled. Don’t forget to dry the car to prevent water spots.

How Often Should I Wash My Black Car

How often you should wash your black car depends on the conditions you drive it through, which would affect its cleanliness.

Like during winter, more frequent car washing is necessary to protect your car from the adverse side effects of the road salt used to prevent ice build-up that would end up on your car.

But amidst normal conditions, once a month would be advisable.

How Do You Keep a Black Car Shiny

The first thing to do is, of course, wash the car to remove the contaminants that are making it appear dull.

But to really give it a nice shine, you should also apply wax on it after car washing. Wax can bring out a vibrant shine in a car with its shine and color enhancing capabilities.

Moreover, it can also maintain a car’s rich luster with its protective capabilities. It can protect the paintwork from contaminants and the elements that may soil, dull, and damage the paintwork.

To always keep a car shiny and protected, it’s advisable to apply wax on your car every three months.

Is It Ok To Wash Car With Dish Soap

It may seem like a good idea to use the cheap and readily available dish soap in your house for w

ashing your car. Yes, it can also clean off contaminants on a car.

However, it can also adversely affect the paintwork, especially if you regularly use it for car washing.

You may not notice its effects immediately. But little by little, upon regular use, the wax on your car will wear away until the glossiness, and water-repelling effect on your car’s paintwork is lost.

That is because car wax is formulated with oily substances, similar to the grease in the dishes that dish soap washes away. So just like how dish soap effectively removes grease from the dishes, it would also strip off the wax on a car.

Can You Take a Black Car to an Automatic Carwash

There are two common types of automated car washes.

First is the traditional one, which uses spinning brushes, and the other is the touchless car wash, which uses high-pressure sprays. They are both quick solutions for car cleaning, but the former can be harmful, while the other is safer.

The touchless car wash is the safer option since it does not use those spinning brushes but only high-pressure sprays.

However, there are times that such automated car washes don’t clean off all the contaminants and may also leave water spots.

So the best option would always be hand washing with the best car wash soap or better, with a trusty car wash kit for black cars.


There is a wide range of options for car wash soaps in the market, each having different features and designed to cater to various cleaning needs. So what is the best car wash soap for black cars is a high-quality product that can suit your needs.

It should have a lot of suds and foam, great smell, shine-enhancing, protect paintwork, etc. So to get the right car wash soap for you, check if it has the features you need, and ensure that it’s indeed high-quality to achieve your desired cleanliness and sleekness for your black car.

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