5 Best Car Wash Franchise for Profitability in 2023

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best car wash franchiseOpening a car wash franchise is a promising business venture. With the support, business model, and supplies provided by a franchise, you’ll be well-equipped for a successful business operation that will profit from supplying the great demand for car washes.

You should carefully choose the best car wash franchise for your business. Go with a reputable brand with a proven business model and a loyal customer base. Also, make sure that they can properly provide training and assist in franchise development.

Some top car wash franchises you should consider are Super Wash, DetailXperts, Tommy’s Express, Fleet Clean USA, and Mr. Clean Car Wash.

Top Car Wash Franchises

The franchises listed below are currently among the best in the USA, with each boasting distinct strengths and catering to different needs. Check them out below to see which suits your business goals and financial capacity.

1. Super Wash


Total Investment $540,065 to $993,770
Franchise Fee $5,000 to $9,000
Liquidity $300,000 to $500,000
Royalty Fees Varies
When It Was Founded 1976
When It Started Franchising 2002
Estimated Number of Outlets 280

The first and biggest franchise on our list is Super Wash, which assisted in the development of over 700 car washes in total nationwide, with 280 of them operating with the Super Wash brand name.

The costs of a Super Wash franchise depend on a franchisee’s desired number of touchless and self service bays. The total investment fees for particular numbers of bays are listed below:

Two-One Wash: $540,065 to $610,170

  • Two self-service bays
  • One touchless bay

Three-One Wash: $607,280 to $689,040

  • Three self-service bays
  • One touchless bay

Three-Two Wash: $817,925 to $904,250

  • Three self-service bays
  • Two touchless bays

Four-Two Wash: $901,355 to $993,770

  • Four self-service bays
  • Two touchless bays

Super Wash also provides training, support, and marketing service. Apart from franchising, they also offer other options for car wash development, namely the Build to Suit and Equipment Only programs.

  • The Build to Suit program assists aspiring car wash owners in site selection, building a car wash according to their specifications, and providing the necessary equipment.
  • The Equipment Only program provides equipment and ongoing service.

2. DetailXperts


Total Investment $103,500 to $240,100
Franchise Fee $35,000
Liquidity $70,000
Royalty Fees 6%
When It Was Founded 2002
When It Started Franchising 2008
Estimated Number of Outlets 132

DetailXperts leads in the industry as one of the largest car wash chains that deliver state-of-the-art, eco-friendly full service cleaning for private and fleet vehicles. With the environment in mind, the company developed an effective means of cleaning with minimal water and chemical consumption, thanks to its steam cleaners.

Founded in 2002, DetailXperts is the first-ever steam car detail company in the world. They started franchising in 2008 and have as many as 132 outlets to date.

DetailXperts offers three franchise models to choose from:

  • The detailing shop: you can only operate from one free-standing location
  • Mobile detailing: you can deliver your service to the customers at a place and time of their choosing
  • Detailing shop with mobile detailing: a combination of the two models mentioned above

Franchisees can also franchise as many as five units. As franchisees open their DetailXperts car wash, they will be given initial training and continuous support.

3. Tommy’s Express


Total Investment $2,318,927 to $4,817,217
Franchise Fee $50,000
Liquidity $1.5 Million
Royalty Fees 4%
When It Was Founded 1969
When It Started Franchising 2016
Estimated Number of Outlets 116

One of the longest-running and famous car washes, Tommy’s Express has been in the industry since 1969 providing automatic car wash services and self-service interior cleaning. Although they only started franchising in 2016, they currently have as many as 116 locations.

Tommy’s Express is known for its state-of-the-art car wash tunnel, free vacuums, mat washers, as well as vending machines for detailing kits in their self-service interior cleaning area.

It’s also worth noting that they practice eco-friendly car cleaning by using eco-friendly cleaning products and recycling used water through their water reclamation system.

In franchise development, they apply a 300-point methodology to support franchisees, starting from initial training down to site selection, innovation, operation, and marketing. You can get the benefit of this extensive support for a total investment cost of at least $2.3 million.

4. Fleet Clean USA


Total Investment $178,375 to $311,375
Franchise Fee $50,000 to $125,000
Liquidity $100,000
Royalty Fees 2.5%
When It Was Founded 2009
When It Started Franchising 2013
Estimated Number of Outlets 53

Among our list of car wash companies offering franchises, Fleet Clean USA has a relatively more recession-proof and stable franchise model, as they cater to businesses.

To be specific, they’ve been providing mobile, eco-friendly exterior hand-washing and additional detailing services to fleet trucks since the company’s foundation in 2009. Currently with 53 car wash places, the brand also gives you the option of bringing your service right to the clients’ locations.

The fact that a Fleet Clean USA car wash can be operated without a brick-and-mortar location makes this franchise one of the more affordable options in the industry.

Moreover, they provide franchisees with environmentally safe, biodegradable detergents; a mobile water reclamation system; and proper reclaim filter disposal. And for franchisees to successfully run their Fleet Clean USA franchise, the company provides training, ongoing support, and marketing services.

5. Mr. Clean Car Wash


Total Investment $2,417,500 to $3,271,000
Franchise Fee $35,000
Liquidity $700,000
Royalty Fees 6%
When It Was Founded 2005
When It Started Franchising 2008
Estimated Number of Outlets 21

Although Mr. Clean Car Wash is a relatively new car wash company—only founded in 2005, the brand’s been reputed for providing state-of-the-art and eco-friendly car washing technology, such as a used water filtration and recycling system.

Another advantage to the Mr. Clean franchise is that it also provides a self-service interior cleaning area in selected locations complete with vacuums, compressed air, all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and towels.

Along with the necessary supplies provided to open the franchise, franchisees would also be given support in site selection, training, and advertising.


When you’re going to buy a car wash franchise, you must thoroughly evaluate your options and put careful thought into choosing the best car wash franchise for your business.

You can do further research on the franchises and consider their different characteristics. It’d also help to consult the car wash companies regarding their franchise to make an informed choice that meets your goals and financial capacity that can lead to a successful business.

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