Month of October Ridership Stats

Friday, November 02


Orange Route

Total Ridership: 114,019

Average Daily Ridership: 3,678

Green Route Stops #118 & #119, Orange Route Stops #225 & #226 tempoarilry closed.

Friday, November 02

Due to an accident in the Harbor East circle, the following stops are temporarily closed:

Green Route
Harbor East #118
Central Avenue #119

Orange Route
Harbor East #225
Central Avenue #226

AVAM's "Shiny Happy Things" with Bob Benson

American Visionary Art Museum
Route Stop Number: 
Saturday, November 10

Join the creator of the Blinged-Out Universal Tree of Life (outside of AVAM's Main Entrance) in making your own FLASHIES: dynamic, sparkling decorations made from mirrors and marbles and such. Each participant will receive instruction on cutting and assemblage and will leave this workshop with at least two finished decorations to keep and dangle. For beginning and continuing students.

Check out Shiny Happy Things to see more of Bob's work.

THE ART OF STORYTELLING: Lies, Enchantment, Humor & Truth

American Visionary Art Museum
Route Stop Number: 
Thursday, August 01 - Sunday, September 01

From scripture to fairy tale, cartoons to cyber-bullying, the raw power of stories to inspire and enchant, spread lies or inform, simply has no equal. “THE ART OF STORYTELLING: Lies, Enchantment, Humor & Truth” is AVAM's brand-new, supremely original exhibition of embroidery, diorama, sculpture, film, graffiti, and PostSecret confession – promoting all manner of acute 'visual listening' and delight for the whole family.

Service to resume tomorrow, October 31.

Tuesday, October 30

The Charm City Circulator will resume normal service tomorrow, October 31. Due to continuing road closures from the storm, detour routes may be in effect.

SERVICE ALERT: All service is cancelled for Tuesday, October 30.

Monday, October 29

Due to the Mayor's mandatory travel restrictions and weather forecasts for heavy wind and rain tonight into tomorrow, the Charm City Circulator service will again be CANCELLED tomorrow, Tuesday, October 30.

Service Alert: Service cancellation for Monday, October 29th

Sunday, October 28

Due to Hurricane Sandy, and for the safety of our operators and riders, please be advised that service will be canceled for all routes on Monday, October 29th.

Maritime Park stop (#120) will close at 4:00pm today.

Friday, October 26

Due to sandbag distribution at Harbor Point, the Green Route Maritime Park stop (#120) will close until further notice beginning at 4:00PM today.

Crane lift operations on St. Paul, revised Purple Route to be run, Sat., 10/27

Friday, October 26

Due to crane lift operations, a portion of St. Paul Street will close between Lexington and Saratoga Streets on Saturday, October 27. A revised Purple Route will be run from the beginning of service until approximately 3:00pm. The Saratoga Street stop (#317) will close temporarily.

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