Harbor Connector service temporarily suspended. Alternate Bus Shuttle in service

Thursday, January 31

The Harbor Connector service is temporarily suspended due to weather/water condidtions. The Alternate Bus Shuttle is now in service. See schedule below:

7:30am  Canton Waterfront Park - pickup @ Bile Lids in parking lot
7:45am  Maritime Park - pickup @ Green Route - Maritime Park Stop (#120)
8:25am  Tide Point
9:00am  Maritime Park
9:15am - 9:20am  Canton Waterfront Park
9:40am - 9:45am  Maritime Park
10:00am   Tide Point
Morning Service Ends

4:45pm  Tide Point
5:20pm  Maritime Park
5:40pm  Canton Waterfront Park
6:25pm  Tide Point
6:50pm  Maritime Park
7:00pm  Canton Waterfront Park
Evening Service Ends