Weekend Update: Stop Closures on Orange, Purple & Green Routes

Friday, April 27

Due to crane lift operations, the following routes changes and stop closures will be in effect this weekend.

Saturday, April 28
From the start of service until 5:00 pm (or when the street reopens): Monument Street closed between Wolfe and Washington Streets. 

Green Route
Stop 126 - Madison Street

From the start of service until 11:00 am (or when the street reopens): Right curb lane and two lanes on southbound Light Street closed between Lee and Hughes Streets.

Purple Route
Stop 321 - Lett Street

Sunday, April 29
From the start of service until 2 pm (or when the intersection/street reopen): Intersection of Gay and Lombard closed. Calvert Street between Pratt and Lombard will be closed.

Orange Route
Stop 202 - Commerce Street
Stop 203 - Light Street
Stop 204 - Hanover Street

Purple Route
Stop 302 - Inner Harbor
Stop 303 - Light Street