Water Taxi Harbor Connector not in service today, March 7.

Monday, March 07

The Water Taxi Harbor Connector will not be in service today, March 7th, due to high winds. Landing points will be serviced by shuttle bus with the following schedule.

7:15am  Canton Waterfront Park
7:20am  depart to Maritime Park
7:35am  Maritime Park
7:40am  depart Maritime Park to Tide Point
8:10am  Tide Point
8:15am  depart Tide Point to Maritime Park
8:20am  depart Maritime Park to Tide Point
9:10am  Tide Point - Morning Service Ends

4:45pm  Tide Point
4:50pm  depart to Maritime Park
5:20pm  Maritime Park
5:25pm  depart to Canton Waterfront Park
5:40pm  Canton Waterfront Park
5:45pm  depart to Tide Point
6:30pm  Tide Point
6:35pm  depart to Maritime Park
7:10pm  Maritime Park
7:15pm  depart to Canton Waterfront Park
7:30pm  Canton Waterfront Park - Evening Service Ends