Your voice, your support!

Friday, February 04

The Charm City Circulator celebrated it's first year of operation in January. We gathered your stories from emails and interviews and here's what you had to say about the service.

Andrea Sommer
Owner of Ladybugs & Fireflies in Federal Hill
The Charm City Circulator reminds me of other popular resort attraction buses—except on the CCC, the drivers and riders are very friendly. Personally, it has encouraged me to visit more city attractions such as the Farmers’ Market, Fells Point and to see the Mt. Washington Tree Lighting. As a small business owner, I have noticed groups of people coming into my store from the Baltimore Convention Center. It has opened up the city for me— anything that makes it easy for people to ride and move beyond the harbor is a very real benefit.

Elaine Tucker
CCC rider, Baltimore City Resident and Downtown Employee
I ride the Charm City Circulator every day to get to work. It’s always on time with a few delays due to the road construction. Prior to riding the CCC, I used to pay using another system. A lot of people can’t afford to pay and I think it’s a good thing for Baltimore. It’s also very convenient. The drivers are always friendly and say “hi” to you. I’ve noticed that a lot of the riders are going to and from work. I always feel safe riding!

April Moran and her daughter Erin Moran
CCC rider and Baltimore City Resident
I really appreciate the convenience of taking the Charm City Circulator with my children. Not only is it convenient and FREE, but it also serves as an adventure for my children. They really enjoy riding the CCC and it makes travel convenient when they are tired of walking. I feel safe riding it and will frequent the Harborplace Mall more often because of this service!

Amy Holloman
CCC rider, Baltimore City Resident and Downtown Employee
The Charm City Circulator was one of the reasons I relocated in Mt. Vernon. I work downtown, and the Circulator is a convenient and FREE service that takes me from my home straight to work. I like to read during my commute and the CCC offers me a clean and comfortable environment to do that. The bus is open and airy. The drivers are always friendly, and answer questions and give directions as needed. They also always greet you when you’re coming and going. The stops are all clearly marked and the maps are easy to use. I have also downloaded the iPhone app and have enjoyed using it was well!

Bill Millar
Repeat Baltimore City Tourist
I found out about the Charm City Circulator from your booth at the Baltimore Convention Center. I come to Baltimore every four to five years for the soccer coaches’ convention. I was really surprised to hear that the CCC was FREE. I think it’s a great way to connect tourists to the sights of the city. Because the CCC is available, a few of the convention attendees and I rode to Harbor East for lunch at an Irish Pub we heard about. I really feel Baltimore has improved over the last 17 years and I think the CCC is a big part of that growth and improvement.