A New Addition to the Fleet!

Wednesday, February 09

In order to stabilize operations and return to the 10-minute headways along the Orange and Purple Routes, the Charm City Circulator is introducing five new Van Hool buses that will be incorporated into the fleet.

As initially planned, the Charm City Circulator was to operate three routes (Orange, Purple, Green) using the Eco Saver IV bus manufactured by Design Line North America with a fleet comprised of 21 vehicles. As of December 2010, Design Line has only delivered 13 of these vehicles, and regretfully, the dependability of the vehicles does not meet the level required for the successful operation of the Charm City Circulator.

In response, DOT has made adjustments in its development and deployment planning to provide the level of service that has been promised. One of these adjustments is the addition of 5 Van Hool low floor transit buses to the CCC fleet, which will be put into service on February 14th. Though they are not hybrid, they do burn diesel fuel cleanly, and their carbon footprint is only a fraction of that found on other diesel buses. In addition, they will only be used as required in the event of breakdown or unavailability of the Eco Saver IV buses.

So the next time you're on the route, look for our new additions!