Press Release: City of Baltimore Begins Installation of Dedicated Bus Lanes

Tuesday, December 15

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation today announced that the installation of dedicated bus lanes has begun in downtown Baltimore. In order to improve transit services for the citizens of Baltimore, dedicated bus lanes will be installed along Lombard and Pratt Streets from Martin Luther King, Junior Boulevard to President Street.

Dedicated bus lanes separate transit vehicles from other modes of traffic. The designated lanes give priority to buses and provide for a safer transit commute with minimal delays. These lanes are now in the process of being specially marked with striping and signage to distinguish them from the adjacent lanes of travel.

"Dedicated transit lanes will greatly benefit commuters in the city," said Al Foxx, Director of Baltimore City's Department of Transportation. "These exclusive lanes will ensure safer, faster and more reliable transit services for the citizens of Baltimore and make riding the bus a great transportation experience."

These designated lanes will be utilized by MTA buses, shuttle buses, paratransit vehicles, school buses and the new Charm City Circulator, which is scheduled to begin service in early 2010. In addition to transit vehicles, these lanes will be used by vehicles making right turns and bicyclists. By riding a bicycle or using public transit, citizens will benefit from the dedicated lanes and will help make Baltimore a cleaner and greener city.

The Department of Transportation is now in the process of installing the dedicated lanes along Lombard and Pratt Streets. These lanes are expected to take effect in mid-December.


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