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October, 2010

  •   Month of September Ridership Stats
    Thursday, October 07
    Posted below are the ridership stats for the month of September. Orange Route Total Ridership: 68,857 Average Daily Ridership: 2,295 Average Headway: 14:40 Average Headway morning peak (M – F, 7 am – 9 am): 14:36 Average Headway evening peak (M – F, 4 pm – 6 pm): 18:00   Purple Route Total...
  •   Service to Stop 319 has been reinstated.
    Tuesday, October 05

September, 2010

  •   Stops 218 and 219 reopened with normal service.
    Monday, September 27
    Orange Route: Stops at Eutaw Street - Camden Yards (218) and the Convention Center (219) are now reopened with normal service. Construction in the area is still ongoing so please be mindful.
  •   Stops 307 & 308 will be closed Sept. 23 - 26.
    Wednesday, September 22
    Purple Route Stop 307 - Washington Monument and Stop 308 - Eager Street will be closed Thursday, September 23 begining 9:00am through Sunday, September 26 until the end of service for the Book Festival in Mt. Vernon. A modified route will be run during the festival.
  •   Service to Stop 218 will be suspended Monday, Sept. 20
    Friday, September 17
    Service to Stop 218 (Camden Yards) will be temporarily suspended beginning Monday, September 20.   Alternative stops are Stop 217 (Univ. of MD Medical Center) located at Lombard and Greene Street or Stop 219 (Convention Center) which has been temporarily relocated to the corner of Pratt...
  •   Stops 325 & 326 will be closed, Sunday, Sept. 19.
    Friday, September 17
    Purple Route Stops 325 (West Street) and 326 (Henrietta Street) will be closed all day Sunday, Sept. 19, due to the Street Beat Festival in Federal Hill. Regular service will resume on Monday, September 20.
  •   Service to Stop 319 temporarily suspended.
    Tuesday, September 14
    Effective Wednesday, September 15, service to Stop 319 (Pratt Street - Inner Harbor) will be temporarily suspended due to road construction on Pratt and Light to ensure movement of traffic through this construction area.
  •   Service to Stops 218 & 219 will be reinstated Friday, Sept. 10.
    Thursday, September 09
    Stop 218 – Eutaw Street - Camden Yards will be serviced at its current location. Stop 219 – Convention Center will be serviced at the corner of Pratt and Hanover Streets. This is a temporary stop relocation just one block east that will allow access to an ADA compliant ramp.
  •   Month of August Ridership Stats
    Friday, September 03
    Posted below are the ridership stats for the month of August. Orange Route Total Ridership: 75,090 Average Daily Ridership: 2503 Average Headway: 13:48 Average Headway morning peak (M – F, 7 am – 9 am): 12:59 Average Headway evening peak (M – F, 4 pm – 6 pm): 17:04   Purple Route Total...
  •   Service to Stop 217 - Univ. of MD Medical Center has resumed.
    Thursday, September 02