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September, 2012

  •   Month of August Ridership Stats
    Friday, September 07
      Orange Route Total Ridership: 135,644 Average Daily Ridership: 4,377 Average Headway: 11:49 Average Headway morning peak (M – F, 7 am – 9 am): 11:18 Average Headway evening peak (M – F, 4 pm – 6 pm): 12:46   Purple Route Total Ridership...
  •   Orange Route Convention Center Stop (#220) has re-opened.
    Friday, September 07
  •   Purple and Banner Route stops have re-opened.
    Tuesday, September 04
    All Purple and Banner Routes stops have re-opened. The following Orange Route stops remain temporarily closed. Please note that the Orange Route Inner Harbor Stop - 221 has temporarily relocated and is in operation. ORANGE ROUTE 
Stop 207 - Penn Street - CLOSED 
Stop 217 - Univ. of MD Medical...

August, 2012

  •   NextBus predictions for Orange & Purple Routes during Grand Prix Street closures
    Thursday, August 30
    Our apologies. At this time, NextBus predictions for both the Orange and Purple Routes are inaccurate and will likely continue for the duration of the downtown street closures due to the Grand Prix race. Please continue to anticipate delays on all routes.
  •   Grand Prix Race Aug. 30 - Sept. 3. Revised Orange, Purple & Banner Routes to be run.
    Thursday, August 30
    The 2012 Grand Prix of Baltimore Race will be held August 31 - September 2. In preparation for and during the race festival, modifications to traffic and transit routes will be made. A revised Orange, Purple and Banner Route will be run: Thursday, August 30, 6:30am - Monday, September 3, 9:00pm....
  •   Lee St road closures, Banner Route stop closures for Grand Prix now in effect
    Wednesday, August 29
    Due to road closures along Lee Street, the Banner Route revised route and stop closures for the Grand Prix are now in effect. The following stops are temporarily closed: Stop 401 - Conway Street Stop 402 - Lee Street Stop 403 - Federal Hill Park - Maryland Science Center Stop 419 - Otterbein...
  •   Orange Route stop closure and relocation in effect Friday, August 24
    Thursday, August 23
    Due to road construction for the Grand Prix race, the following Orange Route stop closures and re-locations will go into effect Friday, August 24 at the start of service. Stop 218 - Eutaw Street - Camden Yards - Will close temporarily. Stop 221 - Inner Harbor - Will relocate temporarily to...
  •   Pratt Street closures tonight. Revised Orange Route to be run.
    Wednesday, August 22
    Due to a road closure on Pratt Street, a revised Orange Route will be run beginning at 7:00pm this evening until the end of service tonight. The following stops will be closed during this time: Stop 217 - Univ. of MD Medical Center Stop 218 - Eutaw Streett - Camden Yards Stop 219 - Howard...
  •   Orange and Purple Route stops affected by Light Street closures have re-opened.
    Monday, August 20
      Due to the re-opening of Light Street, the following stops are now open.   Orange Route - Light Street (203)  Purple Route - Light Street (303), Fayette Street (304 & 318), Pratt Street (319)   Please note, the Orange Route Convention Center Stop (220) remains...
  •   Orange Route stop closures, Sat. Aug. 18 due to street/lane closures
    Friday, August 17
    Due to crane lift operations, temporarily lane closures will be in effect Sat. August 18 on Pratt Street between Howard and Paca Streets and on Baltimore Street between Poppelton Street and Fremont Avenue. A revised Orange Route will be run, from the start of service until approximately 6:00pm or...