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February, 2014

  •   Month of January 2014 Ridership Stats
    Tuesday, February 18
    January 2014 Orange Route Total Ridership: 93,679 Average Daily Ridership: 3,022 Average Headway: 13:13 Average Headway morning peak (M – F, 7 am – 9 am): 12:55 Average Headway evening peak (M – F, 4 pm – 6 pm): 14:02   Purple Route Total Ridership: 142,...
  •   Correction: Harbor Connector service suspended for today.
    Friday, February 14
    Correction: Harbor Connector service has been cancelled for today. The alternative shuttle is now in operation, however please anticipte major delays to this service has we contend with road conditions. Thanks for your patience.
  •   Circulator and Harbor Connector will be in service, Friday, Feb. 14th.
    Friday, February 14
    Both Circulator and Harbor Connector will be in service today, Friday, Feb. 14th. Thanks for your patience during the inclement weather.
  •   Circulator and Harbor Connector service suspended today, 2/13.
    Thursday, February 13
    Due to inclement weather and road conditions, both Circulator and Harbor Connector services have been suspended for today, Thursday, February 13.
  •   Revised Orange Route to be run Sat., Feb 8.
    Friday, February 07
    Due to crane lift operations on Baltimore St., a revised Orange Route to be run Saturday, Feb. 8, 9:00AM - 1:00PM. The following stops will be closed during this time: Pine St. #215 Univ of MD Medical Center #216 Univ of MD Center Medical Center #217

January, 2014